Sell a Structured Settlement- Review of Options

When it comes to making the decision to sell a structured settlement, there are so many variables that come into play that you may not know whether doing so is in your best interest.  Before you decide to sell a structured settlement, however, you definitely need to contemplate these factors.  Every person we speak to that is looking to sell a structured settlement has different reasons and different motivations and consequently one article like this can come close to addressing all the possibilities of why or why not it is a good for you to sell a structured settlement.

That said, what can discuss is the general considerations that go into the process of selling a structured settlement.  One important factor is when is the structured settlement you are looking to sell become due.  Under many structured settlements, the annuity payments come due at various times.  You may be looking to sell a structured settlement that has annuity payments due immediately as well as annuity payments due in the distant future.  When reviewing options to sell a structured settlement it is therefore it is important to note that one option is to sell structured settlement payments due in future, not just immediately.

We often talk to people that are you looking to sell a structured settlement that are unaware that they do have the option not to sell the entire structured settlement.  Indeed, our customers are often pleasantly surprised that when selling a structured settlement payment with us, they can leave the current annuity payments untouched and can raise the cash they need by merely selling a structured settlement portion due in the future.  This option is often appealing as it allows them to keep the comfort of having the annuity payments still coming in and at the same time getting a lump sum for selling a structured settlement.

By only partially selling a structured settlement to us, we can often provide the same amount of cash other structured settlement buyers may offer for selling a structured settlement in its entirety to them.  How do you investigate whether this partial sale of a structured settlement is an option for you?  Simply give us a call and one of our experienced structured settlement payment experts will review your annuity payments stream with you and provide you with as many alternatives as you wish for raising cash by selling a structured settlement.  Keep in mind that this service; i.e., cash quotes for structured settlements; is completely free as is our sending you the options in writing for you to review at your own time.