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Structured Settlement

Can I Sell Part or Portion of Structured Settlement Payments?

At Catalina Structured Funding, we get calls and email submissions all the time from people looking to sell a portion of a structured settlement or get a quote for a lump sum for a part of their structured settlement payments.  Often times it makes a lot of sense for people to cash out just a portion of structured settlement payments instead of the whole thing. Of course, how much of a structured settlement that needs or can be sold for a lump sum depends on a host of factors.

With our expert staff at Catalina Structured Funding, we can usually design a variety of transactions for you to review and determine which one is in your best interest. Often times customers or potential customers call us with a focus on precisely what structured settlement payments they wish to cash out for a lump sum and other times people are simply looking for quotes and ideas about tailoring a transaction for a lump sum. Generally speaking, in addition to getting people the most cash for selling a structured settlement, we take great pains to provide folks with as many options as they would like to here from us.

What type of alternatives are there when selling a structured settlement?

1. You can sell part of each structured settlement or stated another way, sell portion of structured settlement payments. For example, if you are getting $500 per month as part of a structured settlement, we can construct options that involve just selling a small fraction of that $500- maybe even as little as a $100 per month.  In this way you keep your monthly income from the structured settlement and still get a lump sum.

2.  You can also sell portion of future structured settlement payments.  For example, say you are getting that same $500 per month but want to keep the monthly income at that amount for the time being and still get a lump sum. We can design options that start with converting part of the payment stream due in 5, 10, 15 years. These type of options may be what works for you best.

Since we know that everybody situation is different and only you know what is in your best interest, we follow your lead and directions when designing options relating to the sale of a structured settlement.

Looking for options that get you the most cash for a structured settlement, give us a call today at 1-800-317-3769.  Our experts are standing by to review alternatives with you