Cash for Structured Settlements- Dos, Don’ts and Maybes

Cash for Structured Settlements- Dos, Don’ts and Maybes

Thanks for visiting us today. Today’s article will give you general advice on getting cash for structured Settlements structured settlement and what to expect. Although there are lots of ways to handle the sale of your structured settlement, following these simple DOs and DON’Ts will help you be prepared and knowledgeable throughout the process.

• DO research on the process and your state laws. Understanding the process and the laws that govern your transaction will educate you and prepare you for closing the deal. You will have a much easier time conducting the sale of your structured settlement if you’re “in the know.”

• DON’T believe everything you hear. Some structured settlements buyers or their representatives may  tell you whatever they need to tell you to close the deal and have you sign with them. However, once it’s time to perform, you’ll only hear excuses on top of excuses. Some companies will promises deals that they can’t possibly deliver. Others will exaggerate how fast they can get you cash for structured settlement or how much in advances they can deliver. This is why it’s important to be leery of such lavish promises and to stick with a reputable company that is known for its customer service and integrity.

• DO ask questions. It is very important to be informed (see tip #1). It is also true that selling your structured settlement can be confusing or difficult to understand, especially if it is your first transaction. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you ask questions if you are not sure of something. We are known for our customer service. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. All our information is free because we believe you should be informed and have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

• DON’T just go with that big company because you’ve seen their commercials on TV. It might be tempting to just call the first number you see or go with the first company that pops up on Google, but you could be setting yourself up for failure. The best thing to do is RESEARCH! (See tip #1). It is very important to consider all your options, and not just the first one you hear about on TV. This is why researching us is a step in the right direction!

• DO your role in transferring your structured settlement payments. Once you pick a company to do business with, you want to be hands-on and participate as much as you can by providing whatever information that company needs and complying with their requests. This way, the process can be fast and smooth, thereby giving you the cash you need sooner than later.

We hope these tips come in handy as you plan the sale of your structured settlement. Remember, the most important tip is to be informed and understand the process. Call us today if you have any questions!


(Most) Cash for Structured Settlement FAQs

Cash for Structured Settlement FAQs

                Thanks for visiting us today. The topic of today’s article is questions—frequently asked questions regarding the structured settlement transfer process, that is. This article aims to answer the questions most commonly asked by people looking to get cash for structured settlement payments.

Q: What is a structured settlement and why do I have one?

A: When an individual is injured and files a lawsuit for compensation, a likely outcome is that the case will be settled of court. This is called a settlement. When the terms of the settlement require the defendant or the defendant’s insurer to pay you in a stream of predetermined future payments, as opposed to one lump sum, this settlement is called a structured settlement. This is because your payments are structured to be paid out in a particular way. Structured settlements are very common because most insurers prefer them and insist that settlements be structured. This is why your settlement is structured.

Q: Can I sell my structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum (cash now)?

A: Absolutely! Most structured settlements are freely transferable/assignable.

Q: What do you mean by “most”?

A: Certain types of future payments streams, such as those resulting from a Workers’ Compensation claim, may be prohibited by law in your state. Other types of structured settlements, like those in resolution of torts claims (e.g. personal injury claim) are freely transferable. For help understanding your settlement, call the Structured Settlement Experts today for FREE information and a FREE quote!  We can likely pay you the most cash for structured settlement

Q: How can I sell my personal injury structured settlement?

A: There exists an industry with plenty of companies that are in the business of buying structured settlements in exchange for immediate lump sums of cash. These companies are called “factoring companies.” Your first step is to WISELY choose which company you want to work with and sell to.

Q: How do I pick the right factoring company for me?

A: Choosing the right company to work with is critical. Because the law surrounding structured settlement transfers can be complicated, the most important criterion is to find a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in these transfers. This will ensure that the process is handled by competent professionals and will minimize the chances of costly oversights and mishaps. Here at Catalina Structured Funding,Inc., we are recognized in the industry for our experience and know-how in the transfer process.

Secondly, you’ll want a company that you can trust to assist you throughout the entire process. Our customer service is one of the finest in the entire nation—with the testimonials that we receive every month, it’s no surprise so many people come to us first when they want to sell their structured settlements.

Last but not least, you’ll want a company that can offer you good money for your structured settlement without “low-balling” you or playing other games. Contact us today for your FREE quote and see why we beat our competition in all these areas!

Don’t delay—selling your structured settlement payments is a time-sensitive process, the sooner you call, the more we can do for you!



Structured Insurance Settlement Selling in California Tips and Tools

Structured Insurance Settlement Selling in California: Tips and Tools

There are tips that you should consider before you agree to sell structured insurance settlement. Some of these tips are common sense and others are unique to structured insurance settlement sales.  While there is some general applicability to the discussion, the focus of this particular article is selling structured insurance settlements in California.

