How Do I Find a Structured Settlement Buyer

How Do I Find a Structured Settlement Buyer

There are various ways to find a structured settlement buyer.  Many times multiple people in a family may each may be entitled to a structured settlement. This is often the case when the structured settlement results from the death of a parent. When this occurs the children of he deceased may bring a lawsuit that is resolved with each child receiving a substantial structured settlement that provides for future income.  While these structured settlements may provide for a lifetime or periodic income, as the minor children grow up and become adults they may have needs that cause them to prefer to get an immediate lump sum for selling part or all of a structured settlement.  This is one of the ways a structured settlement buyer can help.

If you are one of a few people with a structured settlement in your family, you can discuss with other family members whether they have previously worked with a structured settlement buyer.  Many times there experience can help you find the best structured settlement buyer for your needs.  Indeed, at Catalina Structured Funding we see many of our customers referring family members and friends to us for assistance in cashing out structured settlements. This is quite a compliment to us and confirms that our customers are pleased with our pricing and service.

If you do not have a family member or friend that has previously utilized the services of a structured settlement buyer to sell structured settlement payments in part or in whole, it may appear to be a daunting task to select a buyer of structured settlement payments.  After all, there seems to be a lot of websites, TV commercials and other media advertisements from these outfits that lay claim to be the best structured settlement buyer, the top structured settlement buyer, the most honest structured settlement buyer, etc.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we want to be the structured settlement buyer you choose if you decide to go forward selling structured settlement for a lump sum.  We cater to the needs and requests of our customers:  whether that means providing immediate cash advances or working with our customers to provide multiple, concrete, simplified offers to purchase structured settlements for a lump sum.  We believe that being direct, and being honest, is the path to ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience that a structured settlement buyer can offer.  If you are in the market to sell structured settlement payments or simply want a lump sum quote for structured settlement payments, contact our uniquely experienced staff and get the information you need.


How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement- Secrets Revealed

How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement

It may come as a surprise to many people looking for cash for structured settlement that different companies offer different amounts of money in exchange for the purchase of structured settlement payments.  It is also sometimes a novel concept to first timers seeking cash for a structured settlement that the effective rates and amounts paid for future annuity payments can often be differentiated by the type of structured settlement payments being sold and the company offering to buy structured settlements for cash.

While a mortgage company  or lender may publish rates for specific types of mortgages: like 10 year, 20 year or 30 year mortgages or mortgages that are interest only, etc., structured settlement buyers generally price cash for structured settlement the procuring company is willing to pay based on a variety of factors.  In this regard, it definitely makes sense for the cash for structured settlement shopper to ask the annuity buyer what is the rate that is being utilized to determine the lump sum the structured settlement buyer is willing to pay.  As part of this discourse you will want to make sure that the rate and amounts being discussed with you in exchange for cash for structured settlement are indeed the “net” amount you will walk away with and not the gross amount before fees, costs, or whatever else is deducted.

You will as part of the cash for structured settlement equation and evaluation want to consider whether getting a cash advance on a structured settlement transfer assignment acquisition is of import to you.  Some customers find it a welcome feature to procure some advancement on the lump sum cash for structured settlement prior to the final funding where they are to receive the full purchase price agreed to with the structured settlement buyer.  Obviously, any advance on the structured settlement cash will be deducted from the purchase price at the time of final funding but getting some immediate money could be beneficial while you wait for this to occur.  Other customers do not want any cash advance on the structured settlement cash payout.

In the event you will to procure money in advance of the final cash for structured settlement funding, it is important that you clarify prior to signing contract what you will qualify to receive from the structured settlement annuity buyer.  You do not want to wait until after you contract to sell structured settlement payments to discuss cash advances. This may lead to you and the buyer having a disagreement over how much you want and how much they are willing to pay you in advance.

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