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Let our experience work for you. Our team members have reviewed, processed and/or originated literally thousands of transactions involving the sale of structured settlement or annuities for a lump sum.This experience, along with direct funding capabilities and unique network of financial partners, means we can get you more cash, faster, than our competitors. We will not be beat on price or service….Guaranteed.

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  • "After doing several transactions with Catalina Structured Funding...I can say without a doubt this is the BEST company when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement."Jason R.
  • "After shopping around, I know I got the most cash for my structured settlement payments...Catalina paid me even more than I expected."Jay
  • "I cannot remember the last time I dealt with a company that took so much time with me...My wife and I often talk about how lucky we were to find [Catalina]."Tom B
  • "I had previously sold some of my settlement payments to another company and I cannot express how much more I enjoyed working with the folks at Catalina."Lakeesha M.
  • "Catalina did everything I asked when it came to providing cash advances… Everything they told me proved to be completely accurate. I would never even deal with any other company."Juan M.

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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

We get calls all the time from individuals who are simply curious how much their structured settlement or annuity payments are worth- whether these payments are guaranteed or life contingent annuity. We are happy to provide anyone a free cash quote for a structured settlement or annuity. Its what we do and our quotes come with zero obligation or hassle. With our commitment to providing the most cash for structured settlement and annuity payment, people arequite pleased how much more cash for their structured settlement or annuity we can get them.

One of the things that may surprise people the most is our program that allows people to access immediate cash for payments due way out in the future and that are only guaranteed for as long as they are live. These distant annuity or structured settlement payments are referred to, generally, in one of three ways:

1. Life Contingent Structured Settlement

2. Out of Guaranteed Period Structured Settlement

3. Non-Guaranteed Structured Settlement

At Catalina, we refer to these structured annuity payments as Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments. While these annuity payments are, of course, guaranteed in the sense that if you are living the life insurance company (MetLife, AIG Life (or American General Life), Symetra Life, Allstate Life, Prudential Life, etc.) are obligated to make the agreed payments to you, they are "contingent payments" since if you are not living when the annuity payments become due, your heirs or beneficiaries will not inherit the right to receive the remaining annuity payments.

Since life contingent structured settlement or annuity payments will stop upon, many of our customers tell us they think that selling these annuity payments for cash for structured settlement today may be a better option than running the risk that he or she may pass away and the family not receiving anything. That logic frequently makes sense, especially if you can get a good rate for selling structured settlement payments or getting a structured settlement loan.

Just because you are selling life contingent structured settlement or annuity, doesn't mean you should get short changed. You can cash out your life contingent structured settlement payments with Catalina more money. Our experience could mean we are able to get you dramatically more money for your structured settlement or annuity payments than our competitors.

Call us at: 1800-317-3769 and let one of our experienced team members show you the Catalina Difference.

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