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Cash for Structured Insurance Settlement

Stop and read a little about Catalina Structured Funding and our cash for structured insurance settlement programs, offers and opportunities. Uniquely positioned as a boutique structured insurance settlement buyer with expertise and specialized knowledge about the legal and financial framework of getting cash for structured insurance settlement, Catalina Structured Funding is here to help you reach your goals.

Call us about getting information regarding cash for structured insurance settlement alternatives.  You will might be unaware that you need not cash out a structured settlement settlement fully to get the money you need.  One of the options you always have, dependent on how much money you are looking for, is to sell portion of structured insurance settlement.  This can take many “shapes and sizes”.

Often times people with structured insurance settlements want to keep the current income from a structured insurance settlement. This is understandable. If this is your primary objective, just tell us when you call and we can work on options that allows you to retain the right to keep getting that monthly income for a while and still get the lump sum of cash for structured insurance settlement that you are looking for.  As national experts at designing structured insurance settlement cash outs, we are happy to put together multiple offers for you taking into account your desire to keep the current monthly income from the structured insurance settlement for a while

Also, available are partial structured insurance settlement cashouts that keep the “structure” of the structured insurance settlement by involving the sale of only part of each structured insurance settlement payment.  This allows you to keep receiving the structured settlement insurance payments at the same timing that you agreed to when you accepted the structured insurance settlement.  In other words, you get the lump sum for structured insurance settlement payments by only converting a portion of each payment but otherwise keeping the schedule identical as it was in the original arrangement.

This same concept works if you have structured insurance settlement lump sums due int he future.  You can decide to sell just a portion of that future lump sum and get the cash for structured insurance settlement from Catalina Structured Funding. Many sellers find this to be the ideal situation when looking to get cash for structured insurance settlements.

As you can tell when you work with expert structured insurance settlement buyer like Catalina Structured Funding there are countless ways to create options.  Contact us today and let us provide you a free consultation regarding what services we can offer.

Get Cash for Structured Settlement

When push comes to shove you can not go wrong when you choose us to get cash for structured settlement. There are times that it is simply the best option to get cash for structured settlement payments instead of waiting for them to become due and payable years, maybe decades from now.  While this may not have been seen on the horizon when you agreed to accept a structured settlement instead of the lump sum from the defendant (or you inherited the structured settlement), it is good know that we are here to assist you in procuring the desired cash for structured settlement you are looking for.

Most customers of ours do not sell the full structured settlement for a lump sum. Instead they accept one of our uniquely tailored options that provide them with the cash for structured settlement they are looking for along with retaining the right to continue receiving most of the structured settlement in the future.  This is usually what they decide is in their best interesting when getting cash for structured settlement.

Catalina Structured Funding does not provide structured settlement loans. We provide structured settlement cash outs, structured settlement buyouts, structured settlement lump sums and structured settlement advances.  All of these are essentially the same thing:  We provide you cash for structured settlement now. This means you a lump sum of cash for structured settlement is received immediately in exchange for some portion of structured settlement in the future.

As this is not a structured settlement loan there are some important things for you to know.  When selling a structured settlement as opposed to getting a loan, in general, there is no employment requirement or any credit does not matter.  Whether you have good credit, bad credit or even no credit is immaterial to us. Since what we do is buy structured settlement payments, and not provide you with a loan, we only look to the structured settlement annuity issuer to provide us with the money owed when it is due and payable.

This point carries forward to the structured settlement advances we provide.  These structured settlement advances are provided as soon as you sign a contract with us and are given regardless of your credit or employment status. While not every customer wants a structured settlement advance, those that do because they have some immediate pressing financial need that can not wait until final funding, are very pleased that we can get them cash immediately.

Touch base with us before you move forward getting cash for structured settlement payments, we are here to provide you with information regarding your structured settlement options and to get you as many free quotes for structured settlement as you want. Call us today at 1-800-317-3769.

Selecting Structured Settlement Buyer

There are websites, lots of websites, from companies that buy structured settlements.  Are they really a structured settlement buyer or simply a company collecting information regarding structured settlements sellers? Do these companies exclusively buy structured settlement payments?  Are they companies at all?  Do they know what it takes to convert structured settlement payments to a lump sum in compliance with the laws of the state where you live?

With Catalina Structured Funding as your structured settlement buyer you do not need to worry about this.  Our group of nationally recognized experts in buying structured settlement payments for a lump sum know exactly what they are doing when it comes to purchasing structured settlement payments.  This will be evident from the first time you speak with us.  Since Catalina Structured Funding focuses all its energy on geting people lump sums for structured settlements and we operate through the country, you need not worry when you work with us that the transaction will be process properly.

