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Structured Settlement Buyer

How to choose best Structured Settlement Buyers

By June 25, 2015November 11th, 2021No Comments

Filtering Out Structured Settlement Buyers

A Long time readers of our blogs, know that we have focused on the value of finding a structured settlement buyer you are comfortable with before you commit to getting which Structured Settlement Buyer is best for you cash for an annuity. The truth is that this undertaking is more important than ever. It seems with each passing day, another website pops up or another person claims to be an experienced structured settlement buyer. How do you, the person looking to sell a structured settlement for cash, makes heads or tails of these claims?

It is important that you do not leave your common sense behind when filtering out which structured settlement buyer to choose. While a pretty website is nice to look at, the truth is there is no correlation between the appearance of a website and the quality of the structured settlement buyer. Nowadays, a good looking, comprehensive website is fairly easy and inexpensive to put together. What you really need to do is look past the website and dig deep into the experience and professionalism of the people behind the website.

While you may search things like “reviews of structured settlement buyers” or list of “best structured settlement buyers”, this may lead you down a path that is misleading. Some of the websites you find will be merely paid listings, where a structured settlement buyer remits a fee to the website domain owner and in exchange the domain owner includes the company on the list of best structured settlement buyers. There may be no vetting or reviewing of the structured settlement buyer before inclusion on this list– merely, you pay and you are included. While this may not always be the case, we advise to be careful of any list that claims to rank the best structured settlement buyers.

So what are you to do? While the first step may be to contact a company and get a feel for whether they are trustworthy and a group you could potentially work with. Probably best to speak to 1, 2 or 3 structured settlement buyers- more if you think appropriate. When you settle on moving forward in greater detail with one or more, you can ask for references. References could include former customers that have worked with the company to sell a structured settlement or outside professionals that may be willing to act as references. While in each case the process may be cumbersome, getting to a third party outside the organization of the structured settlement buyer may be a good idea. You can also always ask a professional you know for a reference or a referral or have them contact structured settlement buyers on your behalf.

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