Company that Buys Life Contingent Payments

We buy life contingent payments all the time.  Its a special niche of the lump sum business and only the very skilled and competent buyers can execute to get you the cash you are looking for.

In the area of future payments there are two variations:  guaranteed payments and life contingent payments.  To understand the difference, and it is significant, one must look at the nature of the payments and commitment of the entity that agreed to the make the future payments to you.  You may be owed payments in the future for a host of reasons. Some of them are workers compensation payments, disability payments, annuity payments, structured settlement payments, structured insurance payments, and even lottery payments.

Most of the time it will be quite easy to determine if your future payments are guaranteed payments or life contingent payments.  Sometimes its the very nature of the payments:  workers compensation payments are generally life contingent.  In other words, they are put in place to compensate the injured worker for loss of the ability to work or reduced capabilities.  If the injured worker passes away, in all likelihood the compensation payments being made directly to him or her will stop.  Consequently, in this scenario, the payments will deemed life contingent payments.

Another area of future payments that may be life contingent payments involve structured settlements. Structured settlements come in all shapes and sizes and by their very nature are controlled by the terms of the settlement agreement and annuity contract.  Often, although not always, structured settlements contain a life contingent payment phase.  Some folks refer to this portion of a structured settlement as: Life contingent structured settlement payments; life structured settlement payments, nonguaranteed structured settlement payments or out of guarantee period structured settlement payments.  We can help you determine if your structured settlement has a life contingent payment phase or when that out of guarantee period for structured settlement payments begins

Finding a company that buys life contingent payments from a structured settlement or annuity may seem like an easy task if you simply go by the results that come up when you do a simple search.  The truth of the matter, however, is that it is far easier to advertise you are a company that buys life contingent payments than it is to actually acomplish the task of providing an individual with an lump sum of cash for life contingent payments.

If you want to work with an expert buyer of life contingent payments, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  Our quotes are completely free, without any obligation and can be accomplished in minutes.

—How to Cash Out Annuity: Most Cash Review—

How to Cash Out Annuity may be a proper decision depending on where you are life and your economic circumstances.  There is also, notably, more than one best way to cash out annuities depending on what you are looking to do and what is in your best interest. For example, many individuals we work with only cash out part of annuities.  This can be designed, structured and configured in a variety of ways depending on the size, timing and amount of your annuity.

generally speaking most people like to cash out annuity by leaving some of the payments in place.  How this is structured depends on a host of factors including what your economic needs are.  The team at Catalina Structured Funding will work with you to develop alternatives for you to consider.  If you are looking to cash out annuity payment, simply call us at 1-800-317-3769 and have on hand:

1.  Annuity Information;

a.  When do the annuity payments you are looking to cash out end?

b.  What company makes the annuity payments to you?

c.  Are the annuity payments you are seeking to cash in have lump sum payments as well as monthly payments?

d.  are the annuity payments guaranteed or life contingent?

Based on this information, Catalina Structured Funding expert staff can provide you with an on the spot quote for your annuity cash out or structured settlement payment cash out.  If the quote for cashing out your annuity is acceptable, we will than walk you through the process and waht to expect moving forward.

You should know that with Catalina Structured Funding we will always cover all fees and costs associated with a structured settlement cash out or an annuity cash out.   We will pay every penny of the processing and administrative fees to get the transaction done.  You should know that not all annuity cash out companies make this commitment- some may regularly pass along costs to their customers.

You will also always work with an assigned annuity specialist that will know everything there is to know about your transaction and consequently, there will never be a concern you have about the status or who to speak to if you need information or a cash advance,

Call us today at 1-800-317-3769 and allow us to work to help you get the most cash for annuity cash out.


How Do I Cash Out My Annuity: Selecting the Right Buyer

Questions we receive from potential customers often are “how do I cash out my annuity” or “how do i cash out my annuity payments”?  Although the question seems quite simply the legal and financial issues surrounding the question and answer are highly technical and require you to work with a skilled and knowledgeable annuity buyer.  When people call us for the first time they are pleasantly surprised how much free information we can provide regarding selling annuity payments for a lump sum.  Its part of the service we offer to everyone that calls in so that potential customers can get to know us the services we provide and ultimately so they can decide if cashing out an annuity is the right decision for them.

Whether you are selling an annuity, cashing out my annuity; looking for a loan on annuity payments; or getting a cash advance on annuity, the process and steps are dependent on the type of annuity you are entitled to.  Whether you have a self owned annuity, an investment annuity, a structured settlement annuity, or structued insurance annuity, dictate what will be involved in accessing immediate cash for annuity payments. Luckily, after years of combined experience working with people with settlement annuities and all other types of annuities, the group at Catalina Strucutred Funding can walk you through the process and provide you an immediate quote for cash for annuity payments.

