Your New York Structured Settlement Buyer

Your New York Structured Settlement Buyer

While a lot of time is spent talking to people with structured settlement payments in “downstate” areas like the Bronx or Queens, we know from experience that people in upstate new york are frequently looking to sell structured settlement payments for lump

Questions About Selling a Structured Settlement in NY?  Call Us- 800-317-3769

Questions About Selling a Structured Settlement in NY? Call Us- 800-317-3769

sum.  With some major cities and areas in upstate New York, our group at CSF, look to provide top services to individuals in New York regardless of where in NY they live.

Part of being the best New York Structured Settlement Company is not engaging in any of the gimmicks that other groups engage in.  We just recently spoke to an individual that believed that the company they were dealing with to provide him with a structured settlement loan was providing him with a “good deal” but once you backed out what he said they were charging him for legal and processing fees, the transaction was not favorable at all to him- instead it was at a very high effective loan on structured settlement rate.

Keep your eyes on the prize when selling a New York Structured Settlement to a buyer or accepting a loan on a structured settlement from a New York Bank. Whether you call these transactions loans or purchases, one of the most critical factors to review, in our opinion is how much you are going to NET after the transaction is all said and done.  Will you get more cash for your structured settlement FOR THE VERY SAME PAYMENTS from one company as opposed to the other.  Part of this analysis is looking to what the net amount you will receive at time of funding.  One place to find this is in the New York disclosure statement.

The disclosure statement in New York structured settlement law provides that the following information be provided to the annuitant:

(a) the amounts and due dates of the structured settlement payments to be transferred;

(b) the aggregate amount of such payments;

(c) the discounted present value of the payments to be transferred, which shall be identified as the “calculation of current value of the transferred structured settlement payments under federal standards for valuing annuities”, and the amount of the applicable federal rate used in calculating such discounted present value;

(d) the price quote from the original annuity issuer or, if such price quote is not readily available from the original annuity issuer, then a price quote from two other annuity issuers that reflects the current cost of purchasing a comparable annuity for the aggregate amount of payments to be transferred;

(e) the gross advance amount and the annual discount rate, compounded monthly, used to determine such figure;

(f) an itemized listing of all commissions, fees, costs, expenses and charges payable by the payee or deductible from the gross amount otherwise payable to the payee and the total amount of such fees;

(g) the net advance amount including the statement: “The net cash payment you receive in this transaction from the buyer was determined by applying the specified discount rate to the amount of future payments received by the buyer, less the total amount of commissions, fees, costs, expenses and charges payable by you”;

(h) the amount of any penalties or liquidated damages payable by the payee in the event of any breach of the transfer agreement by the payee; and

(i) a statement that the payee has the right to cancel the transfer agreement, without penalty or further obligation, not later than the third business day after the date the agreement is signed by the payee.

You Could Be Leave Way More Than Pennies on The Table If You Sell a NY Structured Settlement Without Speaking to Us 800-317-3769

You Could Be Leave Way More Than Pennies on The Table If You Sell a NY Structured Settlement Without Speaking to Us

Interested in seeing an actual disclosure statement the connection with selling structured settlement payments in New York?  Than call us and let us walk you through some options and then provided you with a free, no obligation disclosure statement.  Take it, review it, and even meet with a trusted adviser.


Last Chance to Get Structured Settlement Cash Advance in 2013

Calculate Each Structured Settlement Advance Offer You Receive Before You Sign Contract

Calculate Each Structured Settlement Advance Offer You Receive Before You Sign Contract

Last Chance to Get Structured Settlement Cash Advance in 2013

Much confusion abounds by the structured settlement cash now commercials.  As previously discussed, cash now is not really cash “now” when it comes to getting a full lump sum for your structured settlement (in part or in whole) when you are talking about the full lump sum due under the structured settlement sales contract.  Per the prior discussion, there are law imposed time frames that slow down the speed that the structured settlement buyer can release the “full purchase price” under your structured settlement agreement. These laws require that disclosure periods in connection with structured sales be complied with, as well as time frames required in the court order process.

Does this mean you have to wait the full 40-75 days to get any cash from the structured settlement company or is there a way to get some cash prior to payment of the full lump sum?  A little known secret to some first time structured settlement sellers is that you can ask the company you are working with for a “cash advance” on the purchase price of the structured settlement sale.  This is a service that some, but maybe not all, structured settlement buyers offer.

