How to Go About Selling Your Structured Settlement: Choosing The Right Buyer For You

How to Go About Selling Your Structured Settlement: Choosing The Right Buyer For You 

                If you are considering selling your structured settlement, chances are that you’ve probably already done a fair deal of research on the topic of converting your structured settlement and structured settlement buyers.  You probably realize how important it is to pick a knowledgeable and experienced buyer of structured settlements that can handle all aspects of the conversion from A-Z.  Chances are you’ve also encountered a number of buyers in the market while doing your research.  The question now is whom do you go with?

When deciding which buyer to choose, you want to narrow your focus on the most important areas of the conversion process:  First, the conversion process can be prolonged and complicated, depending on your state’s legal requirements; you need a buyer with the experience and know-how necessary to effectively close out your conversion.  Secondly, as noted, the process may be long, and you likely need money now and can’t wait; you’re also going to need a buyer that offers cash advances and FAST, too.  Thirdly, customer service should be one of your main concerns, as this can make or break your relationship with the structured settlements buyer that you’re working with.  And finally, the PRICE that you will get for selling your structured settlement payment is also a critical consideration.  Here, at CSF, we pride ourselves on beating our larger competitors on several levels and outperforming them every step of the way.


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Starting with the first consideration, our experience and knowledge in the industry is unparalleled.  Our knowledgeable and professional staff has been involved in the structured settlement industry since its formative stage.  We have the legal expertise necessary to ensure successful completion when you sell a structured settlement without any unnecessary delays or problems.

Moving on to cash advances.  We are generally able to provide each structured settlement customer with a specific cash advance amount that they qualify for.  You can call us today to see how much you qualify for and exactly when this cash advance will be provided.  Call us about a structured settlement buy-out and during that very first conversation we will get you the exact amount of the cash advance you qualify for as well as the very best structured settlement lump sum offer you have.   It is how we think a top buyer of structured settlements should operate.

Our commitment to customer service is also unparalleled in today’s market.  We look at it as if our reputation as a settlement buyer is at stake with every transaction and therefore treat every customer with a structured settlement annuity as if he or she is our most important customer.  We provide first-quality customer service to all our client’s, which includes: free case evaluations, free quotes, free information, free status updates and anything else that is necessary in the process of completing your structured settlement conversion.

Finally, comes one of the most important criterions: PRICE.  How much you can get for your structured settlement depends on how much of it you want to sell (full buy-out or partial sale) and whether the payments are guaranteed or life-contingent (we buy both!).   Call us today for a free structured settlement quote and a free structured settlement case evaluation over the phone!


California Structured Settlement and Legal Advice

There may come a time when you, as a resident of California, wish to consider whether or not to sell a structured settlement with the advice of counsel or alternatively after you have signed a contract to sell a structured settlement wish to speak to a lawyer.

The concern you may have is whether it is a good idea to sell structured settlement payments in California, whether it is legal to get cash for a California structured settlement, and whether company has offered you a fair price to cash out your California structured settlement.

The California Structured Settlement may address your concern about retaining a lawyer in connection with how to proceed.  You see, the California State Legislature passed the California Structured Settlement Protection Act. This Act, like similar ones throughout the country, provides you with certain protections as the seller of structured settlement payments.  Along with time restrictions, notice require

++Buyer Structured Settlement Maryland++Structured Settlement Maryland

Buyer Structured Settlement Maryland

We Can Get You a Cash Advance Today If You Live in Baltimore, MD, Prince George’s County, Frederick Maryland, the Eastern Shore or Anywhere Else In Maryland

Many questions arise from people looking for a buyer of structured settlements in Maryland. The first question relates to the legality of getting cash for structured settlement and from the questions vary:

1. How Much Can I Get for My Maryland Structured Settlement

Look No Further for Your Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer- Advances Available

Look No Further for Your Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer- Advances Available

2. What Buyer Is the Most Prepared to Get Me Cash for a Structured Settlement

3.  What is involved in Getting Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

This are just three of the many questions you may have and want answers to prior to moving forward with the sale of structured settlement payments.  Lets start with the first inquiry:  is it legal to sell structured settlement payments in Maryland? Yes, it is.  The only caveat is that in order to get cash for a structured settlement is that the Maryland Structured Settlement buyer MUST comply with the law of the state.  What does this mean to you? It means that you need to speak with an experienced Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer.  One that has done many transactions and knows the law as it relates to the sale of structured settlement payments in Maryland- backward and forwards.  We ARE THAT BUYER-  We Buy Maryland Structured Settlements all the time.

Working with a company that does not buy structured settlement payments in Maryland can lead you to long delays and complications in getting your cash for structured settlement. How so?  They may not provide you with the proper documentation or not comply with the required time frames in connection with the local structured settlement law in Maryland.  If that happens, starting over to comply with the law could be a necessity. This is something anyone that wants “cash now” does not want to deal with.

