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Structured Settlement

Deciding Whether to Sell a Structured Settlement- Things to Consider

You do not want to sell a structured settlement unless you will be better off  both in the long and short term. Sometimes that is not an easier issue to address or predict but at Catalina Structured Funding we work with customers that have provided a great deal of thought to converting a structured settlement to a lump sum and have come to the conclusion that it is in their best interest to work with us as their structured settlement buyer.

When you are considering whether to sell a structured settlement for a lump sum it is not enough to look at how you can benefit from a lump sum. We know that everyone can improve their situation with a lump sum – of course that is true. Who couldn’t use an immediate cash influx to pay down bills, buy a new car, or even upgrade their living situations. There is so much that we could all do if we get $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more to improve our lives.

With that said it is also critical to evaluate no only what you will do with the lump sum for structured settlement but it is also imperative you contemplate how you will handle not having part or all of your annuity if you sell a structured settlement, in whole or in part. While the team at Catalina Structured Funding will use no cookie cutter formula in developing lump sum options for you in connection with your structured settlement, the truth is that getting the lump sum will inevitably mean giving up part of the structured settlement. This is true whether you work with Catalina Structured Funding as your structured settlement buyer or any other company or competitor of ours.

Once you have weighed your options and predicted, to the best of your ability, whether you will be in a preferred spot with a lump sum for selling a structured settlement or part of a structured settlement, give one of our experts at a call. For free, we can review your options, provide you with quotes to consider and set out for you the process that we will follow if you elect to sell a structured settlement through us.

Whether you are selling guaranteed monthly annuity payments, or selling far out life contingent settlement payments, Catalina Structured Funding is the right choice. We are committed to providing the most cash for structured settlement payments by beating any other offer you have from another structured settlement buyer.

Call us today at 1-800-317-3769.  Let us earn your future business.