Cash Out Structured Settlement Storm Guide

Rain or shine we are here to discuss potential structured settlement cash out alternatives.  If you are at home today and would like a free quote to cash out structured settlement, contact us.

With that said, with many people, including our customers, on the East Coast affected today by Hurricane Sandy, it provides perspective on what is important.  While moving forward to cash out structured settlement is important, making sure you and your family is safe prior to the storm hitting where you live has to be paramount.  We will still be here to discuss how to cash out structured settlement once this storm fizzles out.

When you are prepared to discuss how to cash out structured settlement, let us be your first call.  We can provide you an instant cash out structured settlement proposal. Each of our structured settlement experts has the skill and ability to provide you with the information you need.  They will not need to speak with superiors or get back to you.  Instead, when you call us for an alternative to consider for a structured settlement cash out, the expert you speak to will require just some basic information regarding your structured settlement in order to give you an option to cash out.

We work with a variety of annuity issuers’ structured settlement payments when it comes to providing customers cash outs.  Whether you have a structured settlement for a small annuity issuer or a structured settlement from some of the largest structured settlement issuers like:  American General structured settlement payments, Metlife Structured Settlement payments, New York Life structured settlement payments- as well as the other major structured settlement payments companies.

Presumably you are interested in learning if we can provide you the  most cash to cash out structured settlement, and that is a fair question.  We regularly beat the offers that people call us with to cash out structured settlement by thousands and thousands of dollars.  People often contact us thinking they have the best offer to cash out structured settlement and then are shocked by what we offer them. Prior to contact us they believe the structured settlement company they previously spoke to had offered them the most cash for structured settlement they were going to receive.  Those are some of our favorite telephone calls- when people are surprised by the size of the structured settlement cash out options.

Do not make error of going structured settlement cash out without speaking to us- most cash for structured settlement cash out may be a two minute call away.


California Structured Settlement Buyer

Sell structured settlement in California?  You really one have one choice if you want to work with the best structured settlement in California.  Our California office has deep rooted connection in California when it comes to providing cash for structured settlement payments.  You will be hard pressed to find a company that buy structured settlement payments in California will a broader range of experience and expertise in the state.

Our connections in California are so extensive we may be able to accomplish certain structured settlement sales that out of state structured settlement buyers, not located in California, will be unable to accomplish.  We can also often pay for more cash for structured settlement payments in California than your best structured settlement cash out offer.

The extensive experience buying structured settlement payments in California also means we can get you a specific detailed explanation of what is involved in selling structured settlement in California that is not just general to state but very specific to the precise county in California where you live.  While our teams members may not have facilitated, processed, and/or originated a structured settlement sale in every county in California , it is very likely that we processed a California structured settlement sale in county where you lived.

Do you want a free discussions about what is actually involved in selling a structured settlement in California without a lot of general statements or generic information, than simply give our team a call.  You will immediately see we know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to providing cash for structured settlement payments in California.  We are the California structured settlement buyer that educated consumers turn to when they want free quotes and detailed review of the process of cashing out a structured settlement in California.

Call us today whether you are just beginning the process of getting a lump sum for structured settlement payments or you want to see if we can best the offer you currently have to sell structured settlement in California.


Just recently we were able to offer a customer 100% MORE CASH for structured settlement payments in California.  Let us see if we can do the same for you if you are selling a structured settlement in California and want to work with the best California Structured Settlement Buyer.

I Want to Sell My Structured Insurance Settlement: How Do I Do That?

You may be interested in selling a structured insurance settlement.  There are many great options in this regard that can be offered. Lump sums for structured insurance settlements are available throughout the country and are easy to obtain when you pick the best structured insurance settlement purchasers to assist you in this undertaking.  You can sell structured insurance settlement to us and get best offer you currently have for the most cash and we will get you that cash fast.

A structured insurance settlement may have been accepted when your lawsuit or a family member settled their civil action in a court of general jurisdiction in the state where you live.  Structured insurance settlements are used nationwide from Oklahoma to Michigan from Florida to California to resolve a pending lawsuit where liability is or is not in dispute. The size and value of a structured insurance settlement depends, in great deal, on the legal merits of your lawsuit, the governing law in the court system it was filed and of course the financial wherewithal of the defendant.

