Cash for Annuity

3 Options for Selling Life Contingent Annuity Payments

Annuities come in all different types. The same is true for structured settlements backed by annuities. Not only do these payment streams come in different types, they also vary dramatically in size. Depending on the annuity purchased or the structured settlement you agreed to accept to resolve a personal injury lawsuit, your options with respect to cashing out these payments for a lump sum will also differ.

The first thing to review in the determining what structured settlement or annuity is worth, is the type of payments. Of course, Catalina Structured Funding will get you the most cash for structured settlements or most cash for annuities regardless of the type but its helpful just to review the variations:

1. Guaranteed Structured Settlement or Guaranteed Annuity Payments.  These future payments are made to you or your beneficiaries regardless if you are living at the time they become due. Hence, they are not life contingent– they are guaranteed structured settlement payments or guaranteed annuity payments.

2. Life Contingent Annuity Payments or Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments- these payments differ from the type in group #1 above. The main difference between life contingent payments and guaranteed payments are that with life contingent annuity payments, or structured settlement payments, the insurance company (e.g.- American Genera/AIG; New York LIfe; Metlife; Prudential; Hartford- to name a few) are only required to make the payments due under the annuity if you are alive. That is why they are called Life Contingent Annuity Payments.

If you are unsure if your structured settlement payments or annuity payments are guaranteed or life contingent, Catalina Structured Funding can review the documents with you for FREE and advise you of the type of payments you are entitled to.

If you are entitled to sell life contingent annuity payments, Catalina Structured Funding can get you a lump sum. Its critical for you to work with a company experienced buying life contingent payments otherwise the process of getting you a lump sum can turn into a time consuming mess.  We specialize in working with people selling life contingent annuity payments for a lump sum.

Our experience in purchasing life contingent annuity allows us to provide you with the most cash as well as the most options when it comes to getting a lump sum. These options include (1) Selling part of the life contingent payments: (2) Selling all of the life contingent structured settlement payments; (3) Keeping your life contingent payments for a period of time and selling life contingent payments due further in the future.

Catalina Structured Funding is the best choice if you want cash now for life contingent structured settlement or annuity payments. Give us a call at 1-800-317-3769 to learn more about what we can offer you.