Notably, it will in all likelihood not require you cash out annuity in its entirety to raise the lump sum you are looking for.  Frequently we are able to set up transaction that all you to keep some or most of your annuity, especially structured settlement annuities, in order to get your lump sum.  What we like to do when discussing options to cash out annuity payments is to work with you to develop various alternatives so you can then review them at your leisure and decide what is right for you.  With Catalina Structured Funding, we want to make sure you believe any transaction involving cashing out anuity is in your best interest- both in the short and long term.

Have a question about how to cash out an annuity or interested in knowing how much cash for annuity we can provide you, just give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  In a matter of minutes we can explain to you everything you may want to know and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your structured settlement, your settlement annuity or any other type of annuity you are looking to cash out.

–Selling Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments and Life Contingent Settlement Annuities–

Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments: Lump Sum Cash

Every once in a while its important to revisit a topic since it is more complicated than the usual areas surrounding getting a lump sum for structured settlement payments.  Getting cash for life contingent structured settlement payments is one these areas.  Its especially true since there are many websites out  there offering to provide individuals assistance selling life contingent structured settlement payments but in reality few companies in the country have as much experience as Catalina Structured Funding.

Starting from step #1, the first issue is to determine when the life contingent structured settlement payments begin.  In some situations, a structured settlement may be made up entirely of life contingent annuity payments. For example, from the inception of the structured settlement the annuity issuers entire obligation may be to make contingent payments and consequently the payee’s life span determines the entire obligation of the annuity issuer.

In many other cases, the structured settlement contains both guaranteed and life contingent annuity payments that may cashed out.  In this situation, the settlement annuity may contain both types of payment obligations. For example, the structured settlement annuity may provide for monthly structured settlement payments for 20 years guaranteed, and then for life there after.  In other words, the annuity issuer will only continue making the structured settlements in year 21 IF the original payee is living at the time each and every payment becomes due. These are consequently life contingent structured settlement payments.  While this “out of guarantee” period structured settlement payments may be paid for a very long time if the payee does not pass away, the life contingent payments will cease immediately upon death.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we help individuals access cash for life contingent structured settlement payments.  As one could imagine this process is slightly more involved than selling structured settlement payments that are guaranteed.  It is why it is important to work with a structured settlement buyer like Catalina Structured Funding.

Depending on the size of the life contingent structured settlement payments and when the selling contingent payments are due and payable, Catalina Structured Funding may be able to get you a lump sum without requiring  you to cash out life contingent payments in their entirety.  Call us today at 1-800-317-3769 and we can work through the various options with you and provide you with an immediate quote for your contingent payments.

What is the Best Company That Pays Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Websites that claim to be able to pay you cash for structured settlement payments clutter the internet with confusing claims and distorted information.  Very likely this is not out of an ill intentions regarding the process of providing a lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments but instead due to a lack of expertise and experience in the area of being a structured settlement buyer.

With Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., this is not an issue- call us at 800-317-3769.  We have gathered in one place some of the most experience people in the country when it comes to all aspects of the lump sum for future structured settlement payments market place.  Keep in mind that while an experienced structured settlement buyer will make the process look easy, the reality is that there are a lot of nuanced and peculiar elements to getting people cash for structured settlement payments.

It is for this reason you only want to chose a structured settlement buyer with experience, like Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., or another buyer of structured settlement payments.  Consider what you are doing is a significant financial decision:  whether you are cashing out a part of a structured settlement that pays you $760 of structured settlement payments per month or a portion of a lump sum structured settlement of $150,000.00.  Regardless of the size of your structured settlement payments, you will still get the same great customer service that Catalina Structured Funding has provided to people throughout the country: from New York to Texas and from Maine to California.

Getting cash for structured settlement payments does not have to be like trying to buy a used car with endless calls and offers that make you feel uncomfortable.  In theory, selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum should be relatively easy if you were to have all the requisite documentation on hand when you called.  With the precise details of your cash for structured settlement payments scenario then you can decide if the offers you receive from buyers of structured settlement payments are right for you.

When calling it is not required but is helpful to know what annuity issuer makes the structured settlement payments to you. Commonly known structured settlement annuity companies include:  Symetra Structured Settlements; Aegon Structured Settlements; New York Life Structured Settlements; MetLife Structured Settlements; Prudential Structured Settlements; and Cincinnati Life Structuerd Settlements.

