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Consideration for Selling a Structured Settlement in California

By December 23, 2013No Comments

CA PhotoWhen it comes to selling a structured settlement in California, we are the best. That might sound like a bold claim, and of course, its easy for us to call ourselves the best, but the truth is we have a great deal of experience, licensed California lawyers on staff, are located in California, and are able to compete with any structured settlement buyer that is currently offering you the most cash for your annuity.

Sure, there are a few structured settlement buyers that do more transactions, but are they located in California? Can you meet the staff in person? Can you go pick up an advance check as part of your transaction for selling a structured settlement in California right at the structured settlement buyer’s office? With Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., you can meet us in person, meet our staff and pick up a structured settlement advance at our office- the very same day we commit to providing you one.  Of course, we can overnight, mail or even wire a California structured settlement advance to you if you prefer.


Lets talk about what it takes to sell a structured settlement in CA? The first step is to get a quote that sets forth what we will actually pay you for the right to receive a portion of your structured settlement. Keep in mind you most likely will not have to sell your full structured settlement. You can sell just a portion and that portion can be structured settlement payments that start now, the future (even 5 ten or 15 years from now). Also, remember that when selling structured settlement payments you can consider selling life contingent payments. Not every deal that you should consider should involve only guarantee payments under your structured settlement, instead you may want to get yourself offers to buy the payments due to you after the guaranteed period expires.

Once you have a verbal offer you want to accept, we will send you a California structured settlement disclosure. this is a statement that every California structured settlement buyer should provide you, even the ones that are not located geographically in the state. Let us show you the variety of options you have available when you work with a true expert in buying CA structured settlement payments for a lump sum. We are available from 6 a.m to 7 p.m pacific standard time.

You Can Reach Us at 800-317-3769