Best Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer: Cash Today

Best Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer:  Cash Today

A few years back federal and state laws changed to allow the sale of structured settlements.  Maryland law now, under certain circumstances allows the sale of a structured settlement in Maryland.  While you may not want to sell your Maryland structured settlement, you may be curious what is involved and what might be a fair amount to expect if selling a structured settlement in Maryland.

If you are, than Catalina Structured Funding is the Best Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer to turn to.  We have, as a group of professionals, years of experience in buying Maryland structured settlement payments.  Getting answers to your structured settlement payment selling questions can not be answer better than by one of our buying experts.  Look to us whether you are selling guaranteed or life contingent structured settlement payments in Maryland.

You may be surprised to learn that as part of the sale of structured settlement payments in Maryland you will need to speak to an “independent professional.” As defined in the Maryland structured settlement protection act, a independent professional advisor is “an attorney, certified public accountant, actuary, or other licensed professional adviser:

  • Who is engaged by a payee to render advice concerning the legal, tax, and financial implications of a transfer of structured settlement payment rights;
  • Who is not affiliated with or compensated by the transferee of the transfer; and
  • Whose compensation is not affected by whether a transfer occur

Maryland is one of the few states that has a structured settlement law that requires meeting with an IPA as a prerequisite to getting cash for structured settlement payments.

With regarding to how much can you get for a structured settlement in Maryland, it depends on various factors and how much of your structured settlement you are looking to liquidate.  We can provide you with free quotes and multiple offers to cash out a Maryland structured settlement.

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Structured Settlement: Help Network

Structured Settlement:  Help Network

There was a time when structured settlements did not exist.  During that period, prior to the enactment of certain favorable tax legislation, only option litigants had to resolve lawsuits was to negotiate settlements for a lump sum.  Of course, in theory, any plaintiff and any defendant could agree to a resolution of a lawsuit that called for payments over time, i.e, periodic payments, but then you have to worry whether or not the defendant will be financially viable enough to make the structured payments in the future.

By and large, a structured settlement resolves the issue.  Instead of relying on a defendant to make the structured timed payments over the course of years, the defendant or the insurance company for the liable defendant purchases a structured settlement from another company- often times a life insurance company.  When this happens the Plaintiff no longer needs to look to the defendant, the party that caused the injury or accident, to pay the claimed agreed amount over time but instead can rely on the credit quality of a viability of the insurance company.  Who would not prefer an obligation to make structured settlement payments from Metlife, New York Life, John Hancock or other annuity issuers over the simple agreement of an individual to make the payments over the time.

This is especially true nowadays when a structured settlement can last a very long time. For example, frequently a structured settlement can provide for monthly payments under a structured arrangement that continues on for 20 years, 30 years or more.  A Structured settlement also can provide for life contingent structured payments that can go on for as long as a person is alive.  Obviously, this type of obligation is better suited for a life insurance company than an individual.  With life contingent payments as part of a structured settlement, there are a lot of things to know.

When it comes down to it a structured settlement can be a very prudent and thoughtful way to resolve a lawsuit. Many times it is a good way for a plaintiff and defendant to come to an agreement to make a lawsuit go away.  It is often the situation, however, that a structured settlement must be sold if current economic demands and needs must be met and there are no other preferred ways to raise capital.  When this is the case, the best call you can make is to Catalina Structured Funding.  We are leading experts in the structured settlement buying world and can work with you to get a lump sum for part or all of your structured settlement.






How to Sell A Structured Settlement Works?

 How to Sell a Structured Settlement Works? 

               We appreciate you reviewing our website.   Today, will give you the basic breakdown of structured settlements and structured settlement annuities.  If you are receiving payments pursuant to a structured settlement, this article will help you understand exactly what you have and how it works.  It will also address options you have to cash in a structured settlement to the extent you need money sooner than set forth in the settlement annuity schedule.

Let’s start out with the basics: a structured settlement is an out-of-court settlement of a tort claim (or workers’ compensation claim in some states).  So the first quality of a structured settlement is that it is an out-of-court settlement.  What differentiates structured settlements from regular settlements is that structured settlements are set up in a way in which the plaintiff doesn’t receive the settlement amount immediately in a single lump sum payment, rather the plaintiff will receive his or her payments periodically over an agreed upon period and frequency.  So in essence a structured settlement agreement is a settlement that pays the plaintiff in multiple future payments over time and does not give the plaintiff all his/her money up-front.

