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Structured Settlement Buyer

How Do I Find the Best Structured Settlement Buyer

What services do the top structured settlement buyers offer to customers?  At Catalina Structured Funding, we do not worry to much what other buyers of structured settlements do. In fact, we pride ourselves as doing things better, if not that the best, of any structured settlement buyers in the country. We think you will immediately notice the difference of working with professional structured settlement buyers from the first moment you call us.

Our focus from the initial call is designing a structured settlement transaction that meets your needs and gets you the lump sum you are looking for. Ultimately, we recognize you want to get the most cash for structured settlements and looking for a structured settlement buyer that is prepared to do that for you. Its why we encourage you to speak with another structured settlement buyer and get a quote from them before you call us regarding cashing out structured settlement payments for the most cash.

Does that surprise you that we encourage people to speak with another structured settlement buyer before speaking to us? The reason we do that is because we think only by comparing us with others claiming to be the “best structured settlement buyer” will you recognize the actual difference between making the claim of being one of the top structured settlement buyers and backing up that claim. Plus, once you call us and advise us of what you have been offered for your structured settlement payments, we have a policy in place that allows us to guarantee that we will provide you more cash for your structured settlement payments.

As part of the alternatives we provide to individuals that may want to convert structured settlement payments for a lump sum, we also believe that the availability of cash advances on structured settlement payments is important. While ideally customers of ours may want to wait for the final full funding of the structured settlement cash out, we know that sometimes life can not wait. Consequently, every single of the customers we work with as a structured settlement buyer qualifies for an immediate cash advance on structured settlement payment conversion. Again, we can make this claim because we are nationwide experts on funding structured settlement transfers and therefore have the confidence to get you immediate cash for your structured settlement even before final funding: We will even put that part in writing so you do not have any worries that after you sign a contract with Catalina Structured Funding you will actual get the guaranteed cash advance:

1-800-317-3769– Our experts can get you started immediately.