As for how much your Maryland structured settlement is worth, that is something that is very specific to the nature and amount of your structured settlement and therefore, difficult to answer in a general fashion. What we can tell you is that we can provide you an immediate quote or quotes for all or some of your Maryland Structured Settlement.  Selling part of a Structured Settlement in Maryland may be just what you want to do in order to keep the right to receive some of your structured settlement coming in in the future and also raise the cash you need.

Take a moment to call us before you sign any contract selling life contingent structured settlement payments in Maryland or any other Maryland structured settlement.


How to Get Cash for Life Contingent Structured Settlement

How to Get Cash for Life Contingent Structured Settlement

                Somebody caused harm to you and refused to pay.   You hired an attorney, had your day in court, and the case settled in your favor.  Congratulations, your attorney helped you get the proper compensation for your injuries and justice was served.  However, the settlement that you received, a structured settlement, just isn’t enough anymore to cover your expenses, obligations, land/or business opportunities.

This is when you start questioning your decision to go with a structured settlement as opposed to a lump sum payment of cash.  Now that you need CASH NOW, you would like to trade in or convert your structured settlement payments for a single lump sum of cash now.  You’re in luck because this is possible- it is even possible to get cash for life contingent structured settlement portion.

Virtually every state allows a person to sell his or her structured settlement payments to a buyer.  The selling of your structured settlement payment (known as the transfer or conversion), can be complicated and prolonged, depending on your state.  Most states require several disclosure statements to be sent out to the seller by the buyer.  Most states require a waiting period and even a court hearing where a judicial officer has to give advance approval of the transfer before the sale can go through and be considered valid.  As you can see the time can vary, depending on how complicated your state’s laws are and how many requirements the buyer has to take care of.

Despite all these requirements, there is some VERY GOOD NEWS for you:  generally, the BUYER is the one that takes care of all of this.  What this means is that you’re only job is picking the right buyer for the job to get cash for life contingent structured settlement payments.  The transfer process begins once you pick which buyer you want to work with.  Once you do that, that buyer will initiate the transfer process and will be responsible for taking care of all the legal requirements, sending you all the notices, and arranging all the paper work.  This, and the fact that you get to pick only one buyer, is why it so important to choose the right buyer.

                When choosing the right buyer, you need to look for experience, price, and customer service.  Here at CSF, we usually beat our bigger competitors in all three categories.  We have the experience necessary to successfully and quickly complete the cash conversion of your life contingent structured settlement in virtually every state.  We can usually offer you the more cash for your life contingent structured settlement payments if you call us with an offer from another buyer.  And finally, we pride ourselves on our first-rate customer service.  Call us today and see what we can do for you.



Sell Structured Settlement California- Local, Nationwide Buyer

Sell Your Structured Settlement In California

If you are living in California and are thinking of selling your structured settlement payments, you’ve come to the right place.  This article will guide you through the basic process of selling you California structured settlement.  Our staff at CSF has been helping California residents such as yourself with all their questions about cashing out their structured settlement payments for a lump sum.

This article will be a good start to your research, but will not answer all your questions, such as: “what it takes to get cash for structured settlement payments in California? How long it will take to sell California structured settlement payments for a lump sum? And what is my California structured settlement is worth and how much cash for structured settlement will I be paid?”

Let’s start with the basics: a structured settlement is an out of court settlement that resolves a law suit by compensating the plaintiff in future periodic payments, as opposed to a single lump sum settlement amount.  In other words, instead of getting all your money up front, you, with the aid of your attorney, agreed to accept future periodic (structured) payments.  The problem with these structured payments is that they usually sound good when you’re signing the agreement, but they may end up being insufficient to meet your life’s financial demands.  You may not have factored in all your monthly expenses, or unexpected/emergency costs might have popped up suddenly, causing you to need CASH NOW.  Fortunately, we are a premier buyer of California structured settlements and have the experience necessary to help you out and get you cash as quickly as possible.

Your California Structured Settlement Buyer- Available for Free Quotes When You Are

CSF provides two different types of purchases to California residents: full and partial buyouts.  A full purchase of a California structured settlement occurs when you sell ALL of your remaining future payments.  When you sell only partial payments you agree to sell only a part of your future payments.  This means that you can sell what you want and keep the rest.  This partial buyout offers you, the seller, more flexibility.
Some benefits of selling your structured settlement payments include the following:

  • Ability to cover your demanding financial needs
  • Freedom from creditors
  • The ability to capitalize on your next financial move (buying a house, good investment, new business, etc.)

Selling your structured settlement payments can be a confusing process, and we are here to help.  Our expertise and customer service means you can expect some of the best rates available on the market, some of the fastest close times available in California, and some of the best customer service. We serve ALL of California and are available to offer immediate assistance over the phone.  Call us and find out why so many people choose CSF when selling their structured settlement payments in California.


