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Structured Settlement Buyer

Best Structured Settlement Buyer: Seeing is Believing

Best Structured Settlement Buyer: Seeing is Believing

There is no doubt that without seeing it in writing it is hard to determine whether the offer you received over the phone from a structured settlement buyer is “for real” and the “best” one you obtained. The devil is frequently in the detail as with all the numbers and quotes you may have received you may not remember which structured settlement buyer provided you with which offer. Also, you do not know the true terms of the structured settlement buyout offer until you see and review it for the specifics.

When you work with us, we invite you to request that the offers we make to you to buy structured settlement payments be put in writing. As one of the best structured settlement buyers, we stand behind what we say over the phone and you will find that the written offers you receive from us and the disclosure statements contain the precise material terms as promised to you over the phone. It is a fairly easy commit, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because our verbal quotes are clear and honest.

You may wonder what could be in the offers you may receive from other structured settlement buyers that make ours the best you can get. One thing is that a structured settlement buyer MAY pass along fees and costs that you are responsible for. It is for this reason it is critical to ask even the best structured settlement buyers you have spoken to whether the offer they are making to you represents the “net” purchase price or the “gross” purchase price. Often times this is a good way to flesh out if you will be responsible for any fees in connection with a structured settlement sale.

There is also no reason to keep it hidden from one structured settlement buyer to the next structured settlement buyer whether you plan to receiving competing quotes or what the “top” purchase price you have been offered is.  Many times this technique can lead you to getting the most cash for structured settlement payments because the structured settlement buyers will compete to win your business by offering you the money you want.

Contact Us at Catalina Structured Funding and we will put together multiple offers including an offer that, in many cases, will be the best structured settlement buyer offer you receive from any company in the country.