You can now begin to see the problem that people can have with structured settlements.  For example, if a person is receiving $600.00/month from a structured settlement, the structured settlement may not be enough to cover certain activities, financial obligations or opportunities.  The annuitant may run into serious financial difficulties or family emergencies which require large sums of immediately available cash to solve.  Fortunately, people with structured settlements are allowed to convert their structured settlements into cash in almost every state.  You can read more about the options and legal process surrounding how to sell a structured settlement throughout our website.  You can call us  to get a free quote over the phone and find out how much your structured settlement payments are worth.

Once a structured settlement is reached, the defendant, either an insurance company or an insured party, will have either assign the obligation to make the future payments under the structured settlement to a third party or will outright purchase an annuity to fund the obligation to make payments.  Either way, the outcome will be that an annuity will be purchased to fund this obligation of a settlement structured with payments over time.

If you choose to sell a structured settlement by converting your future payments into a lump sum of cash now, then you will basically have to sell your payments to someone else.  The effect will be an assignment of your rights to receive these future payments to another party.  In exchange for making this assignment, you will receive your lump sum of cash as a purchase price.

And that is how structured settlements, structured settlement annuities and conversions of structured settlements work.  Call us today for more free information over the phone, a free quote and a free annuity evaluation.


Structured Settlement Companies: Best to Know

Structured Settlement Companies:  Best to Know

Before you can sell structured settlement payments to a buyer, every state that permits said assignments requires you to receive a disclosure statement. The contents of a disclosure statement vary by what is mandated in the various state transfer act.  With a few exceptions, the law of the state where you currently live controls the process and methodology of cashing out structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  The best structured settlement companies can easily explain this process and provide you with a legally compliant disclosure statement.

When enacting the Structured Settlement Transfer Act (which have slightly different names in every state), the individual state legislatures established what must be contained in the disclosure statements.  For example, the sale of structured settlement payments in California mandate a different disclosure statement, based on the California Structured Settlement Act, than, for example, if one was to sell structured settlement payments and live in Florida.  Similarly, an individual living in Alabama will receive a different disclosure statement than a resident of Tennessee selling structured settlement payments.

While the disclosure statement may contain certain important financial terms, a structured settlement seller may have other items they wish to know prior to selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  If you are selling structured insurance payments to a buyer and having questions about anything, you should not hesitate to ask.  The best structured settlement companies, those with the experience and honesty you are looking for,  can easily answer any question you have regarding a structured settlement cash out, including whether other available options exist when it comes to getting cash for a structured settlement.

You need to inquire and be proactive when considering the sale of a structured settlement.  You should ask anything that is on your mind including how long will it take to get the lump sum for selling structured settlement, what the court experience may be like when you go to convert a structured settlement to a lump sum, whether the structured settlement company will provide you with advances while you wait for your hearing date– and ANY other issues you have when it comes to a structured settlement sale.

The group at CSF is here to answer your questions, all of them, based on our vast experience throughout the country dealing with structured settlement sales. When you want answers from one of the Country’s best structured settlement companies- we are the call you should make and the folks you can trust.

Best Structured Settlement Companies


Free Structured Settlement Calculator

Free Structured Settlement Calculator

                Thanks for visiting us today.  Today’s article is about selling your structured settlement payment to a buyer of structured settlements utilizing the benefits of a free structured settlement calculator.  If you have never done this before, you may have lots of questions.  You may not be sure HOW to sell your structured settlement or WHO buys structured settlements and HOW much you might get through the use of a structured settlement calculator.  This article will answer the most basic questions involved in selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash now.

HOW do you sell your structured settlement payments?

If you have a structured settlement (a settlement that is funded by an annuity which disperses payments at predetermined future dates), then you technically do not own the annuity.  You do, however, own the RIGHTS to receive these future payments.  So when you “sell” your structured settlement, you’re not really changing ownership of the annuity.  You are, however, assigning your right to receive these future payments to someone else, the buyer.  And this is how you “sell” your structured settlement payments.  The basic breakdown of a structured settlement transfer or conversion is the following:  You sell or assign your RIGHTS to receive your future structured settlement payments (all or some) to another person, and in exchange, you receive a lump sum of cash now, known as the purchase price.


WHO buys structured settlement payments?

Easy—WE buy structured settlement payments.  We are regular buyers of structured settlement payments NATIONWIDE.  We have experience in conducting structured settlement transfers in nearly every state and our structured settlement cash out calculations allows us to provide you with an immediate quote.  Our goal is to allow our vast experience to guide you through the conversion process in order to complete your sale and pay you as soon as possible.