With very little information on hand from you, Catalina Structured Funding can assist you by devising buyout offers relating to getting you cash for structured settlement payments.  Feel free to call us if you are simply exploring what your structured settlement payments may be worth or if you are looking to see how much more cash for my structured settlement payments, we can pay you:  1-800-317-3769

List of Structured Settlement Buyers Questions

Structured Settlement Buyer-

Best Offer Commitment

You should not rush into the decision to pick a structured settlement buyer but instead format a list of important questions that you should ask perspective buyers of structured settlement payments. Keep in mind that there is no bad question if the answer is relevant to the decision you are making about what is the best structured settlement buyer for you.  As critical as cashing out a structured settlement is, making the right call about what structured settlement buyer tops the list for you is nearly as important.

How do you therefore select the structured settlement buyer for you.  here are just some questions for you to review, that in our opinion, will help you find the right settlement annuity buyer:

1.  What structured settlement buyer has offered you the best most cash for structured settlement payments?

2.  Has the structured settlement buyer offered to pay you an amount equal to at least what you thought your structured settlement payments are worth?

3.  Have you received an offer for structured settlement payments that match the structured settlement payments you wanted to sell or have they attempted to upsell you into a large structured settlement transaction?

4.  Have you been offered, if you are looking for, a cash advance on structured settlement?  Has that offer to give you a structured settlement cash advance been put in writing by the structured settlement buyer?

5. has the structured settlement buyer you are talking to assisted people get a lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments in the state you live in?  Has the buyer of structured settlement payments worked with someone in your county that was selling structured settlement payments for most cash?

a. Cash for structured settlement payments

b. Cash for structured insurance payments

c. Cash for settlement annuity payments

d. cash for life contingent settlement annuity payments

e. cash for annuity payments

Regardless of what type of cash for future payments you are looking for, the expert experienced staff at the nation’s leading boutique structured settlement buyer, Catalina Structured Funding can assist you in review of one more than one cash out option and discuss how much cash you can receive from us.  Keep in mind that we have a zero fee guarantee when it comes to cash lump sum offers and additionally, we are committed to beating any other structured settlement payment buyout offer you have from one of our competitors.  Make sure to take us up on this offer by calling with a quote you have from another structured settlement buyer and letting us get you the most cash for your structured annuity payments.


How to Get Cash for Annuity: Best Results for Future Payments

People with annuities they purchased as investment or by way of structured settlement frequently wonder “how to get cash for annuity?”.  Its a reasonable question in light of the desire of any individual to wonder what the worth of an asset they own is.  After All, those with houses seem to know what the fair market value of their house is and we always seem to have a general sense of the value of our cars are.  Why shouldn’t you know how much money you could get by selling an annuity for cash– even if you are not ready to sell annuity immediately.

The group at Catalina Structured Funding is happy to explore options with you when it comes to getting cash for selling an annuity- whether self owned or procured via a structured settlement.  Of course, we are just one of many annuity buyers out there (although we consider ourselves the one and only best structured settlement buyer).  Through our team our annuity experts available to you, you can price out various options when it comes to getting cash for annuity.  Maybe you are interested in how much cash you get for part of your annuity payments or maybe you want a lump sum cash for annuity offer in full.  Either way, Catalina Structured Funding’s experienced professionals can walk you through what options you have for cash for annuity.

Its worth noting that depending on the type of annuity cash out you are looking for will dictate how much time it may take to get you the lump sum.  Federal and state laws govern how a structured settlement annuity buyout must be processed.  These laws require the passage of certain time and the accomplishment of court approval before lump sum of cash for structured settlement may be provided.

Alternatively, other types of annuity cash outs can be accomplished quickly and simply throughout the exchange of paperwork.  Of course, regardless of whether the law requires the passage of time or not, it is prudent you act slowly and with deliberate thought whenever cashing out annuity for lump sum.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we never put pressure on you to move until you are ready to do so and believe it is in your best interest.

Should you be interested in quotes for cash for your annuity or to discuss any other aspect of getting cash for annuity- self owned or structured settlement, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  Our team is standing by to assist you.

Sell a Structured Settlement- Best Results

On any given day we get calls from across the country from people looking to sell a structured settlement.  Sometimes these individuals are looking to sell the full structured settlement and more often than not they are looking to sell a structured settlement in part.  In either case, we always like to start with the basics when working with someone for the first time.  This is especially true if we are the first structured settlement buyer they speak to about selling a structured settlement.

Part of most initial calls regarding the sale of a structured settlement will naturally involve two parts:  quotes and process.  The quote portion of any call involves us gathering information regarding your structured settlement.  Specifically the amount of your structured settlement payments, when they become due, and what annuity issuer is making the settlement payments you are looking to cash out.  Of course, if you already know what structured settlement payment you wish to sell, we can follow your lead and simply provide you a quote or quotes for that specific structured settlement.