As with any financial transaction, including if you sell structured insurance settlement, you need to be cautious and only move forward after you have had time to consider what is the best course of action for yourself.  It may be prudent prior to selling a structured insurance settlement to consult with a lawyer or financial adviser. While this is definitely not required (subject to state laws that may actual mandate meeting with an independent professional adviser) it is something you might want to do so you have a learned third party, an objective outsider, assist you with the analysis. In fact, financial advisers have tools that will facilitate with the analysis. Interestingly, in California, when you sell structured insurance settlement, the California Structured Settlement Protection Act provides as follows, in relation to a seller retaining an expert for advice:

” if the payee retains counsel, a licensed certified public accountant, or a licensed actuary in connection with a petition for an order approving the transfer agreement, that the transferee shall pay the fees of the payee’s counsel, accountant, or actuary, regardless of whether the transfer agreement is approved, and regardless of whether the attorney, accountant, or actuary files any document or appears at the hearing on the application for transfer, in an aggregate amount not to exceed one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500).”

The above is from the California Structured Settlement Act.  While not every state law provides for covering the costs of meeting with a professional expert to assist you with the sale of structured insurance settlement payments, the California law provides for such.  You can find the specific language in the California law governing the structured insurance settlement sales and also it is located in disclosure statements you will receive from structured insurance settlement buyers in California.

At Catalina Structured Funding we pride ourselves on our experience buying structured insurance settlements in California.  Our experience comes from our local roots and our unique knowledge of the courts and laws in the state.  Before you considering signing a contract to sell structured insurance settlement in California, you need to speak with one our California structured settlement buyers



Sell Structured Settlement Payments: Just Tell Me How Much I Will Get Paid

How Much Will I Get Paid if I Were to Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Seems like a pretty simple inquiry when in the market to sell structured settlement payments, right?  You want to know if I give you the structured settlement buyer this structured settlement payment, how much will you pay me?  If, on the other hand, I sell the rights to different structured settlement payments, how much will I get from the structured settlement buyer?  While the question may seem fairly straightforward and direct, we hear all the time from customers and potential customers that getting an answer to that inquiry is not as easy as it seems when they sell a structured settlement.

We hear that frequently structured settlement buyers will try to get offers to customers for payments other than the structured settlement payments they are looking to sell.  Instead of saying to you, the customer, what do you want to sell to get a lump sum, they merely construct structured settlement buyout offers and then provide those offers to customers- almost as if the whole financial transaction is being done in a vacuum without regard to the specific request made by the customer.  It is something that bewilders us at Catalina Structured Funding as we try to careful tailor each structured settlement sale to match what the customer calls us looking to sell for a lump sum.

The other aspect of pricing and lump sums to people looking to sell structured settlements that seems to happen relate to fees and costs associated with moving forward.  Let us be clear, there are substantial costs in buying structured settlement payments.  There are legal costs, processing costs and administrative fees that are often charged when moving forward with the requisite legal proceedings at the heart of selling structured settlements.  These costs can impact whether or not the sale of a structured settlement is even financial feasible.

How are fees associated with the sale of structured settlement payments assessed against one selling structured settlement payments.  The reality is that depends on the structured settlement buyer you elect to move forward with when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement.  Many companies, like Catalina Structured Funding, provide “net quotes” to customers looking to sell structured settlements for a lump sum. This means that the verbal offer to buy structured settlement payments you receive will match what you see on paper and what you receive at final funding.  There are, however, other companies that buy structured settlements that may provide “gross quotes” and therefore you need to look at the documents carefully to determine exactly what you will net at the time of funding.

If You Want Honest Pricing to Sell Structured Settlements, Call Us at 1-800-317-3769.

Considering What Makes a Top Structured Settlement Buyer: List Provided

List Provided of What Makes a Top Structured Settlement Buyer

Honest service must be near the top of any list when it comes to judging what company is the top structured settlement buyer.  Honesty allows the customer that is selling structured settlement payments know exactly what they are undertaking when it comes to exchanging a future asset, like a structured settlement, for a lump sum.  Being on honest with our customers starts from the moment you first call the structured settlement buyers at Catalina Structured Funding.

We appreciate that you are balancing a whole host of factors when deciding to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum. Part of that equation is working with a company that will tell it to you “straight”.  That is precisely what we do for each and every structured settlement customer that approaches us as a buyer.  It involves listening to precisely what you are looking for and precisely what we can do to meet those needs in terms of getting you cash as a structured settlement buyer.

