Looking to Sell Small Annuity? This Settlement Buyer Can Help

Although there are countless websites looking to buy structured settlements; settlement annuities; structured settlement annuities; and settlement payments in general, at Catalina Structured Funding we often here that finding a buyer of small annuity payments isn’t easy.  What is a small annuity?  A small annuity can be any structured settlement that payments $350 per month or less.  Indeed, a small annuity can also be something that involves small lump sum payments due in the future or larger monthly annuity payments but just for a short period of time.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we can get people cash for annuity regardless if they are looking to sell small annuity or large annuity or anything in between.  How is that we can get you get cash for a small annuity even if other structured settlement buyers have said no to you?  Well partly its because as a premiere structured settlement buyer and as a premiere annuity buyer, we make every effort to make any transaction involving selling annuity payments, large or small, work– that is assuming you believe cashing out annuity is in your best  interest.  Its critical to note that unless you believe that selling annuity payments you are entitled to is in your best interest we think its better for you not to do so.

With regard to a small annuity, many times we can buy a small annuity by finding unique ways to either fund the structured settlement or by reducing the costs associated with selling settlement annuity payments.  Many times its the costs associated with selling a small annuity that may discourage other structured settlement buyers from moving forward with a transaction with you.

Of course, not every annuity can be assigned and there are definately circumstances when its either not in your best interest to sell an annuity, be it a large annuity or small annuity, and other situations where cashing out an annuity does not make sense for us.  With all that said, however, we have spoken to many customers in the past that have told us other structured settlement buyers were unable to help them get cash for annuity and that they were happy we were.

Its important to remember that the group at Catalina Structured Funding does not just work with guaranteed annuity payments/guaranteed structured settlement payments but we also can help you get cash for what are referred to as “life contingent structured settlements” and “life contingent annuity payments”.  Again, this is true even if you have been told by other settlement buyers that you can sell life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent annuity payments because they are too ”small”

Give us a call today and see how we can get you a lump sum of cash when other settlement buyers couldn’t help you.  We can be reached at 1-800-317-3769.