Sell Structured Settlement in a Jiffy…the Right Way

Holiday season is a time when a lot of folks start taking stock in their financials.  As part of this, they may be looking to sell structured settlement or get cash for structured settlement.  In fact, calls from across the country are coming in on a daily basis to the experts at Catalina Structured Funding.  Some potential customers may be looking for a $1,000.00 while others are looking for a $100,000.00.  In either case, we make our experts available for free to all those contemplating going forward to sell structured settlement.

A common misconception is that the financial terms relating to the sale of structured settlement payments are not consumer friendly.  We here that all the time from those first calling around to get prices to sell structured settlement and often times, from people that have quotes from some of our competitors.  What you should not however do is assume you know how much you will get paid if you were to sell structured settlement and take a moment to call us at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc.  We think you will be very pleasant surprised about what we can offer you in exchange for a lump sum when selling structured settlements.

When you sell structured settlement payments to us we can guarantee you will get an immediate cash advance on structured settlement sale if you are interested.  Some customers like this feature of getting a sizeable cash advances while many others prefer to wait to get the full lump sum at the time of final funding.  The choice is really up to you and whether you are interested in getting the cash advance.

You may be concerned that you will have to sell structured settlement in full.  Quite the opposite, however, is true.  Most customers of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., that decide to sell a structured settlement, only sell part of their structured settlement.  By proceeding witht the sale of just part of a structured settlement, our customers procure a lump sum while maintaining, in most cases, the actual schedule they agreed to when they accepted the structured settlement.   Structured settlements that pay monthly provide a variety of options when it comes to selling part thereof.  That said, a structured settlement that provides for various lump sum periodic payments in the future is also very convertible to a immediate cash while maintaining some or large portions of the immediate schedule.

Start with the best structured settlement buyers in the nation and give us a call to review proposals.  We will be quick, effficient and definitely not include any annoying sales pressure tactics that our customers say they find elsewhere