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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

Creative Life Contingent Structured Settlement Buy out

By September 25, 2015No Comments

When it comes to sell structured settlements not all buyers are created equally.  As you may have read on other sites, there are various web pages out there that seem to indicate that the company behind the website have experience getting individuals cash for structured settlements that are life contingent.  The reality, however, is that many of the sites are purportedly nothing more than marketing groups that find “leads” and then sell the lead or information to 3rd parties.  While you may or may not come to a reputable life contingent settlement payment buyer through this methodology, we believe that it is better to start with a group that will directly work with you and actually has the expertise and background to do so. We at CSF has highly experienced experts who buy structured settlements and help individuals get a lump sum.

Knowing the secondary market place for life contingent structured settlement sales is important when choosing a company.  What you do not in this ever changing market place is that there are various options you may have depending on your age, health, and due date of the life contingent structured settlement payments.  Some buyers, especially ones that do not really understand the space, may only provide you one cookie cutter, take it or leave it offer.  This may be true even if you multiple alternatives exist.

clock structured settlementTake for example (and just as example), a 26 year old healthy annuitant that has a monthly structured settlement of $5,500 that starts paying in 2026.  Maybe the life contingent structured settlement is due from Hartford or Allstate Life or Metlife or one of the other well known structured settlement annuity issuers.  Now, with such a large monthly structured settlement- and coupling that with the annuitants fairly young age, the fact that s/he is in good health and that the monthly structured settlement income comes back in March of 2026, there are a variety of options that could be designed to get this person a lump sum.  Not all the options require that the annuitant sell the full monthly life contingent payment stream.  More so, it is possible to construct a transaction that does not even start with the life contingent structured settlement due in March of 2026.

Like with any sale of future income, the sale of life contingent structured settlement payments should not be done in haste and the annuitant may be best off to shop around to various vendors to see which company offers the best option and/or the most cash- depending on the circumstances.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we take pride in our ability to assist people get a lump sum for all or some of their structured settlement annuity payments.  Call us at 800-317-3769.