How to Cash Out Structured Settlement

Many people look to cash out structured settlement.  In fact, across the country on a national basis you will find people doing it every day.  While in many cases, if possible, one is better off not to cash out a structured settlement, there are times when it is simply in your best interest to do so.  For this reason, federal law allows you to cash out structured settlement under certain circumstances.

It may seem odd or peculiar that you need to go through a legal process to cash out a structured settlement.  A system that mandates a court is convinced that it is in your best interest to cash out a structured settlement.  You do not have to get a judge’s approval to sell a house, a car or other assets you have afterall.  The truth is that it is a unique series of laws and circumstances that have created this procedure to cash out structured settlement payments and regardless whether you like it or not, and regardless of what structured settlement buyer you select, the governing federal and state laws have to be complied with.

With all that said, the laws are in place to create a series of protections and procedures when it comes to cashing out a structured settlement.  Whether it is the requirement of one state law that mandates you get independent professional advince or another state law that requires a particular disclosure period to be abided by, it is important that a structured settlement cash out be processed in compliance.

At Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., we not only want our customers to be happy but we want them to know that our expertise will make sure that every legal aspect that is required is completely fufilled.  It is this commit to doing things the right way the first time, every time that allows us to promise our customers that all transactions will be processed without delay when it comes to cashing out a structured settlement or to cash out structured settlement.

If you are deciding between a full structured settlement cash out or a partial structured settlement cash out, considering calling us today and letting us show you how much money we can get you.  Also, keep in mind that every customer qualifies for a cash advance if they are looking to get one. Whether you want a advance as part of a structured settlement cash out is your decision and we can discuss how much you qualifiy when you call.

Structured Settlement Sale Center

Structured Settlement Sale Center

A structured settlement sale need not be undertaken in haste. We can likely get you more cash for structured settlement sale and exercising the option to work with us could therefore be most prudent decision you make.  Let us get you critical details regarding alternatives for structured settlement sales before you do anything.  These details may save you time and energy both in the long and short term.

Little is known at the inception by people looking to engage a company in a structured settlement sale.  Is the company, the structured settlement buyer, well respected, knowledgeable, and experienced?  Does the company have the financial wherewithal to actual follow through with its structured settlement sale commitments?  How do you know if you are getting fair market value as part of a structured settlement sale?  These are all wise things to consider before you sign a contract in connection with sale of structured settlement.  Many other questions also abound that you should consider as they relate to you and your personal finance.

It is also common to wonder if a structured settlement sale where you live (be it California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada or elsewhere) is a wise decision and if so what is involved in the process in that state.  Each state does in fact have slightly different laws that must be complied with prior to undertaken a structured settlement sale.  These laws require, in most cases, a disclosure period as well as a  receipt of a disclosure statement.  While the disclosure statement may be helpful to you in connection with a structured settlement sale- you should not be shy if you are in need or want of additional information prior to committing to the structured settlement sale.

Questions people may have include:

1. how long does a structured settlement sale take?

2. what fees will you be responsible for as part of the structured settlement sale- if any at all.

3.  How big will the lump sum you will recieve as part of a structured settlement sale?

4.  Can you get a cash advance on a structured settlement sale.

It is true that many of these answers to questions are standard but others are very dependent on your transaction.  We can help you with answers when you call and there is never any obligation to sign contract for structured settlement sale.  Let us work with you to provide answers to structured settlement sales questions and then decide


Why Do I Have to Go to Court to Get Cash for My Structured Settlement

People see commercials and read things on the internet that refer to getting cash for structured settlement “now”.  While structured settlement cash advances can occur almost immediately, these cash advances are part of larger structured settlement sales that by their very nature take time and require a legal process to be met.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we regularly provide immediate cash advances once we are have confirmed the requisite information and often times these advances can be thousands of dollars but the “lump sum”, by operation of law and restrictions, takes longer. If a structured settlement buyer tells you otherwise, think twice about who you may be working with

To understand why it takes longer FOR ANY COMPANY to get you the full cash for structured settlement lump sum they contracted to pay you in exchange for the periodic payments or parts there of, you must appreciate the regulations surrounding providing cash for structured settlement payments.   Several years back a federal law was passed that set forth a framework for the sale of structured settlement payments for cash.  This federal law essentially required the individual states to pass certain laws if cash for structured settlement payments were to take place in the particular state where the structured settlement seller lived.  (Some states did not pass the laws but the federal law contemplates this scenario and dictates how these transaction must be handled).

