Most Cash for Annuity- Compare and Contrast

Most Cash for Annuity

Getting people cash for annuity, often the most cash for annuity, is what the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., do every single day.  We get calls from people in all 50 states looking for information about what how much cash for annuity we can pay, what is the process and what they can expect if they were to contract with us to sell annuity for cash.  We hope to surprise them with our candid answers to all these questions:  and the professional way we handle each call and every question regarding getting cash for an annuity.

Sometimes the annuities people are looking to cash out are called structured settlement annuities.  These are annuities that were obtained either through a settlement of a lawsuit personally or through inheriting the structured settlement annuity from a family.  These types of annuities are also called “structured insurance settlements” or simply “structured settlements”.   Often times, these structured settlement annuities are “life contingent structured settlements,” and other times they are “guaranteed structured settlements”.  Regardless of the type of structured settlement you have, our annuity buying specialist can provide you with an immediate free quote.

We can also provide you cash for annuities of other varieties.  Many people buy non-qualified annuities and then decide at a later point that they wish or  need a lump sum for that annuity. We are here to discuss with you the lump sum options that are available based on your particular annuity. Many annuities can be bought, sold and assigned for cash after acquisition.  You will inevitably be very surprised how much cash for annuity we can pay.

Noteworthy is the fact that not all annuities must be sold in their entirety to get a lump sum from us.  Like many other arrangements, the terms of an annuity often set forth whether the annuity payments, or the annuity, may be sold or assigned, in whole or in part, for a lump sum.  These details and figuring out the answer for you is something we do regularly and for FREE.  We want to be your resource for information and in the process get to know you so if you decide to go forward and get cash for an annuity, we are the company you turn to.  In the interim, however, you will not feel any pressure from anyone at Catalina Structured Funding to get cash for annuity.  It is simply not the way we operate.

Contact us for information or a free quote regarding getting cash for annuity or cash for annuity payments:


Most Cash for Annuity- Information for All

It might sound like strange advice coming from a settlement annuity buyer and buyer of annuities in general but we think you need spend some time considering whether getting cash for annuity is in your best interest or whether it makes more sense to (1) wait for the annuity to become due and/or (2) find another way of raising the capital you need.  While Catalina Structured Funding is in the business of providing cash for annuities and absent finding people to sell annuities for cash we would not be in business, we believe our customers are the type of people that have carefully considered there options and determined getting cash for annuity now is in there best interest.

With our experience of providing lump sums for annuities and after reviewing, originating and/or processing thousands of transactions, the experts that make up the team at Catalina Structured Funding know that for all the reasons there are not sell annuities, or cash out structured settlement payments, there are often just as many solid, valid and important reasons to cash out annuity for a lump sum.  Some of the reasons we regularly hear are:

1.  Most Cash for Annuity to buy a home.  This can be done to buy a house outright or to get the needed cash for the down payment.

2.  Most Cash for Annuity to purchase a car. This allows individuals to get to and from work, find employment, and, obviously, assist with all the day to day activities.

3.  Most Cash for Annuity to pay off debt:  credit card, medical bills and other forms of debt.  This allows people to reduce the liability that comes with high interest loans and obligations- by selling an annuity at a lower rate, like Catalina Structured Funding can provide, you may be put in a position to save money by stopping the compounding interest on other debts.  Of course, whether this makes sense for you is up to you and your financial advisor.

Whatever your need is for getting the most cash for your annuity, Catalina Structured Funding is here to provide you the lump sum you request.  We can pay you a lump sum for guaranteed annuity payments as well as life contingent annuity and structured settlement payments.  Curious about what services we offer or how much cash for annuity or structured settlement payments we can pay you- call us toll free and get a free, no obligation quote.  Give us as little or as much information as you want:  1-800-317-3769.

—How to Cash Out Annuity: Most Cash Review—

How to Cash Out Annuity may be a proper decision depending on where you are life and your economic circumstances.  There is also, notably, more than one best way to cash out annuities depending on what you are looking to do and what is in your best interest. For example, many individuals we work with only cash out part of annuities.  This can be designed, structured and configured in a variety of ways depending on the size, timing and amount of your annuity.

generally speaking most people like to cash out annuity by leaving some of the payments in place.  How this is structured depends on a host of factors including what your economic needs are.  The team at Catalina Structured Funding will work with you to develop alternatives for you to consider.  If you are looking to cash out annuity payment, simply call us at 1-800-317-3769 and have on hand:

1.  Annuity Information;

a.  When do the annuity payments you are looking to cash out end?

b.  What company makes the annuity payments to you?

c.  Are the annuity payments you are seeking to cash in have lump sum payments as well as monthly payments?

d.  are the annuity payments guaranteed or life contingent?