The first step along the process is for us to figure out what structured settlement payments you are entitled to:  When are the structured settlement payments due? How much is each structured settlement?  In addition, we gather some very basic, no personal information regarding what state you live– you need not provide us with any additional information aside from these three things and what company makes the structured settlement payments to you in order for us to put together a quote demonstrate what we, as willing structured settlement buyer, would pay you in the event you decided to move forward with converting a structured settlement to a lump sum.

Once you receive this initial quote from us, you can than determine if you want to sell  more or less of your structured settlement payments to us as your top structured settlement buyer in order to raise the lump sum of cash you need.  Critical to remember is that you need NOT sell your entire settlement annuity.  Indeed, most customers are able to work with us as there structured settlement buyer and only sell a small portion of their structured settlement to arrive at the lump sum they are looking for.  As part of policy, we are more than happy to provide each and every customer with multiple offers, if your structured settlement is size-able enough to allow it and your request something less than a full structured settlement buyout.

Catalina Structured Funding is One of the Nation’s Top Structured Settlement Buyers


New Information Regarding Structured Settlement Loans

New Information Regarding Structured Settlement Loans

There are generally two topics that people are talking about when they search for “structured settlement loans” on the Internet.  The first type of transaction is what is frequently what is referred to as an “an advance” on a structured settlement sale.  The other type of transaction is what might considered a true “loan” in the sense they are looking to get cash today by using future structured settlement payments as collateral for the structured settlement loan.

Along these lines, let us elaborate on what an advance is on a structured settlement transaction and what may be available to the customers of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc.  In most cases, in fact in all situations, the customers of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., qualify for a structured settlement cash advance of various sizes and amounts.  In this scenario, the customer has agreed to sell structured settlement in its entirety or in part of CSF.  As you may be aware already, when ones sells structured settlement payments, there is a legally mandated time requirements that must be followed before you can get the lump sum for structured settlement payments.

Depending on where you live and how busy the courts are, the time it takes to get the full lump sum for structured settlement payments can take as little 14 days and as much as a few months.  The period might be slightly longer if you are looking to sell life contingent structured settlement payments.  Since there are additional steps when getting a lump sum for structured settlement payments that have the characteristic of being life contingent, it naturally extends the time frame.  When you work with guaranteed structured settlement payments, and in many cases even with the life contingent payments, the above time frame represents an accurate estimate.  When you call the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, they will be able to give you a fairly precise estimate of the process and time frame relating to your specific transaction based on a host of factors including our expertise in the state where you live.

In between the time you sign the contract selling settlement payments to us and get the lump sum for future annuity settlements, you can get a structured settlement cash advance.  This amount and frequency of structured settlement cash advances can be discussed and nailed down when you contact us.  Our goal is to get you the cash you need as rapidly as possible.  In later posts we will elaborate on the availability of structured settlement “loans” that fall into the secondary category referenced at the beginning of this article.

Call today and Learn How Much of a Structured Settlement Cash Advance You Can Receive from Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. and How Fast We Can Get It To You


Interested in Cash for Life Contingent Payments?

Cash for Structured Settlements- How Much Can I Get

Cash for Structured Settlements

The financial world changes every day- whether it is stock market increasing or decreasing in value or interest rates falling or rising.  These global and national events may impact the value of your structured settlement on the secondary market.  In order to determine if a willing buyer of structured settlements may be able to pay you more cash for structured settlements it makes sense to give the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. a phone call to get a free appraisal.

What CSF may be willing to pay in terms of cash for structured settlements is impacted by a host of issues including an element of supply or demand of the particular type of structured settlement you are looking to convert to cash.  While supply and demand may impact the value of cash for structured settlements, there are various other factors that have a greater impact on “what your structured settlement is worth.”  The most obvious of this is what the size of your structured settlement payments are and the timing of the when in fact the payments are payable on a structured settlement.  Probably need to not even note that a $125,000 lump sum payment due in 2015 is worth more cash for structured settlements than a payment in the same precise amount due in 2020- if all other things are equal.

In order to assess the what CSF, as a willing and able structured settlement buyer, would pay you for your settlement annuity payments, you can take a minute and contact us by email or telephone.  Based on the information you provide we will provide you with a firm quote for your structured settlement. By this we mean, the exact amount we will pay you in a lump sum of cash immediately to convert your future structured settlement (in full or in part) to cash in your hand.  Keep in mind that at the time of funding it is completely up to you how the lump sum of cash for structured settlements will be paid.  You can chose between us sending you a check overnight so you receive the money immediately in your account or whether you want us to wire the cash for structured settlements into a bank account.  We have customers that select between the options set forth above based exclusively on their preference and their particular financial situation.

The first step is to give us a call or contact us at 1-800-317-3769.  From there, and our no pressure discussion, you can decide what you want to do in terms of your structured settlement