Our experts are available for a free consultation regarding what services we offer as a structured settlement buyer- we are around to provide you with an absolutely complimentary series of quotes when it comes to getting you money.  Our staff’s experience allows us to provide you with an instant quote as well.  Once you hear our quotes we are happy to put them in writing and send them to you. As a premiere structured settlement buyer we think it is completely appropriate to send you written quotes so you can contemplate them on your own time.

What types of services do we offer as  a structured settlement buyer?  We can quote you out for full buyouts, partial structured settlement buyouts, or deferred structured settlement buyouts.  Notably, if you would like to see quotes for all these options we will take the time to put them together for you. Again, this seems like best practice for a structured settlement buyer.

We can also work with small structured settlements, small structured settlement payments, small annuities and even life contingent structured settlements and annuities.  You will find even when it comes to these different types of future payment streams our expertise is evident and you will still get the best service in the industry.

Plus, since we process all transactions in-house with our team of experts, we are always available to give you immediate, accurate updates regarding the status of your transaction.  Again, its what a top structured settlement should offer.

Call us today at 1-800-317-3769.

How to Sell Structured Settlement- Very Best Way From Buyer that Knows

Curious how to Sell Structured the Very Best Way than read on.  Structured Settlement selling takes time, effort and depending what structured settlement purchaser you speak with, maybe a little aggravation. At Catalina Structured Funding, we can minimize all these issues if you sell structured settlement to us.  With decades of combined experience, our team has joined together to provide the best possible, and easiest, experience when it comes to selling structured settlement payments.

First, we have clear, upfront pricing for people looking to sell structured settlements.  What this means is that there are absolutely no hidden fees.  Our quotes to you to sell a structured settlement for a lump sum are straightforward.  With us, there are no upfront out of pocket fees you pay and the lump sum offer you get in exchange for selling a structured settlement.  We find that people looking to sell structured settlement want more than anything else to deal with easy to understand, clear pricing.

As part of our commitment to customer service when it comes to pricing out structured settlement sales, we always offer to put our offer to you to sell structured settlement in writing.  This is beneficial when selling structured settlement for at least two reasons. First, you can see that there are no hidden fees in our pricing.  Second, it allows you to take the time you need to decide if selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum is in your best interest.  At Catalina Structured Funding, you will find that there is never any pressure to move forward with a transaction selling a structured settlement for a lump sum. Through our experience we have learned that sales pressure is inappropriate when it comes to cashing out a structured settlement. We want you to move forward with selling structured settlement payments only once you are ready and believe it is in your best interest to do so.

When it comes to figure out how much cash you need in exchange for your structured settlement, we find its often best to leave to the customer looking to sell structured settlement.  What we can provide is options. Tell us what your structured settlement is all about- how many payments and how much they are for and we will provide you with alternatives. This way you can decide which of these best fits your life and will put you in a better position in the long and short terms.

Have any questions? Want a free quote or quotes to sell structured settlement?  Than call us at 1-800-317-3769. We can provide you with a quote for structured settlement payments in 5 minutes or less.

How Do I Get Cash Now For Structured Settlement

Those with structured settlements often wonder “how do I get cash now for structured settlement”?  Often they go to the internet and look for companies that will provide cash now for structured settlement payments.  When they do so, they frequently read reviews of structured settlement buyers.

Just recently an individual looking to sell structured settlement payments for cash now contacted us at Catalina Structured Funding. She was very hesitant on the phone and very skeptical about the services that were offered by buyers of structured settlement payments.  Prior to contacting Catalina Structured Funding, it appears that she had read some review of another structured settlement buyer or some sort of article on the internet that said if she sold her structured settlement payments for a lump sum she would receive only pennies on the dollar.  Many people that contact us with concerns about the financial ramifications of getting cashing for structured settlement. mp sum have the same concern.  It is a fair one.

There are two ways people review the “terms” of a structured settlement transaction.  Some folks like to look at the net amount they will receive in the form of a lump sum against the aggregate of the structured settlement payments they are selling.  In other words, if you are selling 100 monthly payments of $10, the aggregate of these structured settlement payments would be $1000.  (Of course, structured settlement payments are not as small as $10 per month).  Customers that do the net purchase price v. lump sum would then focus on whether they were receiving $900, $750 or $500 in exchange for the total aggregate batch of $1000.

Viewing the  financial implication of selling structured settlement payments in this fashion can be problematic, however.  For example, there is universal agreement that $100 payment due tomorrow is more valuable than a $100 payment due to you in 20 years.  For this very reason, you would not accept anything much less than $100 for $100 payment due tomorrow but you very well might accept less than $100 for the payment due in 20 years.

Selling structured settlement payments for cash now operates in a very similar way to this logic.  That is to say, and of course there are exceptions, a structured settlement payment due sooner is more valuable than a structured settlement due further in the future.   There are a host of other important factors to consider like the annuity issuer making the payments and also, and many would say primarily, the effective rate of the structured settlement sale.