Once a structured insurance settlement is arrived at between the plaintiff and defendant, an annuity is generally issued by a highly rated insurance carrier.  Some of the companies that issue the annuity to back a structured insurance settlement include:  AIG annuity Insurance company, Allstate Life Insurance company, American General Life Insurance Company, Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska, Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company, ING, John Hancock LIfe Insurance Company, Metlife insurance company, New York Life Insurance Company, Pacific Life, Prudential Life Insurance Company, Symetra LIfe Insurance Company, Cincinnati Life Insurance Company,and Transamerica Life Insurance Company.  There are of course other companies that issue structured insurance settlement annuities

If you have one of these structured insurance settlement annuities you can sell it today for a lump sum.  While at the time you settled the lawsuit this may not have been the case, the law in this area changed and now you can sell structured insurance settlement and sell structured insurance settlement payments for a lump sum.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we assist people everyday that are looking to get the most cash for structured insurance settlement or alternatively are looking to sell structured insurance settlement in part in order to get a lump sum and to keep most of structured insurance settlement payments coming to them.

In either case, our friendly staff can walk you through what is involved and how much we can buy structured insurance settlement for.  Do not wait to call us and do not sign anything without speaking to us.


How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement

It strikes us that people need information about how to get cash for structured settlement.  When we say “information”, we mean simply that.  If you are first starting the search for cash for structured settlement you do not want sales pitches or convoluted conversions.  Instead what you want is black and white, clear, informative details regarding what is involved in getting cash for structured settlement.

You will find this with the true structured settlement professionals at Catalina Structured Funding.  We have an objective to earn your business by demonstrating a unique level of competency when it comes to cash for structured settlement.  We know that you initially just want the facts, not the spin.  You want to know how long, how much, what is involved in getting cash for structured settlement.  As part of this initial conversation, you do not want a sales pitch why we are the best structured settlement buyer or why we might be able to get you the most cash for structured settlement or get you the cash for structured settlement the fastest.

Accordingly, you will just get the facts when you call us.  Precise details about how to get cash for structured settlement- and specifically your structured settlement. This information will not be standard information you get when you read other websites or when you talk to an inexperienced structured settlement buyer.  Instead we will breakdown the facts based on key pieces information related to your situation and your structured settlement.  For example, different structured settlement annuity issuers have difference processes and procedures when it comes to getting cash for a structured settlement.  Our team has been at this for a very long time, and having worked with almost all structured settlement issuers, if not all, we can tell you what is involved in connection with your specific structured settlement.

Similarly, you can take away information regarding what it takes to get cash for structured settlement in the state where you reside.  You might be surprised to know that the system, the laws, and rules, are different in every state when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement.  When speaking to on of expert structured settlement buyers what you will get is details about the framework of cash for structured settlement in your state, including specific time periods ba

Cash Structured Settlement

The decision to cash structured settlement or wait for the future monthly or lump sum structured settlement payments is not an easy one that should be made in haste.  CSF, however, get provide you information to allow you to make an informed choice.  While literally thousands of people get cash for structured settlements every year, there are countless more that elect to hold the structured settlement and wait for the payments in the normal course.

Although not required its also not a bad idea to talk to a financial advisor about cash structured settlement. The question is whether to speak with an advisor, if at all, after receiving quote for structured settlement.  We think it can not hurt to get a disclosure statement from us.  Here is why:  There is absolutely no cost or commitment to getting cash structured settlement quote from Catalina Structured Funding.  This means you can get something in writing from us for FREE that sets forth what structured settlement payments being sold and what we would be willing to pay you.

Having this on hand, whether or not you confer with a lawyer or advisor, allows you to determine which is your best structured settlement cash option.  Is it better to keep the structured settlement payments or sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum is easier to decide between when you see the terms in writing for a lot of people. This is especially true because our cash structured settlement offers are “net” offers meaning you get the amount you quote exactly without any deductions of fees or costs associated with our processing of the transaction.

You can also ask us about the discounted present value.  Which some state laws define as:  ”the present value of future payments determined by discounting the payments to the present using the most recently published applicable federal rate for determining the present value of an annuity, as issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service”.  You may find it helpful to get this information or you may find it superfulous to your decisions.  Others may ask the structured settlement buyer for the effective rate of the transaction in order to determine if the structured settlement transfer is best.

In the end our goal is simply to make sure you have all the information you need as part of youu decision making process.  whether its an estimated funding date, a free quote, or a discussion on how to sell structured settlement the best way, give us call


Cash for Structured Settlement Tips

Tips on how to get cash for structured settlement can be found on various websites.  At Catalina Structured Funding, our goal is to provide you the premiere service when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement.  Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the various steps.  Whether you have questions about the legal system’s role or what will happen at a court hearing, you can get the inquires answered for free when you call us.

Most notably, you will get your answers to the inquires regarding cash for structured settlement from experienced people that have been working with annuitants in this area for sometime.  The answers provided will not be generic but will be applicable to your specific situation and what will be involved in you getting cash for structured settlement.  While a overview is important, we appreciate that if you are looking for cash for structured settlement in California, it is not particularly material to you what is involved when a person gets cash for structured settlement in Florida- or vice versa.