Based on this information, Catalina Structured Funding expert staff can provide you with an on the spot quote for your annuity cash out or structured settlement payment cash out.  If the quote for cashing out your annuity is acceptable, we will than walk you through the process and waht to expect moving forward.

You should know that with Catalina Structured Funding we will always cover all fees and costs associated with a structured settlement cash out or an annuity cash out.   We will pay every penny of the processing and administrative fees to get the transaction done.  You should know that not all annuity cash out companies make this commitment- some may regularly pass along costs to their customers.

You will also always work with an assigned annuity specialist that will know everything there is to know about your transaction and consequently, there will never be a concern you have about the status or who to speak to if you need information or a cash advance,

Call us today at 1-800-317-3769 and allow us to work to help you get the most cash for annuity cash out.


How Do I Cash Out My Annuity: Selecting the Right Buyer

Questions we receive from potential customers often are “how do I cash out my annuity” or “how do i cash out my annuity payments”?  Although the question seems quite simply the legal and financial issues surrounding the question and answer are highly technical and require you to work with a skilled and knowledgeable annuity buyer.  When people call us for the first time they are pleasantly surprised how much free information we can provide regarding selling annuity payments for a lump sum.  Its part of the service we offer to everyone that calls in so that potential customers can get to know us the services we provide and ultimately so they can decide if cashing out an annuity is the right decision for them.

Whether you are selling an annuity, cashing out my annuity; looking for a loan on annuity payments; or getting a cash advance on annuity, the process and steps are dependent on the type of annuity you are entitled to.  Whether you have a self owned annuity, an investment annuity, a structured settlement annuity, or structued insurance annuity, dictate what will be involved in accessing immediate cash for annuity payments. Luckily, after years of combined experience working with people with settlement annuities and all other types of annuities, the group at Catalina Strucutred Funding can walk you through the process and provide you an immediate quote for cash for annuity payments.

Notably, it will in all likelihood not require you cash out annuity in its entirety to raise the lump sum you are looking for.  Frequently we are able to set up transaction that all you to keep some or most of your annuity, especially structured settlement annuities, in order to get your lump sum.  What we like to do when discussing options to cash out annuity payments is to work with you to develop various alternatives so you can then review them at your leisure and decide what is right for you.  With Catalina Structured Funding, we want to make sure you believe any transaction involving cashing out anuity is in your best interest- both in the short and long term.

Have a question about how to cash out an annuity or interested in knowing how much cash for annuity we can provide you, just give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  In a matter of minutes we can explain to you everything you may want to know and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your structured settlement, your settlement annuity or any other type of annuity you are looking to cash out.

How to Get Cash for Annuity: Best Results for Future Payments

People with annuities they purchased as investment or by way of structured settlement frequently wonder “how to get cash for annuity?”.  Its a reasonable question in light of the desire of any individual to wonder what the worth of an asset they own is.  After All, those with houses seem to know what the fair market value of their house is and we always seem to have a general sense of the value of our cars are.  Why shouldn’t you know how much money you could get by selling an annuity for cash– even if you are not ready to sell annuity immediately.

The group at Catalina Structured Funding is happy to explore options with you when it comes to getting cash for selling an annuity- whether self owned or procured via a structured settlement.  Of course, we are just one of many annuity buyers out there (although we consider ourselves the one and only best structured settlement buyer).  Through our team our annuity experts available to you, you can price out various options when it comes to getting cash for annuity.  Maybe you are interested in how much cash you get for part of your annuity payments or maybe you want a lump sum cash for annuity offer in full.  Either way, Catalina Structured Funding’s experienced professionals can walk you through what options you have for cash for annuity.

Its worth noting that depending on the type of annuity cash out you are looking for will dictate how much time it may take to get you the lump sum.  Federal and state laws govern how a structured settlement annuity buyout must be processed.  These laws require the passage of certain time and the accomplishment of court approval before lump sum of cash for structured settlement may be provided.

Alternatively, other types of annuity cash outs can be accomplished quickly and simply throughout the exchange of paperwork.  Of course, regardless of whether the law requires the passage of time or not, it is prudent you act slowly and with deliberate thought whenever cashing out annuity for lump sum.  At Catalina Structured Funding, we never put pressure on you to move until you are ready to do so and believe it is in your best interest.

Should you be interested in quotes for cash for your annuity or to discuss any other aspect of getting cash for annuity- self owned or structured settlement, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  Our team is standing by to assist you.

Is This the Right Time to Sell Annnuity for Lump Sum?

We know that less business is undertaken in summer time than in other times of the year.  in this vein, it may also not the time of year that you may want to start the process to SELL ANNUITY for a lump sum.  While we totally understand that you may want to focus on other things in the summer than the financial demands you have coming up, and instead you want to spend more time considering things like the next barbecue, this may in fact be the best time of year to get the process of receiving your lump sum underway.

