Cash for Annuity- One Call Gets Your More Cash

Are you looking for cash for annuity?  Maybe you inherited an annuity, purchased an annuity or received an annuity as part of a structured settlement of a personal injury lawsuit.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we work with people from across the country that are looking for cash for annuity.

After being involved in one way or another in countless transactions involving people cashing out an annuity for a lump sum we are well versed in how to process these types of transaction.  As a result, we can often get people more cash for annuity than our competitors and get you cash for annuity faster.  Keep in mind that we can help you get cash for annuity regardless if you live in Alaska or Alabama, California or Kentucky, Maryland or Mississippi.  Stated another way, regardless of what state in the country you live in, our team can get you cash for annuity.

How much cash for annuity can we get you?  Well that depends on a host of factors, including but not limited to:

1.  How much your annuity payments are for

2.  How often and when your annuity payments are due

3.  What company makes the annuity payments to you

4.  Whether the annuity payments are guaranteed annuity payments or life contingent annuity payments.

We often get calls from people that first looking into getting cash for annuities.  We are happy to take these calls.  With decades of combined experience in facilitating people getting cash for annuities, we like to share our expertise and walk people through the ins and outs of what it takes to get cash for annuities.  Depending on how much information you have and how much information you want about getting cash for annuities, the call with us can take 2 minutes or 2 hours.  We are always here to provide answers to your questions about getting cash for annuities and will take as long as you want to feel comfortable about the process.

Of course, our advice on how much your annuity is worth, and what is involved in getting cash from annuities, is completely FREE.  You do not have to commit anything to us to get an education from us about your annuity and the process of getting cash.  Moreover, we are happy to provide anyone with a free cash quote for annuities or a quote to get cash for structured settlement.   We will also be happy to put our quotes for structured settlements or quotes for annuities in writing so you can take as long as you want to consider if its in your best interest to sell either.

Please give us a call before you taking any action selling your annuity or selling your structured settlement.    We can be reached at 800-317-3769.