Pros and Cons of Selling Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments

Pros and Cons of Selling Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments

                You want to sell your life contingent structured settlement payments for cash now (for a lump sum of cash).  This is called a structured settlement conversion by many people.  You searched online and saw a bunch of websites pop-up, from companies that buy structured settlements.  But you’re just not sure if selling your life contingent structured settlement payments is right for you.

As with most things, there are pros and cons to selling your structured settlement payment rights for cash now.  Selling your structured settlement payments is a trade-off—you have to take the good with the bad.  However, it’s important to note that choosing the right buyer can make a huge difference and can really help increase the pros while keeping the cons to a minimum.

Here at CSF, our knowledgeable and professional staff have a combined experience that is very special.  Our team is willing to assist you in as many ways as possible so that you could have the most POSITIVE experience in selling your future periodic payments for a lump sum of cash.  Our goal is to make sure you experience more pros!  That is why we wrote this article: we want you to fully understand the conversion process so that you could be as fully prepared as possible.

Let’s take a look at the various pros and cons involved in selling your future periodic life contingent structured settlement payments for an upfront lump sum of cash (the purchase price).   Remember, choosing an experienced and reliable buyer like CSF can make all the difference when getting cash for life contingent structured settlement payments


  • You get CASH NOW for your future annuity/structured settlement payments!  Remember, choosing the right buyer is HUGE.  Often times, we are able to beat our competitors and offer you the MOST CASH for your structured settlement payments that you have received from the companies that you have spoken to.
  • You don’t have to sell anything else, like your car, house or condo.
  • You can take care of all those bills, emergencies, and other surprises that life brings to us.
  • You have flexibility in what you sell!  You don’t have to sell all of your structured settlement payments; you can sell only a part of your structured settlement payments.
  • You don’t have to be at the mercy of the bank or credit card companies and their crazy interest rates.
  • You can even sell your life-contingent future payments.  These are future payments that you can get only if you are alive.


  • You get less than the aggregate sum of all the future payments that you sell.
  • You usually must appear in court for a hearing to determine whether your sale can go through or not.
  • It may take a while before your sale is approved.
  • Your sale may not be approved by the court.
  • You do not receive the structured settlement payments you sell for a lump sum, even the life contingent structured settlement payments.

photo_530_20051115This list was meant to help you better understand the nature of selling your structured settlement payments.  You should make decisions on your own. We do not provide legal, tax or financial advice of any sort.  Selling your structured settlement payments may be a complicated process and you may still have questions after reading this article.  You can call us directly at 800-317-3769. for more information, answers to your questions and a free quote with a free case evaluation, all over the phone! CALL TODAY!


Finding the Structured Settlement Buyer That Will Pay Most Cash

Finding the Structured Settlement Buyer That Will Pay Most Cash

Assuming you went with a reputable buyer of structured settlement payments that has complied with all the statutory regulations that protect your rights and keep you advised, your next step is to appear in court for your hearing.  Yes, your appearance at these hearings in court is frequently required!

How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement

            The court’s main job will be to consider whether the transfer is in your best interest.  If so, the court will approve the transfer and you can get your cash for structured settlement that yo.  If the court finds that the transfer is not in your best interest, then it will not approve the transfer.  In deciding what is in your best interest, the court may look at your financial situation and whether there is a need for the lump sum amount you will receive from the sale.  The court will heavily consider what you intend to spend the money on.  Generally, if you have serious expenses and don’t have money saved up and need the lump sum to fund these expenses, then the court will consider the sale and whether it is in your best interest.  The following are seasons to sell your structured payments for a lump sum of cash now may be approved by a court:

  • Health/Medical bills and Money needed for treatment
  • Other emergency reasons (e.g. death of a spouse, etc.)
  • Situations which involve you rebuilding your life (e.g. you were fired and evicted and you need the money to get back on your feet)
  • Tuition
  • High debt
  • Investment (e.g. buying a house, business, other good opportunities, etc.)

The court hearing is what determines whether your cash for structured settlement conversion is approved or not.  Remember, transfers of structured settlement payment rights require prior court approval before the transaction can be completed and valid.  If you don’t like going to court and are worried about this part, do not worry.  The court really just wants to hear from you and gauge whether you understand the transaction and whether it is in your best interest or not.   Because so much is dependent on you, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your transaction is approved by the court:

  • Arrive on time in court attire
  • Explain to the court why you would like the transaction approved
  • Be clear, concise and confident
  • Explain that you understand the transfer and would like it approved

Learn How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement from One of the Best Structured Settlement Buyers in the U.S.

            Following this advice can help inform the court that you are a knowledgeable person with an understanding of what is going.  This way, your cash for structured settlement conversion can be approved by the court and you can get your lump sum of cash now for your structured settlement payments.

            Call the national structured settlement experts at CSF at 800-317-3769 for more information and for a free structured settlement evaluation over the phone from one of the nation’s best structured settlement buyers.  Don’t delay, call now to find out how much you can get for selling your structured settlement payments.