As such, we will be happy to provide you not only a summary of what takes to get cash for structured settlement but will give you detailed information about the time-frame, requirements, and legal mandates pertaining to accomplishing the structured settlement sale where you reside.  With this specific information you can decide whether you will want to move forward.  While some structured settlement buyers  may over simplify what it takes we want you to have an honest assessment so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to get cash for structured settlement.

There are many folks that take advantage of this free service as part of the initial phase of their investigation regarding whether to go forward with a structured settlement sale and getting cash for structured settlement payments.  It seems to us that doing so opens their eyes to the what their structured settlement may be worth and how to go about getting the cash for structured settlement if they choose to move forward.  Whether or not they do, however, is completely in their hands and they know that with CSF they will never receive any pressure to get cash for structured settlement.  Our goal is to provide individuals with the requisite information and earn their trust as a leading structured settlement buyer.

You can contact us by email or phone (800-317-3769) if you have any questions or would like a free, no obligation quote.

Sell structured Settlement- How to Do it Right

Sell Structured settlement- How to Do It Right

Whether you are looking for $5,000 or $500,000 from a sale of structured settlement, your achievement of this task requires that you have certain information available and you know you are working with a structured settlement buyer that can facilitate getting you a lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments.  You can bank on Catalina Structured Funding to help you sell structured settlement.

We are the best at what we do.  The second best structured settlement buyer is not even close.  What we do better than any other company is provide an intimate superior level of customer service for individuals looking to cash out structured settlement payments.  With us you will never be speaking to an inexperienced structured settlement buyer that does not know what he or she is doing.  Every individual you interact with at Catalina Structured Funding has specialized knowledge and skill when it comes to getting a customer money now for a structured settlement.

When you contact us for the first time you will speak to someone that has previously worked with an individual in the state where you live, in some capacity, that pursued selling a structured settlement for a lump sum of cash.  This experience means we can help you with the answers you are looking for that are specific to your situation.  You want to know how long it takes to sell structured settlement where you live?  We can give you a specific answer with a detailed analysis of how we arrive at that answer.  Are you curious about what the rate for selling structured settlement payments is?  We can give it to you.  Do you want to know if you have the best offer to sell structured settlement payments from another structured settlement or whether we can provide a better one- meaning more cash or a great cash advance on structured settlement payments?  We can assist you with that answer in a matter of minutes.

Stop wasting time talking about what it takes to sell a structured settlement with other buyers of structured settlement payments- work with true national specialists you can trust and have the requisite expertise to help you achieve your goals.  Our annuity structured settlement buying experts will give you a quote in a matter of minutes and that quote is firm- no surprises about fees or costs because we do not pass them along to our customers.

Need answers about how to sell structured settlement, there is just one structured settlement company to call:  1-800-317-3769.

Know Your Structured Settlement Buyer

Finding a website for a structured settlement buyer is easy.  Finding multiple websites for different structured settlement buyers is also easy.  Finding the best structured settlement buyer for you, however, takes a little work and some investigation.  You definitely want to spend the time learning about a structured settlement buyer before you move forward with getting cash for structured settlement payments.

What to look for in a structured settlement buyer, in our opinion, is honesty.  You want to work with a group that will be completely honest with you when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement payments.  You want honesty in quotes for structured settlement payments, you want honesty in explanations of how long it will take to get your cash for structured settlement payments, and you want honesty from your structured settlement buyer in what is involved in getting cash for structured settlement payments.

While you obviously have a goal of getting the most cash for structured settlement payments, what good is an offer if you do not trust the group you are working with.  Its an issue we frequently face at Catalina Structured Funding as we talk to customers and potential customers that may have spoken to another structured settlement buyer and had a bad experience OR have previously sold payments to one or more structured settlement buyers and did not feel that the process was what they were told.

This will never be an issue when you work with Catalina Structured Funding as your structured settlement buyer.  At every step of the way, throughout the entire process, we do what ever we can to get you the answers and explanations you need to appreciate exactly what is going on with your structured settlement sale.  The clear forward nature of how we proceed starts with the initial quote:  our structured settlement quotes are clear and carefully tailored so you can understand completely what structured settlement payments are being converted to a lump sum.

After getting our easy to follow, ZERO FEE, quote for structured settlement payments, we can give you a specific explanation of how long the process will take in the state where you live.  We do not give generic, cooking cutter, discussions- as a nationwide EXPERIENCED structured settlement buyer we will provide you information specific to what you can expect based on your structured settlement payments and the state where you live.

Do not get caught up with a structured settlement buyer you are not sure is right, make sure to speak to us and see the difference it makes when you actually know what you are doing when it comes to providing cash for structured settlement