Call us at Catalina Structured Funding with your best cash for structured settlement offer and we will provide you more cash:  1-800-317-3769.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments for Most Cash– Only With Us

One hears all the time how tough economic times are these days.  The nightly news and daily newspaper are always talking about the slumping economy.  If you are one the people that have been negatively impacted by all of this, you may be considering selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  Of course, like any decision there are trade-offs if you elect to do so.  With Catalina Structured Funding, however, if you opt to sell strsuctured ettlement payments you can be confident you are getting first rate service through nationally recognized professionals.

When you call us regarding selling a structured settlement or selling structured settlement payments, we will work with you to construct multiple options for you with respect to what you can get if you were to sell structured settlements. For example, if you are receiving monthly structured annuity payments for the next ten years, and want to keep getting the monthly income from the structured settlement, we may be able to craft a transaction that only involves you exchanging the last 5 or 10 years of payments from structured settlement for the lump sum you need.  This of course would leave you with the immediate income from structured settlement AND also get you a lump sum to resolve your current financial demands.  While other structured settlement buyers may not offer this alternative, the team at Catalina Structured Funding is committed to designing a transaction that you deem is in your best interest and that a court will ultimately approve.

This same type of partial sale of a lump sum structured settlement payment is also a viable option for someone looking to get a lump sum immediately.  For example, say you have a $50,000.00 lump sum payment due in 9 years but do not want to sell the entire structured settlement payment, we may be able to work with you to get cash immediately for only selling portion of structured settlement. This lump sum payment could be due from Symtra Structured Settlement, New York Life Structured Settlement, Gen worth Structured Settlement, Met Life Structured Settlement or any of the other structured settlement companies.

The number of options and alternatives are endless and of course, are dependent on the terms of your structured settlement.  Smaller structured settlements may leave less room to craft different structured settlement quotes but if you request, we are happy to do what we can to provide you with multiple structured settlement cash out offers.  Just contact us when you are ready to discuss and see the difference working with the professionals at Catalina Structured Funding can make:  1-800-317-3769.

Companies that Cash Out Structured Settlements- Nationwide Experts

Nowadays websites are relatively cheap and easy to set up.  A good looking website  merely shows a skill in designing and creating a website.  What is the point?  The point is do not get pulled into working with a company to cash out structured settlement payments simply because there website looks professional.  Its more important that you go with a company that buys structured settlement payments WITH EXPERIENCE.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we have brought together an incredibly experienced collection of professionals with diverse backgrounds in the industry of cashing out structured settlements.  You simply want to avoid companies that do not have the requisite skill and knowledge in cashing out structured settlements.  Why?  Inexperience can lead to you receive less options when it comes to cashing out structured settlements, significant delays in getting your lump sum for structured settlement payments, and potentially even the transaction not being processed properly and consequently a judge denying sale of structured settlement payments for a lump sum.

With thousands of transactions cashing out structured settlements either being reviewed, processed and/or originated by our team, there can be no doubt that we can assist you in getting lump sum for structured settlement payments you are looking for.  We can assist you in getting that lump sum regardless of where you live in the country.  We consider ourselves the best company that buys structured settlements based on this experience and the feedback we receive from our happy customers every day.  Keep in mind that many of customers have previously worked with other companies that to sell structured settlement, in part,  prior to finding us, and decided to work with us instead of working with the initial structured settlement buyer they worked with again.

If you are are looking for a company that can cash out structured settlements in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, California, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Missouri or in any other state in the country, we are the right choice for you.  Not only will you get individualized personal attention but with Catalina you will never receive pressure to move forward with a structured settlement cash out until you are ready and are confident that it is in your best interest.  Want to know how much your structured settlement payments are worth, how long it will take to cash out structured settlement payments in your State, or how much of an IMMEDIATE cash advance we can provide you?  Contact us at 1-800-317-3769.

How Do I Sell Structured Insurance Settlement in Best Way

All of the reasons to accept a structured insurance settlement seem to disappear when you are faced with a situation where you need immediate cash.  When that happens Catalina Structured Fundng’s experts are here to figure out options with you.

People sell structured insurance settlements. That’s a fact.  The reasons they do it and how much cash for structured insurance settlement they receive differ dramatically.  Unfortunately there are times when people are faced with economic problems that put them in a situation that causes them to need immediate cash as opposed to waiting for the payments from the structured insurance settlement to become due.  Other times, the reasons for getting cash for structured insurance settlement immediately are more favorable. These include buying a new home, acquiring a car they need, or taking advantage of an opportunity that they believe will earn them more income in the future than if they kept the structured insurance settlement.