What is a structured settlement cash advance, is it available to you, and how much can you get? This depends a lot on what structured settlement buyer you chose to work with. Some companies may not offer you ANY structured settlement cash advance.  These companies, if they exist, will require you to wait until the court approves the sale of the structured settlement before they release any money to you.  You have to ask in advance what the generally policy is when it comes to structured settlement advances before you agree to any terms if the availability of structured settlement cash advances is important to you.

Should you like the offer the company makes to buy your structured settlement and you are otherwise in favor of working with that company, then you should inquire what type of structured settlement advances you may qualify.  Every buyer should be able to tell you BEFORE you sign a contract what they will provide in terms of a structured settlement cash advance.  Do NOT sign a contract and then ask- as you want to know all pertinent terms prior to execution.

At CSF, we are known for our generous and fast structured settlement cash advances.  Call a representative right now to see how much and how fast we can get you an advance


Announcement: Selling a Structured Settlement for Cash takes Time


Announcement:  Selling a Structured Settlement for Cash takes Time

Have you seen the commercials from the company that promises “cash NOW for your structured settlement”.  How could you miss it.  What does “cash now” for selling a structured settlement really mean?  Is it accurate to suggest you can get cash now in exchange for the sale of structured settlement payments due in the future?  Let us address that issue today in the following article.

The short and truthful answer is there is a process that must be followed before your structured settlement payments can be assigned to another person, company, or entity in exchange for that “assignee” giving you a lump sum.  Of course, anyone can pay you a lump sum at anytime but for the transaction to avoid serious tax consequences imposed by IRS laws, the process created in nearly every state must be followed.  Sure, the process doesn’t take as long as it might be if you were to wait for the actual structured settlement payments to become due (and this may not be the case if you have one annuity payment left and its due in a  month), the process does take time.  Usually somewhere between 45 and 70 days to get full amount of cash for structured settlement you contracted for.

The first step, after finding a annuity buyer you like, is to get a structured settlement disclosure statement.  Each state requires different things to be disclosed to you as a seller of structured settlement payments.  You can find the specifics of your state disclosure laws on the map section of this website.  If you look at your state and a few others, you will see that what different governing bodies thought were important to disclose to structured settlement sellers.  Of course, you are always welcome to ask any structured settlement buyer for information that is not include in the disclosure statement.  The disclosure represents the minimum amount that the structured settlement buyer must provide and you can get additional data simply by requesting

Call Us with Your Best Structured Settlement Buyout Offer- 800-317-3769

Call Us with Your Best Structured Settlement Buyout Offer- 800-317-3769

Once you have the disclosure statement in hand, there may be a period you must wait before executing the transfer sales agreement. This, again, depends on the state where you live.  Once the transfer agreement which details the sale of the structured settlement payments is signed, then there are several court related time periods that must be followed in order to properly process the transaction.  These periods vary by state but generally speaking you will receive a minimum of 20 days notice of the hearing.

Contact Catalina Structured Funding, Inc.- a nationally trusted structured settlement buyer- 800-317-3769

Cash for Structured Settlement in the New Year- 2014 Estimates

Call Your Team in 2014 800-317-3769

Call Your Team in 2014

As holiday season is upon us and New Year’s approaches, its time to reflect about the preceding year and how we are going to address the financial obligations incurred during this year and what obligations are going to come about in 2014.  Obviously, reviewing what bills and expenses we incurred in 2013 and evaluating how much they are, what the interest (if any are), and what the ramifications may be if the bills are not paid, is easier than predicting the future.


Predicting the future is not an easy game.  While many feel like they have a handle on what to expect, we all know that unexpected events and costs will likely arise in 2014.  Of course, it is similarly true that you are likely to have positive financial occurrences- maybe a new job, a raise, or even a lottery win.  As part of the things we can control, customers often come to us for a free cash for structured settlement evaluation.  Getting a handle on what your structured settlement is worth- may be the first step in preparing for a 2014 that provides for economic stability and growthxmas

Many people think that if they have already received a cash for structured settlement appraisal for a company, there is (1) no need to speak to another buyer (2) no need to get a new quote.  Both of these are foolish things to believe.  As with anything, shopping around could really benefit if you are selling a structured settlement for cash.  Many buyers throughout the country will offer you differing lump sums in exchange for your structured settlement.  More importantly, and with some exceptions, your structured settlement may become more valuable in time if the payments are due sooner.  For example, if you received a quote for a cash lump sum of a structured settlement payment due in 2016 in 2012, you may be pleasantly surprised how much more your structured settlement payment is worth today.  of course, other items, in addition to the proximity of the due date effect the value of the structured settlement.

