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Structured Settlement

(Most) Cash for Structured Settlement FAQs

Cash for Structured Settlement FAQs

Thanks for visiting us today. The topic of today’s article is questions—frequently asked questions regarding the structured settlement transfer process, that is. This article aims to answer the questions most commonly asked by people looking to get cash for structured settlement payments.

Q: What is a structured settlement and why do I have one?

A: When an individual is injured and files a lawsuit for compensation, a likely outcome is that the case will be settled of court. This is called a settlement. When the terms of the settlement require the defendant or the defendant’s insurer to pay you in a stream of predetermined future payments, as opposed to one lump sum, this settlement is called a structured settlement. This is because your payments are structured to be paid out in a particular way. Structured settlements are very common because most insurers prefer them and insist that settlements be structured. This is why your settlement is structured.

Q: Can I sell my structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum (cash now)?

A: Absolutely! Most structured settlements are freely transferable/assignable.

Q: What do you mean by “most”?

A: Certain types of future payments streams, such as those resulting from a Workers’ Compensation claim, may be prohibited by law in your state. Other types of structured settlements, like those in resolution of torts claims (e.g. personal injury claim) are freely transferable. For help understanding your settlement, call the Structured Settlement Experts today for FREE information and a FREE quote!  We can likely pay you the most cash for structured settlement

Q: How can I sell my personal injury structured settlement?

A: There exists an industry with plenty of companies that are in the business of buying structured settlements in exchange for immediate lump sums of cash. These companies are called “factoring companies.” Your first step is to WISELY choose which company you want to work with and sell to.

Q: How do I pick the right factoring company for me?

A: Choosing the right company to work with is critical. Because the law surrounding structured settlement transfers can be complicated, the most important criterion is to find a company that is knowledgeable and experienced in these transfers. This will ensure that the process is handled by competent professionals and will minimize the chances of costly oversights and mishaps. Here at Catalina Structured Funding,Inc., we are recognized in the industry for our experience and know-how in the transfer process.

Secondly, you’ll want a company that you can trust to assist you throughout the entire process. Our customer service is one of the finest in the entire nation—with the testimonials that we receive every month, it’s no surprise so many people come to us first when they want to sell their structured settlements.

Last but not least, you’ll want a company that can offer you good money for your structured settlement without “low-balling” you or playing other games. Contact us today for your FREE quote and see why we beat our competition in all these areas!

Don’t delay—selling your structured settlement payments is a time-sensitive process, the sooner you call, the more we can do for you!