Structured Settlement

Fees Associated – Sell Structured Settlement

At Catalina Structured Funding, you are NEVER responsible for fees associated with selling a structured settlement. Not only do we provide the MOST cash, we will cover ALL costs that are incurred with respect to cashing out future annuity settlement payments for a lump sum. Its our understanding that other structured settlement buyers may pass along some fees to their customers – which is a shame. One way to figure out if as part of selling structured settlement payments you will be responsible for any costs is to see if the net amount you are quoted for settlement payments is different than the “gross amount” of the lump sum you are told you will receive.

While we do not pass along ANY fees to our customers when converting annuity payments to money now, we frequently get questions from people that are looking at getting a lump sum for structured settlements about what are the fees that are incurred along the way. To that end, here is just a description of some of those costs:

1. Legal Fees: Every sale of a structured settlement that came about because of a personal injury lawsuit must be approved in court before a judge prior to you receiving a lump sum. In order to accomplish this, the settlement buyer needs to retain counsel and pay that counsel for his or her service.  The costs of doing so is not cheap.

2. Filing Fees: At the time the petition or application to effectuate the selling of a structured settlement payment is filed in court, the structured settlement buyer must pay a “filing fee”. These filing fees range in costs but generally can be several hundreds of dollars. Each state, and sometimes different counties in the same state, will charge differing amounts at the time of filing.

3. Administrative Fees:  When structured settlement annuity issuers will charge a “administrative fee” prior to acknowledging the selling of a structured settlement payment or payments. These fees can range from zero to several thousands of dollars.  Each annuity issuer charges the structured settlement buyer different amounts

If you are looking to sell structured settlement for a lump sum or just cash out certain structured settlement payments, the team at Catalina Structured Funding can get you the most cash and will pay you the lump sum without taking out any fees.

Give us a call today at 1-800-317-3769 to see how much money we can get you. Whether you are looking for money for immediate payments, deferred payments, or life contingent structured settlement payments, we are the right choice.