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Structured Settlement Buyer

Announcement: Best Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments

By September 14, 2012No Comments

Considering what is involved in getting lump sum you want to work with the best buyer of structured settlement payments. CSF will be that structured settlement buyer for you. It goes without question when looking for the best buyer of structured settlement payments that you need to speak with us.

Creative structuring of structured settlement buyouts is something we take a great deal of pride of you. Are you aware that there are multiple alternatives when designing options for structured settlement cash out.  Here is what we mean:  You have a structured settlement for $2,000.00 per month for the next 20 years (or 240 months) and then that structured settlement keeps paying for as long as you alive. Maybe the structured settlement payments even contain a COLI (a/k/a cost of living increase). In situations there are literally COUNTLESS ways to go designing lump sum for structured settlement payment offers.

Maybe you want to keep your immediate income of the $2,000.00. Maybe you want to sell the immediate income of $2,000.00 and sell only a portion of the $2,000 structured settlement payments. For example, $500.00 of the $2,000.00 beginning in 2020 or maybe you want to sell $576.50 of the $2,000 beginning in 2022. Point is you have a lot options when trying to get the cash for structured settlement payments.

What we will do at Catalina Structured Funding is to provide you with the alternatives you can consider when selling structured settlement payments. Call us with details regarding your structured settlement and let us simply provide you FREE quotes. After receipt of our quotes you can take time to decide or come back to us and ask us to run additional offers.  You need not make a decision on the spot and we are happy to send you our quotes in writing. We are the best buyer of structured settlement payments for a reason and you are only one quick, hassle free phone call from finding out why.