Some Thoughts on How to Sell a Structured Settlement

Some Thoughts on How to Sell a Structured Settlement

Lets start with the premise that the entitlement to a structured settlement is a good.  Either by injury, inheritance or relations to an injured person, you are entitled to either monthly structured settlement payments or lump sum structured settlement payments.  These settlement payments may be due starting immediately or may not become due for many years. (Just the other day we saw a structured settlement in Florida that started paying annual payments in lump form starting in 2035).  Maybe your parent set up the structured settlement when you were a minor.  In any event, you have this structured settlement, it is worth money, and you are considering:

1. how to sell a structured settlement

2  What a structured settlement is worth.

These are common starting questions from people just looking to evaluate whether it is good or bad for them to sell all or some of a structured settlement.  The Who, How, and How much are questions that necessarily follow that initial thought about raising money through a structured settlement transaction.  We spend a great deal of time speaking with people in your position- some elect to sell a structured settlement or sell part of a structured settlement to us.  Others decide not to sell a structured settlement at all.

Making the Right Decision When it Comes to How to Sell A Structured Settlement is an Important One

Its not our initial focus when you call to decide if getting cash for a structured settlement is the right thing for you.  What we want to do is provide you the information about how to sell a structured settlement, maybe provide you a quote if you are interested in getting one, and then let you decide whether you wish to sell a structured settlement to us. The decision of who and how to sell a structured settlement is exceptionally personal and should be done when the time is right.  Your best interest controls what is or is not the right time to sell.

The technical part of how to sell a structured settlement (compliance with the law) is something we specialize in and we know you will be completely confident that it is done right and timely when you work with us.  There is absolutely zero doubt about that.  The only decision for you to make: is the time right to sell my structured settlement, am I being offered the right amount to sell my structured settlement and what structured settlement buyer you feel comfortable with.

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How to Buy Structured Settlement Payments for Novice

How to buy Structured Settlement Payments for Novice

The first real thing to know about buying structured settlement payments is that it takes a lot of know how and experience.  While setting up a website claiming that you buy structured settlement payment may be a matter of a few hundred dollars and some creative writing, the actual network you need to move a person calling in or submitting an email submission to get cash for structured settlement actually is a whole different matter.


Get Cash for Structured Settlement From Buyer That Knows What They Are Doing

Part of what it takes is knowledge of the legal framework that surrounds the process of converting a structured settlement to a lump sum. If the structured settlement seller leaves in California, do you know the specific laws that control.  What goes into a disclosure statement, who has to receive notice of the structured settlement sale proposed, as well as how much time they must receive it in advance of the structured settlement hearing before a judge, is all very specific to where the seller lives.  In this example, a person living in California looking to get cash for structured settlement.

After that you need to have the network of financial relationships to actually follow through with the commitments you make to get people cash for structured settlement payments.  Its one thing to talk to a person, even sign a contract to buy structured annuity payments, but its an entirely different thing to go ahead and follow through with your contractual obligations.  If a structured settlement company does not have a PROVEN track record of getting customers cash for structured settlement payments, how do you know they will be able to actually do for you what they are telling you they will.

Structured settlement buyers come and go for a host of reasons but the good ones stay around, assisting people across the country working for customers to get them the lump sum of cash that they need to improve their conditions.  The variety of ways people utilize the lump sum to better their situation really varies as distinctly and uniquely as the folks that call us on a daily basis looking for our structured settlement annuity buyers to get them a quote to get cash for structured settlement.  Whether you are a first time seller or someone that has already sold part of structured settlement for cash, please give us a ring and shot to help you get the money you are looking for.


Cashing a Structured Settlement In: Remember Key Factors

Cashing a Structured Settlement In:  Remember Key Factors

At the outset of your quest to get some cash in exchange for structured settlement payments there are some key factors that you want to have on hand to determine if you are getting actual, accurate appraisals from the various settlement annuity buyers you come in contact with.  While it is not always necessary to have the precise details of a structured settlement prior to looking to get money now in exchange for the annuity payments, it is critical that some specific you are aware.


