Cash for Annuity Alabama

When you are in Alabama- where it is Mobile, Montgomery, or Birmingham and places in between, you start to notice a lot of pay day lending locations as well as places that will provide car title loans. These locale establishments can seem convenient and a great option to get a quick few hundred dollars or maybe more if you are in a pinch.  Are they better options than getting cash for annuity… that depends.

The first issue to be addressed is how much money do you need.  While this quick cash dispenser are definitely an efficient option for those looking for relatively small sums, the payday loans and cash for car title vendors may be unable to get you the full amount you need to address your actual needs.  Yea, sure- $1,000.00 would be great- but what if your roof is leaking at house, you need to pay large amounts of back rent or security deposits, you have substanial medical bills, you want to buy a home?  In these cases, a car title lender or a pay day loan lender is just not going to get you the amounts you need- in most situations. You may want to consider getting cash for structured settlement.

Does this mean that selling your structured settlement annuity for cash is the best option?  No, it does not.  Surprised to hear us, as a structured settlement buyer, say that selling an annuity may not be your best option?  It is our position that you need to decide whether getting cash for annuity is something that will benefit you- not just in short term but in long term as well.  Getting cash for annuity of any sort, including a structured settlement one, is a big decision with large, long last ramifications.  Unlike with car title loans, etc., once you sell an annuity for a lump sum, the annuity (or at least the PORTION you sold) is no longer available.  Its gone-its owned by someone or something (i.e, bank) else.  That is to say, unlike with the car title comparison- there is no pay back option.

It is why getting cash for Alabama annuity is, in fact, a big deal.  You want to carefully consider options and not rush into any decision. Our team will assist you in the decision making process by providing fast, free, and easy to understand quotes for structured settlement annuity payments.

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Weighing the Factors When Picking a Structured Settlement Buyer

Weighing the Factors When Picking a Structured Settlement Buyer

Presumably the proper discussion to have when you first start out the process of getting a structured settlement buyout is “what is important to me”.  Its a critical step in the process of getting your mind around what to focus on.  You will be surprised how important different aspects of the transaction are to different people.

Convenience:  Believe it or not, there are some consumers that put convenience as the single most important element when you sell a structured settlement for a lump sum. This especially comes into play when they have previously sold a structured settlement before.  Just recently we heard from a woman who was about to sign a contract to sell structured settlement payments in Maryland to JG Wentworth because according to her “they have my documents and therefore they can make the transaction easier for me”.  While there is some truth to that statement, the real question is how much money are you going to give up if you do not shop around your structured annuity payments.  The answer may be nothing or the answer may be a substantial amount.  Convenience definitely matters, the question is how much?

Cash Advances:  Some people that are in the need to get cash for a structured settlement, need to access money very quickly and the court process by its very nature takes some period of time.  The amount of time varies by states, sophistication of the structured settlement buyer, and ultimately the court’s calendar.  Cash advances are often available to bridge the period between initial contract signing and ultimate funding.  When, how much, and transmission of the structured settlement cash advance is something you should discuss with the settlement buyer before you sign a contract. Getting a cash advance is definitely an important factor but is it the single most important one,  are you willing to take a reduced lump sum for a cash advance?

Experience:  One could go back and forth on how much the experience of a structured settlement buyer ultimately matters.  We think it matters a lot and can impact the speed, efficiency and other elements of a transaction.  Some people might suggest that it is one of the most important factors when selling a structured settlement.  does going with an experienced structured settlement buyer mean  you get less cash?  less personalized service?  your file gets less attention?

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