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Cash for Annuity

How Do I Cash Out My Annuity Early: Selecting the Right Buyer

By July 23, 2012July 11th, 2020No Comments
Cash Out My Annuity

Cashing out an annuity early might be your concern and also the reason you have jumped on to this informational blog. Questions we receive from potential customers often are “How do I cash out my annuity” or “How do i cash out my annuity payments”? Although the question seems quite simply the legal and financial issues surrounding the question and answer are highly technical and require you to work with a skilled and knowledgeable annuity buyer who also makes you aware about the right cash out annuity taxes. When people call us for the first time they are pleasantly surprised how much free information we can provide regarding selling annuity payments for a lump sum. Its part of the service we offer to everyone that calls in so that potential customers can get to know us the services we provide and ultimately so they can decide if cashing out an annuity is the right decision for them.

Whether you are selling an annuity, cashing out my annuity; looking for a loan on annuity payments; or getting a cash advance on annuity, the process and steps are dependent on the type of annuity you are entitled to.  Whether you have a self owned annuity, an investment annuity, a structured settlement annuity, or structured insurance annuity, dictate what will be involved in accessing immediate cash for annuity payments. Luckily, after years of combined experience working with people with settlement annuities and all other types of annuities, the group at Catalina Structured Funding can walk you through the process and provide you an immediate quote for cash for annuity payments.

Notably, it will in all likelihood not require you cash out annuity in its entirety to raise the lump sum you are looking for. Frequently we are able to set up transaction that all you to keep some or most of your annuity, especially structured settlement annuities, in order to get your lump sum.  What we like to do when discussing options to cash out annuity payments is to work with you to develop various alternatives so you can then review them at your leisure and decide what is right for you. With Catalina Structured Funding, we want to make sure you believe any transaction involving cashing out anuity is in your best interest – both in the short and long term.

Have a question about how to cash out an annuity or interested in knowing how much cash for annuity we can provide you, just give us a call at 1-800-317-3769. In a matter of minutes we can explain to you everything you may want to know and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your structured settlement, your settlement annuity or any other type of annuity you are looking to cash out.