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Structured Settlement

Cash for Selling a Structured Settlement

Cash For Selling a Structured Settlement

Do not wait until after you go forward with another structured settlement buyer to get information from us regarding the process of getting cash for selling a structured settlement. Regardless of what state you live in there is some basic information you need to know prior to committing to a transaction involving the sale of settlement insurance payments. This information is critical to the full comprehension of the transaction when it comes to selling a structured settlement.

Structured Settlement Cash

First, every sale of a structured settlement must be approved by a court of competent jurisdiction. While the laws in each state vary some, the basic concept the before selling a structured settlement, a judge (normally in the state where you live) must make an independent determination that so doing is in your best interest is a common element everywhere. How much a judge “digs” into your financial situation and what is in your best interest in terms of selling a structured settlement, however, is very judge specific. Some Judges will spend a great deal of time investigating your reasons for selling a structured settlement, while others will really focus on whether you comprehend what you are doing and whether you have fulling thought your reasons through.

Second, once you sell structured settlement payments and receive a lump sum, the transaction is final. This is not a loan on structured settlement.  While you may hear terms that are similar to terms related to typical loans; i.e., interest rates, disclosure statements, processing fees, this transaction is a sale and assignment of structured settlement payments. Once finalized, your structured settlement transaction is over and you can not “pay back” the structured settlement buyer and once again start receiving the structured settlement payments. You can contact us any time for further information regarding the differences between a structured settlement sale v. structured settlement loan.

Third, the best way to get an accurate quote for the sale of structured settlement payments is to have all the information on hand when you call. While we are happy to provide you quotes anonymously if you want to first determine if it is something you want to move forward with, the best way to get a truly accurate quote in regards to selling a structured settlement is know the precise amount and dates the payments are due.

Let Us Be Your Resource When It Comes to Investigating Sale of Structured Settlement Payments. Our Quotes are Free and Our Environment is Pressure Free