One of the reasons why its a great time to considering starting the process to sell annuity or to sell part of an annuity for cash now, is that depending on where you live (i.e., the State) and the type of annuity you have (is one you received or inherited that was issued in connection with personal injury settlement), it may take longer than you anticipate to complete the transaction and get funded.  While Catalina Structured Funding has national expertise that allows us to fund lump sum for annuity transactions fast, the law has certain requirements that must be met and those requirements have certain time restrictions.  If you are curious what the time frame in your particular state may be, call one of our experts and we can provide you with a free estimate.

From time to time people will call us looking to sell annuity and get a lump sum immediately.  While we do provide our customers with immediate advances on the cash lump sums for annuities, the payment of the full amount will take more time.  In other words, if you know you are going to have a need for money coming in the future, either for back to school or some other event in the fall, it is better to get on the phone with us soon so we can walk you through the process and explain what the time between signing the contract and final funding will be.  Of course, there is no cost to you for this conversation.

Also, its critical to know that some annuities, i.e., those not from personal injury lawsuits, can be in many cases assigned, sold for a lump sum much quicker.  Our team has experience working with people to cash out both types of annuities (structured settlement v. regular).

In any event, the team at Catalina Structured Funding is here to discuss your lump sum for annuity options and to provide you with a better offer than other structured settlement buyer. Call us today at 1-800-317-3769.

3 Options for Selling Life Contingent Annuity Payments

Annuities come in all different types.  The same is true for structured settlements backed by annuities.  Not only do these payment streams come in different types, they also vary dramatically in size.  Depending on the annuity purchased or the structured settlement you agreed to accept to resolve a personal injury lawsuit, your options with respect to cashing out these payments for a lump sum will also differ.

The first thing to review in the determining what structured settlement or annuity is worth, is the type of paments. Of course, Catalina Structured Funding will get you the most cash for structured settlements or most cash for annuities regardless of the type but its helpful just to review the variations:

1.  Guaranteed Structured Settlement or Guaranteed Annuity Payments.  These future payments are made to you or your beneficiaries regardless if you are living at the time they become due.  Hence, they are not life contingent– they are guaranted structured settlement payments or guaranted annuity payments.

2.  Life Contingent Annuity Payments or Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments- these payments differ from the type in group #1 above.  The main difference between life contingent payments and guaranteed payments are that with life contingent annuity payments, or structured settlement payments, the insurance company (e.g.- American Genera/AIG; New York LIfe; Metlife; Prudential; Hartford- to name a few) are only required to make the payments due under the annuity if you are alive. That is why they are called Life Contingent Annuity Payments.

If you are unsure if your structured settlement payments or annuity payments are guaranteed or life contingent, Catalina Structured Funding can review the documents with you for FREE and advise you of the type of payments you are entitled to.

If you are entitled to sell life contingent annuity payments, Catalina Structured Funding can get you a lump sum.  Its critical for you to work with a company experienced buying life contingent payments otherwise the process of getting you a lump sum can turn into a time consuming mess.  We specialize in working with people selling life contingent annuity payments for a lump sum.

Our experience in purchasing life contingent annuity allows us to provide you with the most cash as well as the most options when it comes to getting a lump sum. These options include (1)  selling part of the life contingent payments: (2) selling all of the life contingent structured settlement payments; (3) keeping your life contingent payments for a period of time and selling life contingent payments due further in the future.

Catalina Structured Funding is the best choice if you want cash now for life contingent structured settlement or annuity payments.  Give us a call at 1-800-317-3769 to learn more about what we can offer you.

Must Read: Sell Annuity Alternatives

What type of of annuities do we buy?  Catalina Structured Funding is committed to getting you a lump sum regardless of the type of annuity you are looking to sell.  Our team is made up of some of the most experienced experts in the annuity buyer business.  While there are certain types of annuities that can not be sold for legal reasons, our experience allows us to convert various types of annuities for a lump sum of cash.  We can almost always provide you a lump sum of cash for settlement annuities, large or small, personal injury annuities, life contingent annuities and various types of investment annuities. We can buy annuities with payments due very far in the future.

If you are curious about whether your can sell annuity to us, just pick up the phone and ask us if your annuity can be sold for a lump sum of cash.  You can also shoot us an email with the details of the type of annuity you have and we can tell you whether your annuity is assignable, and if so, how much your annuity is worth.

Also, keep in mind you do not have to sell annuities in their entirety, in most cases.  For example, if you have an annuity that pays monthly payments for the next years, Catalina Structured Funding can provide you with various options to consider.  You can keep your current income from annuity and simply sell annuity payments that start in 10, 15 or 20 years from now.  Alternatively, you can keep the payment stream timing totally unchanged and elect to sell a portion of each monthly payments.  By that we mean, say you get $1000 per month- you can chose, by example, $500 per month and keep $500 coming in each month.  With Catalina Structured Funding you can sell less and get more.