2014 may be the time to make the move to get sell a structured settlement. 

contact our team at 800-317-3769

Consideration for Selling a Structured Settlement in California

CA PhotoWhen it comes to selling a structured settlement in California, we are the best.  That might sound like a bold claim, and of course, its easy for us to call ourselves the best, but the truth is we have a great deal of experience, licensed California lawyers on staff, are located in California, and are able to compete with any structured settlement buyer that is currently offering you the most cash for your annuity.

Sure, there are a few structured settlement buyers that do more transactions, but are they located in California?  Can you meet the staff in person?  Can you go pick up an advance check as part of your transaction for selling a structured settlement in California right at the structured settlement buyer’s office?  With Catalina Structured Funding, Inc.,  you can meet us in person, meet our staff and pick up a structured settlement advance at our office- the very same day we commit to providing you one.  Of course, we can overnight, mail or even wire a California structured settlement advance to you if you prefer


Lets talk about what it takes to sell a structured settlement in CA?  The first step is to get a quote that sets forth what we will actually pay you for the right to receive a portion of your structured settlement.  Keep in mind you most likely will not have to sell your full structured settlement.  You can sell just a portion and that portion can be structured settlement payments that start now, the future (even 5 ten or 15 years from now).  Also, remember that when selling structured settlement payments you can consider selling life contingent payments.  Not every deal that you should consider should involve only guarantee payments under your structured settlement, instead you may want to get yourself offers to buy the payments due to you after the guaranteed period expires.

Once you have a verbal offer you want to accept, we will send you a California structured settlement disclosure.  this is a statement that every California structured settlement buyer should provide you, even the ones that are not located geographically in the state.  Let us show you the variety of options you have available when you work with a true expert in buying CA structured settlement payments for a lump sum.  We are available from 6 a.m to 7 p.m pacific standard time.

You Can Reach You at 800-317-3769

Verifying Life Contingent Structured Annuity Payments

Verifying Life Contingent Structured Annuity Payments

For the person familiar with what it takes to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum, the content of this article may not be particularly helpful.  Indeed, after you have gone through the process once or twice, we find that individuals become very knowledgeable regarding what it takes to get a lump sum in exchange for structured settlement payments.  People that sell structured settlement payments become very familiar with the rhythm, speed, and process of working towards getting a lump sum through the court process.

The speed is very much controlled by the law in the state where you live.  Some states indicate that a disclosure statement must be provided 3 days or 10 days prior to the effective date of the contract, while other states have no such disclosure period.  Once you sell in  your state the buyer you work with probably has explained the process once already.  Indeed, the reality is the system, the state law required periods of time that must be followed are requirements that EVERY structured settlement buyer must follow.  Moreover, they are applicable to every sale of structured settlement payments- whether you are selling 5 years of $500 worth of structured settlement payments or $1 million dollars annually from a structured lottery winning.

How come selling life contingent structured settlement payments to a buyer can be different and require more information than your first few transactions.  After all, you would think that your expertise and experience would ensure you know the ins and outs of every aspect of getting cash for structured annuity payments.  While in some ways your experience is helpful, getting cash for life contingent structured settlement payments is a slightly different animal.  In fact, we have seen all too many life contingent structured settlement buyers offer customers thousands of dollars less than we offered and that may be in part because they are unfamiliar with the process or unclear how to price the purchase of life contingent annuity payments.

What you need to be on the look out for is whether you are dealing with net lump sums or gross lump sums when you are looking to sell contingent life payments.  Sure, a number being offered to you sounds great but what does the paperwork say. Is the life contingent payment buyer taking out fees, costs, and insurance related expenses?

At CSF, we are experts in buying life contingent structured settlement payments.  We pay thousands more to some customers that bring us buyout offers from other companies.

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