How much of your structured settlement selling and how much you are looking to raise will naturally go into how we construct offers to you.  In the end, it is imperative to everyone at Catalina Structured Funding that you believe, confidently, selling a structured settlement, in whole or in part, is in your best interest and consequently you will be in a better position when it is all said and done.

The second part of the initial telephone conversation regarding the sale of a structured settlement payment naturally involves a review with you regarding the process and the time periods involved.  We are committed, at Catalina Structured Funding, to making sure everyone of our customers fully understands what goes into cashing out a structured settlement for a lump sum.  To this end, we will review with you in detail the requirements of selling a structured settlement in the state where you live.  As part of this process, and in compliance with the regulations of the state where you live, we will provide you with a written disclosure statement in accordance with selling a structured settlement payment.

Once you have disclosure statement you can take as long as you need to decide if selling a structured settlement to Catalina Structured Funding is the best option as your structured settlement payment buyer.

We can be reached for a quote any time at 1-800-317-3769.


Cash for life contingent structured settlement payments

Interested in getting cash for life contingent structured settlement payments, Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., can assist you.  We deal with life contingent structured settlement payments regularly and with a quick call to us we can walk you through what is involved in order to get cash for life contingent structured settlement payments.

If you have sold your structured settlements before, you may not know when you get your life contingent annuity payments back (i.e, how far out you sold structured settlement payments to).  The team at Catalina Structured Funding can work with you to get the answer to the question when do I get back my life contingent structured settlements.  We work with customers and potential customers every day that need assistance to ascertain when they will start receiving their structured settlement payments again, whether life contingent structured settlements or nonguaranteed structured settlement payments.

As part of the process of getting you the information you need to decide whether you wish to sell life contingent structured settlements, we can work with you to find prior documents relating to previous sale of structured settlement payments or assist you in contact your annuity issuer in order to get the requisite information you need to decide if selling life contingent settlement payments makes sense for you.  As a regular buyer of life contingent annuity payments and buyer of life contingent structured settlement payments, this is just part of the services we can offer you.


If you already have this information regarding structured settlement, that is great.  We can move more swiftly in getting you a quote for your life contingent structured payments.  Just call us with the information regarding your life contingent structured settlements, including the amount of the payments, when the payments start, and who your annuity issuer making the structured settlement payments is, and we will be able to work with you to provide an instant quote.

It should be noted that the team at Catalina Structured Funding can also assist you to get cash for other life contingent payments, not just structured settlement payments.  If you have any questions regarding whether your life contingent payments, annuity, lottery, or structured insurance payments can be converted for a lump sum, give a call toll free at 1-800-317-3769.  Our experts can in almost every case provide you with an instant answer.

Most Cash for Structured Settlements -Best Company, Hands Down

Those looking for cash for structured settlements are best off to find a buyer of structured settlement payments they can trust.  What is the process of getting cash for structured settlements?

1.  Figure out how you could benefit from getting cash for structured settlement.

2.  How much cash for my structured settlement will I need to accomplish my goal?  In this regard try to figure out the size of the lump sum for structured settlement payments you need.  The one thing you want to avoid with as more care as possible is cashing out structured settlements and not raising the cash you need to fully accomplish your goal.

3.  Review alternatives to raise the capital you need other than selling structured settlement payments for cash now.  Of course, other options may not exist. Cash for structured settlements may be best alternative.

4.  Contact top settlement buyers that will advise you how much cash for structured settlement they will be able to offer.  When speaking to structured settlement buyers you should ask for options to consider when cashing out structured settlement payments.  In most cases, Catalina Structured Funding is able to provide potential customers with more than one structured settlement cash out alternatives.  You want to decide what is best cash for structured settlement option for you and that decision should not rushed.

5.  Once you are comfortable with both the amount of cash for structured settlement payments you are receiving and located a buyer of structured settlement payments you feel like you can trust then the next few steps are driving by a combination or blend of the federal law and state law that controls the process by which you can access cash for structured settlement payments.  In most cases, the state where you live will have a specific law that sets forth the time frames and requirements that must be met.  If you call us at Catalina Structured Funding we can walk you through what is involved in getting cash for structured settlement in the state where you live.

6.  After the legal requirements of getting cash for structured settlements have been met, it should just be a very short period before you receive the final funding on your structured settlement cash out.  Keep in mind that Catalina Structured Funding can provide you a cash advance on structured settlement even before final funding and while the transaction is the legal process phrase.

For more information about our ZERO FEE quotes for cash for structured settlements, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.