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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

Company that Buys Life Contingent Payments

We buy life contingent payments all the time. Its a special niche of the lump sum business and only the very skilled and competent buyers can execute to get you the cash you are looking for.

In the area of future payments there are two variations: guaranteed payments and life contingent payments. To understand the difference, and it is significant, one must look at the nature of the payments and commitment of the entity that agreed to the make the future payments to you. You may be owed payments in the future for a host of reasons. Some of them are workers compensation payments, disability payments, annuity payments, structured settlement payments, structured insurance payments, and even lottery payments.

Most of the time it will be quite easy to determine if your future payments are guaranteed payments or life contingent payments. Sometimes its the very nature of the payments: Workers compensation payments are generally life contingent. In other words, they are put in place to compensate the injured worker for loss of the ability to work or reduced capabilities. If the injured worker passes away, in all likelihood the compensation payments being made directly to him or her will stop.  Consequently, in this scenario, the payments will deemed life contingent payments.

Another area of future payments that may be life contingent payments involve structured settlements. Structured settlements come in all shapes and sizes and by their very nature are controlled by the terms of the settlement agreement and annuity contract. Often, although not always, structured settlements contain a life contingent payment phase. Some folks refer to this portion of a structured settlement as: Life contingent structured settlement payments; life structured settlement payments, non-guaranteed structured settlement payments or out of guarantee period structured settlement payments. We can help you determine if your structured settlement has a life contingent payment phase or when that out of guarantee period for structured settlement payments begins

Finding a company that buys life contingent payments from a structured settlement or annuity may seem like an easy task if you simply go by the results that come up when you do a simple search. The truth of the matter, however, is that it is far easier to advertise you are a company that buys life contingent payments than it is to actually accomplish the task of providing an individual with an lump sum of cash for life contingent payments.

If you want to work with an expert buyer of life contingent payments, give us a call at 1-800-317-3769.  Our quotes are completely free, without any obligation and can be accomplished in minutes.