WHERE can I sell my structured settlement payments?

This is also easy!  Nearly everywhere!  Virtually every state has laws that allow and regulate the transfers of structured settlements.  You also do not have to come to us or meet at our offices or we can come meet you anywhere you want!  That’s right; you can do almost everything from home and get an advance on your purchase price without even meeting with us once!  Call us today for more information on how this process works or to get a free quote from our use of our structured settlement calculator

WHAT do I do to sell my structured settlement payment?

Give us a call today!  Our knowledgeable and professional staff is on standby to give you FREE information over the phone, a FREE quote and a FREE evaluation of your structured settlement.  What are you waiting for?  The information is free and you can only benefit from the call.  Call us today for your free quote and information.





How Might I Get Cash For Structured Settlements

How Might I Get Cash for Structured Settlements 

                You’ve seen the commercials on TV and are now seriously considering selling your future structured settlement payments for a single lump sum of cash now.  But you have questions—LOTS of questions.  This is because you’ve never done this before and do not know how the process of converting future payments to cash works.  This article will teach you the basics of structured settlement payment conversions and answer the basic questions that first-time sellers of structured settlement annuities have.

A conversion is the process of transferring you future payments to another entity, in exchange for a lump sum of cash.  In its most basic terms, you sell/transfer/assign your right to receive your future structured settlement payments to another person, and in exchange for this, you receive a purchase price of cash—a single lump sum of cash.  So if you need cash now, and you cannot  wait for your future payments, which often times are years away, then getting cash for structured settlements may be a good option that you have available to you.

Now that you know what a conversion is and how it works on a very basic level, it’s time to discuss the specifics of a transfer.  Because these conversions are a legal process which involves court approval and strict adherence to state regulations, most if not all conversions are handled by the structured settlement buyer.  A purchaser of structured settlements is a company that is in the business of buying these structured settlements and has the knowledge necessary to assist you in the conversion process.  Here at Catalina Structured Funding, we have conducted many many conversions and our knowledgeable and friendly staff has the experience and understanding necessary to provide professional assistance in nearly any conversion process.

Your next move is to choose a buyer of structured settlements that operates to buy structured settlements in your state.  Catalina Structured Funding is a regular buyer of structured settlements in almost every state.  You need to make sure that this buyer is a savvy buyer that can guide you through the conversion process.  As mentioned before, our staff is experienced and capable of providing the finest professional assistance and customer service to you when it counts.  You also need to make sure that the buyer is HONEST People sell to us because they trust us and rely on our honesty and helpfulness in the conversion process- our staff will always deliver what it promises.  Call us today to find out why!

Once you pick your buyer, the next step is to call.  Once you call us, our professionals will take over and guide you through the rest of the process.  As always, we make sure that the rest of the process is as easy on you as possible.  And just like that, before you know it, you will have completed your first conversion!


Sell Structured Settlement Best- Here You Go

Sell Structured Settlement Best

                If you’re ready to sell your structured settlement to a company, you’re probable aware that you have options.  But which company is best for you when you sell structured settlement?  This is probably a question that you have asked yourself several times.  There are a few things to consider when deciding which company you would like to do business with in selling your structured settlement or annuity.

  • What are the company’s costs?  The expenses of a company are important because it can determine what deals they can offer.  For example, a large company with lots of employees and contractors working for it will spend a lot on overhead and may not be able to offer you as much cash for structured but they may be able to.  A smaller company that operates efficiently may have less in overhead and may be able to pass the savings on to you in the form of a better deal (Most cash to sell structured settlement).
  • How knowledgeable is the company?  Selling you structured settlement might be a complicated process depending on what you are selling and the applicable laws in your states.  That is why it is important to choose a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in these transactions.

All these factors are important.  They can go a long way in determining how smoothly your transaction is completed.  They can make a BIG difference in the long run.

Here at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., we pride ourselves on our outstanding business model and knowledgeable and ethical customer service representatives.  Let’s apply these factors to our company and see how we do!