Details Of Your Structured Settlement Can Lead to More Accurate Quotes

As some people inherit structured settlement payments, some people are minors when the structured settlement payments are created, some people loose documents relating to their structured settlement, and yet other people, who have done structured setltement sales before, are unaware of what structured settlement payments they do or do not have an entitlement to any more, it is not always as easy at it sounds to know the details before speaking to a structured settlement buyer. That is when the free services of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., can come into play.  We can assist you, without any obligation, to ascertain if you structured settlement payments being in 2018 or 2019, if the structured settlement payments are guaranteed or cash life contingent payments, whether the structured settlement payment stream contains cost of living increase (or Coli)- and what rate the payments increase every year, as well as things like the structured settlement owner,  and when the last date of your structured settlement is. These factors are all too critical in evaluating the value and what your structured settlement is worth.  There are of course some elements on this list that are more important than others and some that can really assist you more when working with structured settlement buyers.

Getting the Information Can Get You The Cash for Structured Settlement Quote Faster

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Getting the Information You Need Can Get You a Cash for Structured Settlement Quote Faster….

In the end, having the accurate information on hand provides a solid base to go about getting quotes for any type of structured settlement annuity.  The details of whether the structured settlement is paid by a company like Metlife or Symetra may prove decisive when compared to a structured settlement that is owed from Aurora Structured Settlement or Executive Life of New York. Again, this is only one element of a series that go into the basis a company uses to provide you cash for structured settlements.

If you want more information or assistance in getting details about your structured settlement or what it is worth to us as a premiere structured settlement buyer, call us toll free and let us walk you through what we need and what we can help you locate


Cash for Selling a Structured Settlement

Cash For Selling a Structured Settlement

Do not wait until after you go forward with another structured settlement buyer to get information from us regarding the process of getting cash for selling a structured settlement.  Regardless of what state you live in there is some basic information you need to know prior to committing to a transaction involving the sale of settlement insurance payments. This information is critical to the full comprehension of the transaction when it comes to selling a structured settlement.

Structured Settlement Cash

First, every sale of a structured settlement must be approved by a court of competent jurisdiction. While the laws in each state vary some, the basic concept the before selling a structured settlement, a judge (normally in the state where you live) must make an independent determination that so doing is in your best interest is a common element everywhere.  How much a judge “digs” into your financial situation and what is in your best interest in terms of selling a structured settlement, however, is very judge specific. Some Judges will spend a great deal of time investigating your reasons for selling a structured settlement, while others will really focus on whether you comprehend what you are doing and whether you have fulling thought your reasons through.

Second, once you sell structured settlement payments and receive a lump sum, the transaction is final.  This is not a loan on structured settlement.  While you may hear terms that are similar to terms related to typical loans; i.e., interest rates, disclosure statements, processing fees, this transaction is a sale and assignment of structured settlement payments.  Once finalized, your structured settlement transaction is over and you can not “pay back” the structured settlement buyer and once again start receiving the structured settlement payments.  You can contact us any time for further information regarding the differences between a structured settlement sale v. structured settlement loan.

Third, the best way to get an accurate quote for the sale of structured settlement payments is to have all the information on hand when you call.  While we are happy to provide you quotes anonymously if you want to first determine if it is something you want to move forward with, the best way to get a truly accurate quote in regards to selling a structured settlement is know the precise amount and dates the payments are due.

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Structured Settlement Companies: How to Select

Structured Settlement Companies:  How to Select

Throughout the web you will find many advertisements for structured settlement companies.  There offers and terms will vary.  How to Select a structured company therefore because quite an undertaking for someone that has never moved for in getting cash for structured settlement payments.  How to pick one and when to commit to one of the many structured settlement companies therefore becomes quite a challenge.

The first step in selecting the best structured settlement company for you may to be to call around and discuss options.  The options provided by structured settlement companies may vary as well as the cash out quote proposals.  Looking into the various structured settlement companies in this fashion may give you a good feeling of just what your structured settlement payments are worth- give or take- and equally as important it will give you an opportunity to test the structured settlement companies to see which you feel most comfortable with in terms of providing you cash for a structured settlement.