Catalina Structured Funding is here to help by providing you tailored options for your annuity cash out. We know that your situation is unique and therefore with us you will never getting a cookie cutter alternative but instead we will take the time to listen to your needs and design options that meet them.  Its part of the difference you will enjoy by working with us your annuity buyer.

The best part is that you do not compromise getting the most cash for annuity by taking advantage of our personalized service.  We will beat any of competitor’s offers.  Do not go forward with any other annuity buyer without speaking to us and seeing how we can help.  Call us now at 1-800-317-3769.

Sell Annuity Payments- Informational Resource Guide

Do you have a right to annuity payments as a result of a lawsuit, inheritance or purchase?  Are you wondering how much those annuity payments are worth because for whatever justification,  you are considering whether to sell all or part of these annuity payments for money now.  There are a various causes that may lead you to decide that selling annuity payments for a lump sum is the sensible thing to do. The obvious next question if you are reviewing options to selling some or all of the annuity payments is what is the system to arrive at this aim for the most money fastest.

Once you have selected a settlement buyer to work with to convert or sell annuity payments for a lump sum, the system should leave you with little work  and should be easy for you.  We have outlined the primary way these things are handled when you are selling annuity payments; annuity, life contingent annuity or other future periodic payment streams due in the future:

1.  The Settlement annuity buyer purchasing   settlement annuity payments or other types of annuity payments will forward you some documents.  This is very likely to include, among other things, a contract and a disclosure statement.  Generally speaking, the disclosure statement is a document that sets forth the financial terms.  The law of the state where you live dictates, in most cases, what should be contained in that disclosure statement. The contract is the agreement between you and the company that, among other things, sets forth which structured settlement payments you are selling and how much the company will pay you for your annuity payments.

2. Once you have gone over the documents in great detail and taken as much time as you needed, by yourself or with the assistance of a lawyer or fiscal professional adviser, and any legally mandated time has passed, you can go ahead and sign the documents confirming you with to proceed with selling your annuity payments; annuity; or life contingent annuity payments to the annuity buyer.

3.  After execution of the documents relating to the sale of annuity payments for a lump sum, the next steps depend on a host of factors including the type of annuity (i.e., whether it is a structured settlement or not) and the laws of your state.  At CSF, we can provide you with a detail explanation of the next steps as it relates to your annuity payments and provide you with an exact date your lump sum for annuity payments will be provide to you.

As you can see from above, the experience of the annuity buyer you are selling annuity payments to makes a difference.  The annuity purchaser should know the process and be able to move your deal through the system quickly so you get your lump sum

At CSF our team has decades of combined experience in processing annuity sales.  Please give us a call and get to know our team so you can see what a difference experience makes.

3 Tips to Selling Life Contingent Structured Settlement or Life Contingent Annuity Payments

Cashing out your life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent annuity payment may make a lot of sense for you. By selling these non-guaranteed life contingent structured settlement payments for a lump sum, people can receive cash now to better your situation and your family’s well being. Notably, when cashing out life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent annuity payments you are able to reach your goals in the near term in exchange for settlement annuity payments that may never be paid by the annuity issuer to the settlement buyer.

While many settlement buyers out there may tell you that you can not sell out life contingent structured settlements or that your life contingent structured settlement payments are not worth that much, this simply might not be the case. Frequently times these annuity buyers simply do not have the experience, knowledge or background to aid you in cashing out your life contingent structured settlement payments for immediate lump sum of cash.

Catalina Structured Funding can get you cash for life contingent structured settlement payments as well as life contingent annuity payments.  We have helped many people get a lump sum today for life settlement payments due 10, 20 and even 30 years from now.  Can we help you?  Most likely.

Here are 3 tips to selling life contingent structured settlement annuity payments:

1.  Have information on hand regarding when you life contingent payments are due and payable.  This will allow us to provide you an immediate, accurate and totally free quote.  If you do not have the information available, you can call us and we will help you get the needed information.  Plus, just because we help you get the details of your life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent annuity payments does not mean you have to sell them to us.  Our service is without any obligation.

2.  Have available information regarding your health background.  Trust us we are not prying into your life.  However, knowing a little about your health allows us to provide you with an instant quote for life contingent structured settlement payments.  While this is not necessary if you just want to get an idea how much your life contingent payments are worth, it is helpful to have.

3.  Have an idea how much you desire for your life contingent structured settlement payments.  It is very helpful to have this idea when you call us so we can make sure that we can accomplish your goal of getting a lump sum in exchange for the lump sum.

Our team is here to help you and any call to us, even getting a quote, does not carry any obligation.  Give us a call and find out how much your life contingent structured settlement or life contingent annuity is worth.  Even if other companies have declined to provide you with a lump sum, Catalina Structured Funding can help.