  • Company costs – Our business model allows us to run a cost-efficient business with a relatively small overhead.  Thus, we often able to offer you thousands of dollars more cash for structured settlement payments than your current best offer!
  • Company expertise – Our company does transactions in nearly every state in the US.  We have done countless deals using the same employees and attorneys.  Our staff is full of qualified, competent and experienced professionals with the knowledge necessary to transact any structured settlement transfer.  Our customer service specialists have all the information that you need and will gladly offer you a FREE quote and answer any of your questions over the phone!
  • Company’s ethics – Our company prides itself on its outstanding customer service and honest approach to working with all customers.  We have handled countless transactions in the past and received wonderful testimonials from people like you.

Because we combine great deals, with expertise and wonderful customer service, it’s no surprise so many people trust us and come to us when they want to sell their structured settlement payments.  Call us today for a free quote and information and see the difference!

Get a Quote from Us Before You Sell Structured Settlement Payments

–}Picking a Structured Settlement Company{–

Picking a Structured Settlement Company

1. Deciding to select to get an offer to sell structured settlement payments but not sure where to start and what structured settlement company to call?

2.  Wonder how much your structured settlement payments are worth but unclear which is the structured settlement company is right for you?

3.  Interested in knowing whether the lump sum for structured settlement offer you have can be bested by another structured settlement company?

4.  Want a lump sum offer that is free of any costs and allows you to understand precisely what a structured settlement company will pay you in full at the end of the day?

It is time to speak to the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc.  Not only will we beat any offer you have, we are structured settlement company you can trust to deliver on the precise commitments we make to you without exception.  Do not move forward with a structured settlement company in Maryland, structured settlement company in California, a structured settlement in Florida, structured settlement company in Texas, structured settlement company in any part of the country- not just those states- without speaking to us to get a firm, honest, straightforward quote to cash out your structured settlement annuity payments

Whether you are selling structured settlement payments that are guaranteed and immediate or life contingent structured settlement payments due in 30 years, our structured settlement company can walk you through the process of getting a quote to convert those annuity settlement payments to cash and a full and proper understanding about what will be involved to do so.  We work with people throughout the country as a structured settlement company, every single day, to review their options and ultimately get them cash for structured settlement payments.  There are a lot of structured settlement companies but before you select any other structured settlement company take a moment to speak with us and show you why we think we are the best structured settlement company.

As a structured settlement company we buy settlement annuity payments from all different annuity issuers including BUT NOT LIMITED to Metlife structured settlement payments, American General Structured settlement payments, New York Life Insurance Company structured settlement payments, Hartford Life Structured settlement payments, Aegon (Transamerica) structured settlement payments– as well as many other structured settlement payments from other annuity issuers that provide periodic payments from the resolution of a lawsuit.

Take Two Minutes and Call Us.  We Can Provide You with the Quote During the First Phone Call and Get You a Lump Sum.


Sell Part of a Structured Settlement to Get Cash Today

 Sell a Structured Settlement to Get Cash Today

                So you have a really good structured settlement, which takes care of you in the future.  And you like that, because you have security in the future.  But you are also in a tight spot and need money.  Wish there was some kind of middle road?  The good news is that there is!

Selling PART of you structured settlement is not only a viable alternative to selling the entire remainder, it is also quite common.  The benefits of selling only part of your structured settlement are numerous:

  • You can get cash now for part of your settlement
  • You can keep the security of future payments on parts you do not sell
  • Selling part of your settlement is a more flexible approach to selling your settlement
  • You get to choose what you want to sell and what you want to keep

Selling PART of your settlement is a middle-of-the-road, flexible alternative.  It allows you to get the best of both worlds—cash now and the security of future payments.


Let’s assume for example, that you have $500 monthly payments for the next 20 years; $5,000 annual payments for the next 10 years, and 3 various one-time lump sum payments throughout the next 15 years.  You can see how you would have several options at this point.  You could sell one or all of your lump sum payments and keep your monthly and annual payments, or you could sell all you monthly payments and only keep the annual and lump sum payments.  You can try various different approaches and see what works for you when you sell a structured settlement.


Here are some tips for selling parts of your structured settlement:

  • Do not sell what you think you will really need.  For example, if you really rely on your monthly payments, then don’t sell them.  Sell your annual or lump sum payments instead!
  • Sell what you think you can do without! For example, if you usually deposit your annual or lump sum payments into your savings account instead of immediately spending them, you can sell them and keep the other payments that you rely on.
  • Think carefully about your financial situation and plan accordingly—tailor the sale to suit your needs (no pun intended).

When it comes to selling parts of your structured settlements, it’s very important to understand what you are selling and how it will impact you in the future.  Call our expert customer service representatives today for more information on selling part(s) of your settlement!

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