You will see that some structured settlement companies are laid back and offer you alternatives in an easy to appreciate way and others may seem to be more complicated and, even at times, aggressive in connection with “convincing” you to select them as the best structured settlement company for you.  Take your time, do not be rushed, and ultimately decide which of the companies is best for you.

The next phase of the process of selecting structured settlement companies to consider moving forward with should be or may be to get an idea of what other things are important to you in connection with selling structured settlement payments.  Topics of import to discuss range based on things that may be relatively distinct to your situation.  Some  companies that buy structured settlement payments may offer “signing bonuses” and “structured settlement cash advances”.  There are also other promotions that companies that buy structured settlement payments provide from time to time.

Another potential critical determination for you to consider is the experience of the state in general and more to the point, whether they have a history of buying structured settlement payments in area of the country that you reside. While some structured settlement companies may hold themselves out as having vast experience you want to press them on what this means and how competent they are, based on past performance, in the jurisdiction you live.

Of course, this is just a few of the factors to review, analyze and contemplate when you elect to get cash for structured settlements.

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How To Get Cash for a Structured Settlement

How to Get Cash for a Structured Settlement

Reviewing the effective rate of a transaction involving the sale of a structured settlement for cash is a great place to begin if you are looking for a lump sum.  It is an important step of the process that involve getting cash for a structured settlement.  While many factors exist, asking the company what the effective rate is, can be helpful start.

Of course, the effective rate is not the only element of the transaction.  There are many factors to consider before you get cash for structured settlement.  Some factors and financial terms may be found in the legally required disclosure statement. Disclosures can be found in the state specific structured settlement transfer act- by that we mean what is required to be disclosed to you as part of the structured settlement sale. Each state has different structured settlement sale disclosure requirements.

Simply by way of example, in Virginia, the law requires that the following be disclosed by the settlement annuity buyer:

1. The amounts and due dates of the structured settlement payments to be transferred;

2. The aggregate amount of such payments;

3. The discounted present value of the payments to be transferred, which shall be identified as the “calculation of current value of the transferred structured settlement payments under federal standards for valuing annuities,” and the amount of the Applicable Federal Rate used in calculating such discounted present value;

4. The gross advance amount;

5. An itemized listing of all applicable transfer expenses, other than attorneys’ fees and related disbursements payable in connection with the transferee’s application for approval of the transfer, and the transferee’s best estimate of the amount of any such fees and disbursements;

6. The net advance amount;

7. The amount of any penalties or liquidated damages payable by the payee in the event of any breach of the transfer agreement by the payee; and

8. A statement that the payee has the right to cancel the transfer agreement, without penalty or further obligation, not later than the third business day after the date the agreement is signed by the payee.

You will see that as part of the disclosure requirements the law mandates that the settlement buyer provide you with both a “gross advance amount” and a “net advance amount”.  The difference here is whether the structured settlement buyer is going to pass along any costs or fees that will be deducted from the lump sum.  It is definitely an important consideration that you should look at carefully when you receive the disclosure statement if you selling structured settlement payments in Virginia.

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Best Structured Settlement Buyer: Seeing is Believing

Best Structured Settlement Buyer: Seeing is Believing

There is no doubt that without seeing it in writing it is hard to determine whether the offer you received over the phone from a structured settlement buyer is “for real” and the “best” one you obtained.  The devil is frequently in the detail as with all the numbers and quotes you may have received you may not remember which structured settlement buyer provided you with which offer.  Also, you do not know the true terms of the structured settlement buyout offer until you see and review it for the specifics.

When you work with us, we invite you to request that the offers we make to you to buy structured settlement payments be put in writing. As one of the best structured settlement buyers, we stand behind what we say over the phone and you will find that the written offers you receive from us and the disclosure statements contain the precise material terms as promised to you over the phone. It is a fairly easy commit, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because our verbal quotes are clear and honest.

You may wonder what could be in the offers you may receive from other structured settlement buyers that make ours the best you can get.  One thing is that a structured settlement buyer MAY pass along fees and costs that you are responsible for. It is for this reason it is critical to ask even the best structured settlement buyers you have spoken to whether the offer they are making to you represents the “net” purchase price or the “gross” purchase price.  Often times this is a good way to flesh out if you will be responsible for any fees in connection with a structured settlement sale.

