Sell Structured Settlement to Company You Can Trust

Sell Structured Settlement to Company You Can Trust

We have seen and heard many stories from individuals that went through with the sale of structured settlement payments and later regretted the company they selected to provide them with a lump sum for part of a structured settlement.  We sympathize with their disappointment but after the selling part of a structured settlement for cash there is nothing one can do except select a structured settlement buyer more carefully the next time around.  That is where the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., can help if you wish to sell part of structured settlement.

Our customers are drawn to us, we are frequently told, because the professional and trustworthy nature of our team and our pricing of transactions that involve selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  It is a culture we have spent much time contemplating and fostering with every team member that works with customers and potential customers considering going forward with us to sell structured settlement payments for cash now.  Our goal is to be completely clear when it comes to our offers to convert a future payment to a lump sum and to allow anyone that calls into our team the ability to consider, as long as they want, whether moving forward with us as their structured settlement buyer is best for them.

How do you figure out what is the best offer to buy structured settlement payments?  Get it in writing.  We are happy to do so as we think any reputable structured settlement buyer should be.  You will find that getting quotes for structured settlement buyouts is not always an easy task. We would like to make it as convenient as possible and we want you to have whatever information you need in front of you so you can make the top decision regarding what is or is not in the best interest of you and your family when it comes to the selling structured settlement.

To this end, at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., our team, upon request, will prepare a disclosure statement in accordance with the laws of the state where you live. This disclosure statement contains some financial terms relating to the sale of structured settlement payments.  If you want additional details and information regarding the sale of your structured settlement that is not contained in the disclosure statement, you can simply ask us and we are happy to tell you over the phone or put in writing and email.  This includes any commitment you are looking for in connection with a structured settlement cash advance prior to lump sum funding.

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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments: Evaluating Best Offers

Cash for Structured Settlement Payments:  Evaluating Best Offers

Ever get the feeling you do not fully understand the offers you see on television commercials or online because there is a lot of small print and confusing terms?  At Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., we are aware that when looking to get cash for structured settlement payments you do not want to deal with such things.  Our customers and potential customers want clear, easy to understand offers to get cash for structured settlement payments and therefore that is exactly what we give them before they move forward.

What does it mean to provide clear cash for structured settlement payments offers? Well to us it means above all else- no hidden fees.  Hidden fees are types of things you see with asterisk and exceptions and when it comes to getting money for a structured settlement, we believe there is no place for such fees.  For example, if you agree to get $25,000.00 of cash for structured settlement payments you are selling, you should not get $23,000.00 at the time of funding, you should get $25,000.00.  You should not pay administrative or processing fees as part of the sale of structured settlement payments for cash.  It should be a flat lump sum of money in exchange for your structured settlement annuity or part thereof.

How do you know if you are going to be charged fees as part of the cash for structured settlement payments transaction?

1.  Ask:  you should the representative you are talking to about whether any fees, like administrative, processing or legal fees will be taken out of your lump sum offer at the time of final funding.  Anyone you are dealing with at a structured settlement buying company should be able to provide you the answer.

2.  Look at the Disclosure Statement: disclosure statement are those documents that set out SOME of the financial terms relating to a structured settlement sale.  This document may indicate whether you are responsible for costs associated with sale of structured settlement payments.  You can review this document to see if it mentions any cost or fees. Of course, there is no need to check for fees or costs when working with Catalina Structured Funding, Inc- we never pass on any costs to our customers that are deducted from the lump sum cash for structured settlement payments offer.

3.  Read the Contract:  the contract should mention that costs or fees your should be responsible.  Read the contract to see if it mentions anything. If the contract seems too confusing, you may want to get assistance of a professional.  that is a decisin you need to make for your sell

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