How To Get an Idea What My Structured Settlement is Worth

How To Get an Idea What My Structured Settlement is Worth

This is a question that is frequently asked by people that have a structured settlement.  Even people that are NOT looking to sell their structured settlement immediately are curious what it may be worth to a secondary market structured settlement buyer.  That makes a lot of sense when you think about it.  It is like a homeowner watching the prices homes are selling in their neighborhood because they are interested even if they are not prepared or planning to put their house on market anytime soon.

Structured settlements have a great deal of value on the secondary market.  There are many buyers out there that are willing to give you a lump sum in exchange for some or all of your structured settlement payments.  Shopping your payments around will quickly lead you to understand, on some level, a range that your structured settlement is worth. We find that some people are happy to find out how valuable their structured settlement is worth- they had heard stories of people getting paid cents on the dollar.  Other people are not happy with the offers they receive from structured settlement buyers and elect to hold on to their future annuity income instead of cashing it in for a lump sum.

What all these individuals have in common is that they took the first step and spoke to companies to get quotes.  Just recently an individual selling a structured settlement in Minnesota contacted us and showed us many many quotes s/he had received from other structured settlement buyers. This person wanted to know if we could “beat the best offer to buy structured settlement payments”.  Homework had clearly been performed and this person  will clearly find a way to a company that will pay him fair market value for the structured settlement payments being liquidated.

While you might find structured settlement calculators throughout the internet, the truth is that these programs are marginally helpful and only incorporate some of the factors that go into coming up with an offer for a structured settlement payment.  This is not to say they are not valuable tools if you simply want to get a generally sense (and assuming they compute accurately) but the truth is the best way to get an idea what your structured settlement may be worth is to call a couple or more companies and have them compete for your business.  Ultimately your gut will tell you want you have shopped enough or you have found the best structured settlement buyer for you.


Review Top Structured Settlement Buyers Techniques

Review Top Structured Settlement Buyer Techniques

A woman from California contacted the experts here to discuss selling a structured settlement for a lump sum.  When she initially contacted us she was frustrated and at a loss about what to do with her structured settlement payments because she had such a bad interaction with the first company she spoke to.  She indicated that the process of even getting a quote from this structured settlement buyer had caused her a great deal of stress.  This, she correctly realized, was probably a bad sign of things to come.

Getting cash for a structured settlement can be laborious and cumbersome when you work with a structured settlement buyer that is not a good match for you.  And while it is true there is no “best structured settlement buyer” for every person in the country, some basic elements of customer service can go a long way, in our estimation, to increasing the likelihood that a consumer will have a better experience:

1. Straightforward pricing:  Nobody likes to to here one thing over the phone and then see something else when the paperwork arrives.  It creates distrust and frankly could lead you to not getting the deal you thought you were getting when you verbally agreed to something over the phone.  Keep your eye on what the paper work says as you do not want to be signing a contract and then later challenging it to be inconsistent with your conversation.

2. Honest time frames:  We hear all the time- the structured settlement buyer said they would provide me with cash in 24 hours. In fact, we say that too when applicable.  However, this refers to getting a cash advance on the transaction and Not the full lump sum in exchange for your structured settlement.  Even be careful about companies saying they will get you the cash within 20 days if every other structured settlement buyer you are speaking to is saying “30 to 45 days or longer”.  All transactions have to be court approved. Whether you are the biggest structured settlement buyer in the country or the smallest, every transaction has to be filed in court, legislative deadlines and notice provisions must be adhered to, and this takes time.

Call the experts at CSF, get the honest answers you want and a complete understanding of the process from a structured settlement buyer that understands that the top answers, are the honest ones-


What to Do If You Do Not Know When You Get Your Life Contingent Structured settlement Payments Back

What to Do If You Do Not Know When You
Get Your Life Contingent Structured settlement Payments Back

One of the common questions we get when people call us looking for us to buy life contingent structured settlement payments from them is “Can You help me figure out when i will begin to recent life contingent structured settlement payments?”.  How is it possible that a person does not know when they are to begin receiving structured settlement payments?

The answer is fairly straightforward:  Many times they sold guaranteed structured settlement payments going out 20, or 30 years and that transaction took place years ago.  After several moves, like many of us, certain things got lost and the person no longer remembers if those life contingent structured settlement payments come back in 2032, 2037 or 2042.  Just yesterday, a woman from New Jersey that had worked with other structured settlement buyers in the past came to us with this very issue.  When she was 18 years old she had done a transaction selling some of her structured settlement- the settlement started at $1,000.00 a month but increased by 3% annually for a fixed period of time guaranteed and then the rest of her life.  This potential customer than, through a series of additional sales with other companies, sold the remaining balance of her guaranteed payments.

Now, many years later, she was looking to sell life contingent structured settlement payments but was not sure when the life contingent phase started.  What her options to locate this information?  She can contact the annuity issuer and they would provide information.  How long will that take?  Could be weeks.  She could go to the courthouse and get the documents from her previous structured settlement sales.  How much time and aggravation would that cause?  Probably a lot of both.  She could contact her lawyer and maybe he could help.

Alternatively, she called us to see if we would make an offer to buy life contingent structured settlement payments AFTER we figured out what she had remaining-  how much are the payments going to be when they come back and when do they come back–.  Within a few hours and with a little assistance, we were able to assist her in ascertaining the information regarding her life contingent structured settlement payments.  She could than consider whether she wished to sell them to us, if at all, and we could decide if this is the type of transaction we were interested in.

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