Selling Structured Settlement: You Have More Options Than You Think

Selling Structured Settlement:  You Have More Options Than You Think

Do not hesitate to contact us about any question regarding a structured settlement. Whether you currently have a structured settlement or whether you contemplating taking a structured settlement to pay you for injuries claimed in a current lawsuit, our experts are here to answer any question you have. We have a team of truly experienced structured settlement professionals that have literally seen and reviewed thousands of structured settlements- whether the structured settlement you have or are considering accepting is a structured settlement that provides monthly payments, life contingent payments, or lump sum payments, we have seen it.

Maybe you have a structured settlement from Transamerica that has a blend of monthly payments and lump sum payments and you are wondering what you could possibly get for all it or part of it, you will be happy to hear what we have to say in terms of how much cash we can pay you for the lump sum and monthly structured settlement payments.  In fact, you may be so surprised at how great our structured settlement buyouts are that you may decide that selling the full structured settlement is not necessary, even if you initially thought it was because of how much we buy part of structured settlement for.

Preconceived notions of a future value of structured settlement can be misleading, especially if you read things on the internet about folks getting pennies on the dollars for their future structured settlement.  This issue, concern, or misconception is frequently caused by looking at the purchase price to aggregate as the litmus test as opposed to the actual effective rate of the transaction.  Indeed, it is up to you, the one selling a structured settlement if the amount a structured settlement buyer is paying is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.

It is frequently a good course of action to determine how much cash for structured settlemnet you want or need to raise prior to interacting with a structured settlement buyer.  If you have in mind that you will not sell structured settlement for less than a certain amount, you at least have a base.  From that point, you can then see how much more for your structured settlement can be sold for than you originally anticipated and then make a decision if that is what you want to do. Repubatble structured settlement buyers, including the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., will never charge you to get a quote for some or all of your structured settlement and further will take all the time you want to discuss what it takes to complete the transaction.

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Leading Buyer of Life Contingent Payments


Who Buys Life Contingent Payments

Who Buys Life Contingent Payments

A little know option among people looking to sell future payment streams is the option to cash out life contingent structured settlement payments and life contingent annuity payments.  While there is a lot out there about selling guaranteed payments, few companies advertise an ability to buy life contingent settlement payments.

Why is this?  Truth be told it is far more complicated to convert life contingent structured settlement payments and life contingent annuity payments to an immediate lump sum.  Luckily, Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., is here and more than capable to work with you to convert nearly every type of assignable structured settlement that is life contingent into cash now. We have designed a system which puts the customer first in terms of efficiency and avoidance of inconvenience.  Plus, since we work to buy life contingent payments regularly you will not experience any delays or bumps when you chose us to be your life contingent structured settlement buyer

What can you do with the money you receive from us for life contingent payments?  You can literally chose utilize the lump sum in any way that will make your life better and is in your best interest.  Maybe you will use the cash to buy health insurance, a car to help your family and get to and from work, or maybe you will put a down payment on a house to create stability and security for your family. When you work with Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., to get cash for life contingent payments, it is our job to follow through with the commitment to get you the cash you agree to and the court approval as quickly as possible. After that, it is your decision how to properly utilize the funds, consistent with your best interest, to improve your life.

Curious what it takes to get cash for life contingent structured settlement payments?  How much time it will take for the court to approve the sale of life payments?  What is the most cash for life contingent structured settlement payments other companies have offered you?  Give our friendly, pressure free experts at call at 1-800-317-3769 and learn more about anything you want to know about the process, the funding time, or the details of your life contingent structured settlement.

Do not have all the information on hand regarding your structured settlement and when and how much the payments are?  No worries, call us and we will help you locate it.


—->How to Sell a Structured Settlement?

How to Sell a Structured Settlement? 

Getting a lump sum when you sell a structured settlement sounds great in concept but is it  the best decision for you?  At Catalina Structured Funding we defer to you to make this decision when it comes to selling a structured settlement.  We are not in a position to evaluate your entire financial situation and we do not provide financial advice.  What we are confident in is that you know what is best for you when it comes to whether to convert some, all or part of a structured settlement for a lump sum and once you reach the decision we can assist you in a professional and proper way.

It may come as a surprise to you that you can sell PART of a structured settlement.  Many customers look at the sale of a structured settlement like an “all or nothing” proposition.  This is simply not the case.  In fact, more often than not the customer that work with the experts at Catalina Structured Funding are able to get the lump sum they need by only selling part of a structured settlement.  This alternative allows you to get the immediate cash you desire as well as keep a portion or a majority of your structured settlement.

How does this work; i.e., sell part of structured settlement?  Its pretty simple:  Say you get $1000.00 per month or even $500.00 per month, you can generate money today by selling a portion of that monthly payment for a lump sum. Say you have that $500.00 per month coming in from Alllstate structured Settlement or Safeco Structured Settlement (now knows as Symetra Structured Settlement), we can work with you for as little as a couple of hundred dollars per month to get convert to a lump sum.  Its a really good opportunity, or alternative, in many cases to work with just part of a structured settlement- whether its from the above annuity structured settlement companies or others like American General Structured Settlement, Hartford structured settlement or even Pacific Life structured settlement.  Keep in mind you can even do this if the payments you are selling are life contingent structured settlement payments.

You can also not sell immediate structured settlement payments.  You can keep all the structured settlement payments coming in for a while and just sell future structured settlement payments that are due in 10, 20 or 30 or more years to get the lump sum you are looking for.

Whatever you are looking to do with a structured settlement, you should speak to us before you sign any documents:  1-800-317-3769.

Top Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments Required Information

Top Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments: Required Information

You can not buy or sell structured settlement payments without specific information.  Unlike a lot of areas where accurate quotes and appraisals can be provided on a limited information, this is not true when buying structured settlement payments. Structured settlement payments are valued by a host of factors including but not limited to when the structured settlement payment or payments are due and payable and the amount of the structured settlement payment or payments that the person is trying to sell.  While there are many other factors that come into play, one other consideration is the credit worthiness of the structured settlement annuity issuer.

Often times people call Catalina Structured Funding looking for “an idea what my structured settlement payments are worth.” This is a totally reasonable and fair question and like everything else, we try to deal with the opportunity to provide a potential customer with an honest and clear quote for structured settlement payments.  When making a formal offer to buy structured settlement payments, we will want the details of the future payments including the timing, amount and annuity issuer that is going to make the structured settlement payments that we will be buying. This is important for both the customer and us as the company buying structured settlement payments.

However, we also understand that even if you are not ready to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum today, you still, quite logically, may be interested in knowing that your structured settlement payments may be worth if you elect to go forward selling them. We also know that you might not have the paperwork relating to your initial settlement handy and without that paperwork you may not know precisely the due dates of all structured settlement payments.  For example, you may know you have a $50,000.00 structured settlement lump sum payment due in 2029 but you might  not know if the structured settlement is due in February of 2029 or November of 2029.  This is not a big deal if you are just looking for an “idea” of what your structured settlement payment may be worth.  We can provide you with a general idea of the value of the structured settlement payment would be to us as a company that buys structured settlement payments.

When the time comes that you are actually committed to the idea of cashing out a structured settlement, however, we will need to drill down to the details and figure out when that structured settlement is precisely due- including the month, day and year.  Luckily, our team of experts can help you get that information even if you do not have your paperwork- including to buy life contingent structured settlement payments.

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