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Structured Settlement

California Structured Settlement Selling Facts to Know

California Structured Settlement Selling Facts to Know

Every sale of a structured settlement from a personal injury lawsuit must be court approved. There is no exception to this. Whether you were the plaintiff in the lawsuit, inherited the structured settlement, or whether awarded part of a structured settlement as part of a divorce. Structured settlement sales throughout the country have many of the same laws and pursuant to federal law require this court approval.

While you may or many not think it is appropriate to have to go to court as an adult and get the structured settlement sale approved is unfortunately not material — even if the system does not make sense to you, it is the structured settlement sale system that exists. Unlike other assets you can buy and sell immediately, a California resident, as well as resident in any other state, may only get a lump sum for structured settlement after their transfer is approved.

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So What is the first step after you decide selling a structured settlement in California is the right decision for you? The first step is to contact a California Structured Settlement Buyer that can work with you to develop options to get a lump sum in exchange for the structured payments. At CSF, we are best in the business when it comes to buying structured settlement in general, and specifically in California. Whether you live in Northern, Central or Southern California, and regardless of the specific county, we are best choice to work with to get the lump sum. When you call us you are guaranteed to work with a person that has dealt with the process of selling structured settlement payments before. Given our location, and number of transaction we have done in California, each employee is well versed in the specifics of being a California Structured Settlement Buyer.

Selling Structured Settlement the Best Way in CaliforniaAfter you have decided on an option for selling structured settlements for cash in California, we will provide you a disclosure statement. The disclosure statement is a unique document, required by the laws of the State, to be provided as part of every structured settlement sale that takes place in California. It is a document that you can look at with your financial advisor, or lawyer, if you so choose. Every California Structured Settlement Buyer is required to provide this document to a potential customer. Once you have the disclosure statement in front of you, you can take the time needed to look at it and then call us with any additional questions you may have before you sign an agreement confirming your desire to get a lump sum for specific structured settlement payments. Notably, you may not need to sell all your California structured settlement payments to get the lump sum you want.

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