Structured Settlement

How Do I Sell Structured Insurance Settlement in Best Way

By August 11, 2012 No Comments

All of the reasons to accept a structured insurance settlement seem to disappear when you are faced with a situation where you need immediate cash. When that happens Catalina Structured Funding’s experts are here to figure out options with you.

People sell structured insurance settlements. That’s a fact. The reasons they do it and how much cash for structured insurance settlement they receive differ dramatically. Unfortunately there are times when people are faced with economic problems that put them in a situation that causes them to need immediate cash as opposed to waiting for the payments from the structured insurance settlement to become due. Other times, the reasons for getting cash for structured insurance settlement immediately are more favorable. These include buying a new home, acquiring a car they need, or taking advantage of an opportunity that they believe will earn them more income in the future than if they kept the structured insurance settlement.

Regardless of the justification or need for immediate cash, the group at Catalina Structured Funding can work with you to provide you options to consider when it comes to getting a lump sum for structured insurance settlement. Frequently a structured insurance settlement is also known as a structured settlement. Maybe you have even seen those commercials late at night offering “cash now for structured settlements”.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we strive to maintain our size and avoid what comes along with becoming too big. We believe that by focusing on our customers that are looking to cash out structured settlements and believe that doing so is in their best interest, is the proper way to operate as a structured settlement buyer. Make no mistake about it though- we are committed to beating all other structured settlement buyers best offers when you call us.

Do not be shy, call us with an offer from another structured settlement buyer and will beat it and thereby provide you with an offer for the most cash for structured settlement payments that you have. We regularly beat our competitors’ lump sum for structured settlement payments- and that is without ever charging our customers any legal, process, or administrative fees. The precise amount we quote you for structured settlements is the ultimate amount you will be paid at the time of funding. Be careful of other lump sum for structured insurance settlement offers that may contain fees and charges you will be charged with at the time of funding.

Whether you are first exploring the idea of selling a structured insurance settlement or you want to see if we can provide you the most cash for structured insurance settlement by beating an offer you currently have, call us at 1-800-317-3769.