Stop, Read This: Sell Structured Settlement Core Ideas

In a bind and need cash? Structured settlement selling or selling an annuity can be one of many options for you to consider.  With Catalina Structured Funding, you can often sell LESS of your annuity and get more cash for your annuity.  Its the best of both worlds as your ultimately goal, in most cases, should be to take the lump sum you can get for your annuity and sell as little of the your annuity as possible. Click here for info on:  sell structured settlement

One often over looked options when it comes to selling structured settlement payments is the possiblity of cashing out what are known as life contingent structured settlement annuity payments.  What are life contingent payments?

Structured settlements often contain two “types” of settlement payments. The first type are generally called “guaranteed” structured settlement payments.  These are settlement annuity payments that are made regardless of whether the original payee is living at the time the settlement payments become due.  For example, Plaintiff accepts a structured settlement that provides for a lump sum due 30 years from today.  Unfortunately, Plaintiff passes away in year twenty; i.e., 10 years before the structured settlement lump sum payment is due.  What happens to that lump sum payment?  Well the annuity issuer is still obligated to make the structured settlement payment and pays it to the Plainiff’s beneficiary, estate, assignee or  heir.

A Life contingent structured settlement is different. In the case of life contingent structured settlement payments the settlement payment or payments ONLY get made by the annuity issuer if the original payee is living at the time the settlement payment becomes due.  Using the above example with the lump sum payment due in 30 years and the Plaintiff that passes away 10 years before that structured settlement payment is due, if the lump sum structured settlement is life contingent, the Plaintiff’s beneficiary, estate, assignee, or heir will receive nothing.  The annuity issuer’s obligation to make the structured settlement payment ceases upon the Plaintiff’s death.

At Catalina Structured Funding we can assist you if have inherited a structured settlement and we can also help you get cash NOW for future life contingent structured settlement payments.  With our years of service in the structured settlement industry, we can now offer what is a relatively unique service of providing immediate cash for life contingent structured settlement payments– even if those payments are not due and payable for a decade or longer.  You will be surpised how much cash we can get you for these life contingent structured settlements.  Give us a call at 1-800-317-3769 to learn more.