There is also no reason to keep it hidden from one structured settlement buyer to the next structured settlement buyer whether you plan to receiving competing quotes or what the “top” purchase price you have been offered is.  Many times this technique can lead you to getting the most cash for structured settlement payments because the structured settlement buyers will compete to win your business by offering you the money you want.

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Buying Structured Settlements for Cash

Buying Structured Settlements for Cash

If you go back a little in time, one had questions about whether to buy or sell structured settlement.  It was a gray area and although structured settlements were bought and sold, there was no statutory framework that provided a mechanism for a court order with the findings currently mandated by the Federal Structured Settlement Act and the various associated state structured settlement acts.

This is no longer the case and the sale and purchase of structured settlements are done regularly by people from Michigan to Maine from California to Florida.  In each state in the Nation there is different laws to comply with and different time frames that must be met when you buy a structured settlement for cash.  Companies that buy structured settlement payments for cash have know how when it comes to getting a person a lump sum of cash.  Generally speaking, the structured settlement buyers also have counsel both in-house and outside that assist with the legal compliance when it comes to the laws  that govern the purchase of structured settlements for cash.

You want to familiarize yourself with the laws in the state where you reside and how they impact your sale of structured settlement payments.  You may be surprised what must happen before a company that is willing to buy a structured settlement or buy structured settlement payments can provide you with the cash you need.  Not only to laws have to be followed but a Judge has to approve the buying of structured settlement payments- regardless of your age or profession.

The judge that reviews the structured settlement purchase must evaluate whether the proposed transaction involved settlement annuity payments is in your best interest.  While there is often not a black and white formula for said determination, you do have to frequently demonstrate to the court that your best interest will be met if you were to receive a lump sum from the company that is buying, or more to the point, proposing to buy your settlement annuity payments.

Consequently if you are looking for a company that buys structured settlements you want to choose wisely and select a company that knows what it is doing and has done enough transactions to know the ins and outs of purchasing structured settlement payments in the state where you live.

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Best Way to Sell a Structured Settlement: Top Ideas for First Time Seller

Best Way to Sell a Structured Settlement:  Top Ideas for a First Time Seller

Reasonable people can disagree about whether it is appropriate to sell my structured settlement for cash. There is a school of thought that we have heard from commentators that it is NEVER a good idea to sell a structured settlement.  The rationale appears to be that it is better to keep the rights to receive payments due under a structured settlement for years instead of selling a structured settlement or selling part of a structured settlement for a lump sum.  Presumably the thought behind this position is that it is better to suffer through hard economic times and/or pass up on an opportunity than to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  We appreciate this line of thinking but have seen the opposite conclusion frequently when the proposition of selling structured settlement payments is presented to an independent third party- like a judge.

Every day, throughout the Country, people sell structured settlements for a lump sum.  These structured settlement sellers are not people that act without due consideration and the sale of structured settlements are not consummated without proper procedural safeguards.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  The law in this area, maybe more so than other areas, is specifically designed in order to ensure that every person that sells structured settlements for cash proceeds after a number of safeguards are satisfied.  Maybe the most significant safeguards involve the court approval of any sale of structured settlement payments for al ump sum.  No where is this more evident than when it comes time to get cash for a structured settlement.

The best way to sell a structured settlement requires a little due diligence prior to simply accepting the first offer that is presented to a person that is looking to covert a future income stream to immediate cash. Of course, how much to shop around and what amount to accept for a structured settlement is exclusively a decision that each independent person looking to sell structured settlements in the best way for him or her must make themselves.  Its a careful line between finding the top structured settlement company for you and spending days and hours speaking to every person under the sun claiming that they can provide you a lump sum in the best fashion.

At Catalina Structured Funding our goal initially is provide the first time structured settlement seller with needed information to make the best decision.  We welcome you to call us, get a quote for your structured settlement and then shop around our offer to see if any structured settlement buyer out there can top it or whether it will be the most cash for structured settlement you are offered.