As part of the state laws in connection with providing or getting cash for structured settlement, certain rules must be followed and certain documents must be exchanged.  Structured settlement buyers that give cash for structured settlement payments regularly, like Catalina Structured Funding, are very familiar with the laws in every state where they do business.  Each state law has slight variations regarding things like:  what must be in a disclosure statement provided to seller looking for cash for structured settlement, the time frames that must be adhered to when getting cash for structured settlement annuity payments, and additional differences regarding the court process.

One constant in all states that have structured settlement laws is the need for judicial approval of the sale of a structured settlement or sale of structured settlement payments.  It is mandatory in every state.  This can frustrate people who do not think they should have to explain why they are doing what they are doing.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we appreciate the thoughts of these sellers of structured settlement payments for cash.  As they say, however, “the law is the law” and just like the other structured settlement buyers we must need to comply with it.

Call us if you want more information about selling structured settlement payments were you live or you want a free quote


Most Cash for Annuity- Compare and Contrast

Most Cash for Annuity

Getting people cash for annuity, often the most cash for annuity, is what the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., do every single day.  We get calls from people in all 50 states looking for information about what how much cash for annuity we can pay, what is the process and what they can expect if they were to contract with us to sell annuity for cash.  We hope to surprise them with our candid answers to all these questions:  and the professional way we handle each call and every question regarding getting cash for an annuity.

Sometimes the annuities people are looking to cash out are called structured settlement annuities.  These are annuities that were obtained either through a settlement of a lawsuit personally or through inheriting the structured settlement annuity from a family.  These types of annuities are also called “structured insurance settlements” or simply “structured settlements”.   Often times, these structured settlement annuities are “life contingent structured settlements,” and other times they are “guaranteed structured settlements”.  Regardless of the type of structured settlement you have, our annuity buying specialist can provide you with an immediate free quote.

We can also provide you cash for annuities of other varieties.  Many people buy non-qualified annuities and then decide at a later point that they wish or  need a lump sum for that annuity. We are here to discuss with you the lump sum options that are available based on your particular annuity. Many annuities can be bought, sold and assigned for cash after acquisition.  You will inevitably be very surprised how much cash for annuity we can pay.

Noteworthy is the fact that not all annuities must be sold in their entirety to get a lump sum from us.  Like many other arrangements, the terms of an annuity often set forth whether the annuity payments, or the annuity, may be sold or assigned, in whole or in part, for a lump sum.  These details and figuring out the answer for you is something we do regularly and for FREE.  We want to be your resource for information and in the process get to know you so if you decide to go forward and get cash for an annuity, we are the company you turn to.  In the interim, however, you will not feel any pressure from anyone at Catalina Structured Funding to get cash for annuity.  It is simply not the way we operate.

Contact us for information or a free quote regarding getting cash for annuity or cash for annuity payments:


Sell Structured Settlement Today for Cash

When you are ready to sell structured settlement today for cash you should speak to us before you take any action.  It may come as a surprise how much money we could provide you to sell structured settlement.  People from across the country are often shocked by what they were about to sell structured settlement for prior to engaging with one of our structured settlement experts.

It is not that we do something different than other structured settlement buyers- aside from providing more cash for structured settlement and best structured settlement cash out service- it is just that we seem to provide a level of comfort when individuals call.  It is a comfort that comes along with recognizing we know what we are doing when it comes to buying and selling structured settlement- and maybe equally as important, the fact that we tell it like it is when a person wants to sell structured settlement.

There is no funny games.  You want to know the effective rate if you were to sell structured settlement, we are happy to provide. Want to know the fees involved?  We are happy to tell you.  You have multiple and what to know the best rate to sell structured settlement payments you have been offered?  We are fine with performing the calculation and seeing if we can get you the best offer to sell structured settlement payments.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we are committed to assisting every customer that calls us with a structured settlement, structured insurance settlement, structured annuity or regularly annuity- this means if you have an offer to sell these periodic payments and want to see if we can get you more cash for structured settlement, etc., you should not hesitate to contact us.  We will do everything possible to get you more money that you have been offered by one of competitors.

Keep in mind that there are countless variations of structured settlement that are out there but the only one that matters when you call Catalina Structured Funding is the payment stream you are entitled to and the offers we can construct for you to consider.  Many, if not most of the time, a structured settlement does not have to be converted in its entirety to get a lump sum of cash.  Only the very smallest structured settlements require a full structured settlement buyout.

There is no reason not to talk to us when in all likelihood our team can get you the most cash for structured settlement you have been offered.