Regardless of the justification or need for immediate cash, the group at Catalina Structured Funding can work with you to provide you options to consider when it comes to getting a lump sum for structured insurance settlement.  Frequently a structured insurance settlement is also known as a structured settlement.  Maybe you have even seen those commercials late at night offering “cash now for structured settlements”.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we strive to maintain our size and avoid what comes along with becoming too big.  We believe that by focusing on our customers that are looking to cash out structured settlements and believe that doing so is in their best interest, is the proper way to operate as a structured settlement buyer.  Make no mistake about it though- we are committed to beating all other structured settlement buyers best offers when you call us.

Do not be shy, call us with an offer from another structured settlement buyer and will beat it and thereby provide you with an offer for the most cash for structured settlement payments that you have.  We regularly beat our competitors’ lump sum for structured settlement payments- and that is without ever charging our customers any legal, process, or administrative fees. The precise amount we quote you for structured settlements is the ultimate amount you will be paid at the time of funding.  Be careful of other lump sum for structured insurance settlement offers that may contain fees and charges you will be charged with at the time of funding.

Whether you are first exploring the idea of selling a structured insurance settlement or you want to see if we can provide you the most cash for structured insurance settlement by beating an offer you currently have, call us at 1-800-317-3769.

Most Cash for Annuity- Information for All

It might sound like strange advice coming from a settlement annuity buyer and buyer of annuities in general but we think you need spend some time considering whether getting cash for annuity is in your best interest or whether it makes more sense to (1) wait for the annuity to become due and/or (2) find another way of raising the capital you need.  While Catalina Structured Funding is in the business of providing cash for annuities and absent finding people to sell annuities for cash we would not be in business, we believe our customers are the type of people that have carefully considered there options and determined getting cash for annuity now is in there best interest.

With our experience of providing lump sums for annuities and after reviewing, originating and/or processing thousands of transactions, the experts that make up the team at Catalina Structured Funding know that for all the reasons there are not sell annuities, or cash out structured settlement payments, there are often just as many solid, valid and important reasons to cash out annuity for a lump sum.  Some of the reasons we regularly hear are:

1.  Most Cash for Annuity to buy a home.  This can be done to buy a house outright or to get the needed cash for the down payment.

2.  Most Cash for Annuity to purchase a car. This allows individuals to get to and from work, find employment, and, obviously, assist with all the day to day activities.

3.  Most Cash for Annuity to pay off debt:  credit card, medical bills and other forms of debt.  This allows people to reduce the liability that comes with high interest loans and obligations- by selling an annuity at a lower rate, like Catalina Structured Funding can provide, you may be put in a position to save money by stopping the compounding interest on other debts.  Of course, whether this makes sense for you is up to you and your financial advisor.

Whatever your need is for getting the most cash for your annuity, Catalina Structured Funding is here to provide you the lump sum you request.  We can pay you a lump sum for guaranteed annuity payments as well as life contingent annuity and structured settlement payments.  Curious about what services we offer or how much cash for annuity or structured settlement payments we can pay you- call us toll free and get a free, no obligation quote.  Give us as little or as much information as you want:  1-800-317-3769.

What is the Best Way to Sell Structured Insurance Settlements

When it comes to selling structured insurance settlements, which are also referred to as structured settlements, the best place to start is with the specialists at Catalina Structured Funding.  Whether you are the direct recipient of a structured insurance settlement or whether you inherited a structured insurance settlements, we can discuss what options you have in terms of cashing it out for a lump sum.  We can also work with you to decide if there is any other alternatives aside from cashing out the entire structured insurance settlement.

Many people think that if they go forward they need to sell structured insurance settlement in its entirety.  This is simply not the case.  Of course, it is an option to sell the full entire structured insurance settlement but it is often the situation that you need not cash out structured insurance settlement in full to get the lump sum you need.  Of course, only you know what situation is the best for you when it comes to keeping the structured insurance settlement or not.  Its not our place or position to give you financial advice but what we can do is provide you with honest, clear, and fee free quotes in connection with getting a lump sum for structured insurance settlements.

Regardless of whether you live in Florida, Texas, Maryland, Georgia, California or North Dakota- literally anywhere in the United States- Catalina Structured Funding will work with you to get you a lump sum in exchange for structured insurance settlements.  Each day we speak to folks looking to sell structured insurance settlement payments and spend time with them reviewing options, providing quotes and explaining the process of cashing out a structured insurance settlement in their state.

Should you have any questions about whether you can sell structured insurance settlements, also known as a structured settlement, especially if you inherited a structured insurance settlement and do not know much about it, you can always speak to one of specialists that will be happy to provide you with as much information as you need.  Whether you are looking to sell a small structured insurance settlement, a life contingent structured insurance settlement or a normal guaranteed payment structured insurance settlement, we will be able to give you clear direction regarding the next steps and then after the conversation with us you can take some time and think about whether you want to go forward– no pressure from us as we have no interest in moving forward until you believe if it is in your best interest to do so.  Call us at 1-800-317-3769 and tell us how we can help you.