Selling a Structured Settlement in Los Angelos, California

Selling a Structured Settlement in Los Angelos, California

Our office is in California.  We are California residents helping other California residents looking to sell a structured settlement.  You can visit our staff in person if you live in CA, at the following address: 2626 Foothill Blvd, Suite 200 La Crescenta, CA 91214.  You can even reach us through our local 818 area code telephone number.

But who cares we are located in California if we can not compete with the services offered by those companies on the East Coast looking to buy your structured settlement for cash?  You shouldnt and we do not expect you too.  In fact, whether you are in California or elsewhere (we buy structured settlement payments nationally), we are committed to getting you most cash that you have been offered for your structured settlement payments and the largest advance.  Sure we can do it?  You bet.

Structured settlement selling in California requires compliance with a complex web of structured settlement specific laws as well as procedural rules.  Following this requirements is mandatory and not optional.  That said, its really on the company you are working with to make sure they are followed.  Lets talk about the steps that must be followed:

1. contact CA based annuity buyer:  Catalina Structured Funding

2.  Review options with regard to your specific annuity. Sure you can sell the whole structured settlement but did you know you can also just sell part of structured settlement?  Whether you are getting monthly payments or lump sum you likely can work with just a portion of some payments to get the lump sum you need want to improve your situation.

3.  Get and review disclosure statement

4.  Decide if you want to speak with an independent professional

5.  Review/Sign a contract agreeing to move forward with the process of selling a structured settlement for a lump sum.  of course, check to make sure the contract doesnt contact any terms you do not like or are inconsistent with what you were told over the phone.  If special terms were discussed or negotiated, you can ask to have that put in writing.

6.  Send the documents back to the structured settlement company or have them send a person to pick up at your California residence or other location in CA.

7.  Inquire about the status.  Regularly following up and/or accepting proactive calls from the company about status will facilitate the smooth and swift transfer of payments so that you get your lump sum sooner.

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Maryland Structured Settlement Buyers: Consistent Reviews

Maryland Structured Settlement Buyers:  Consistent Reviews

With merely 6 million residents, Maryland is a United States located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, and has many structured settlement annuitants.  Structured Settlement Buyers look for people with long term annuity payments that need a lump sum. In exchange for selling structured settlement payments the buyer will provide a Maryland with an immediate cash advance (maybe in as little as 24 hours) as well as lump sum (in usually 20 to 45 days).Mayrland

What does this all mean for you?  Lets say you live in Baltimore, MD (or for that matter Hagerstown), and you have a structured settlement.  Maybe you had an accident as a minor or your parents sued a company on your behalf, and instead of getting all the money upfront, the lawyer, with your parents’ guidance, agreed to provide you with a lump sum structured settlement that paid you over the course of 10, 20, 30 or 40  years– maybe even for the rest of your life.  Structured settlement payments to a Maryland resident come in all shapes, amounts, and lengths.

From Deep Creek to Baltimore, to the Eastern Short:  Call our Maryland Structured Settlement Buyers at 800-317-3769

From Deep Creek to Baltimore, to the Eastern Short: Call our Maryland Structured Settlement Buyers at 800-317-3769

Now, years have past and while the structured settlement is truly a fantastic asset, you need a lump sum to accomplish something.  Maybe you want to enroll in that culinary school in Baltimore, apply to college at Towson, University of Maryland, or Salisbury.  There are a lot of good things you can do with a lump sum.  What you have to debate is whether getting that lump sum will leave you better offer than getting the structured settlement in the usually schedule.  Not an easy decision.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we specialize in getting people just like you (living and working in Maryland/MD), a lump sum in exchange for structured annuity payments.  What can we pay you?  how much of a structured settlement advance will you receive from Catalina?  These are all questions we can quickly and easily answer when you call or email us with request.  Every customer’s situation is slightly different and therefore we always take pains to listen to what you are looking for and tailor an offer to buy Maryland structured settlements that are consistent with what you tell us you are looking for.

Reach a Maryland Structured Settlement Buyer at 800-317-3769.  Ask if we have any specials running that apply to you as a person living in MD