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Stephanie Scamman

Structured Settlement Buyer

By Structured Settlement Buyer

Know Your Structured Settlement Buyer Finding a website for a structured settlement buyer is easy. Finding multiple websites for different structured settlement buyers is also easy.  Finding the best structured settlement buyer for you, however, takes a little work and some investigation. You definitely want to spend the time learning…

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Understanding Structured Settlements

By Structured Settlement

Learn about Buying and Selling Structured Settlements Structured settlements are a type of financial agreement where a person receives small payments over time by selling structured settlements until a certain amount has been reached. Usually, such arrangement happens when insurance companies settle claims or perhaps even in civil cases where…

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Cash For Annuity

By Cash for Annuity

One Call Gets Your More Cash Are you looking for cash for annuity? Maybe you inherited an annuity, purchased an annuity or received an annuity as part of a structured settlement of a personal injury lawsuit. At Catalina Structured Funding, we work with people from across the country that are…

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