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Structured Settlement

New Information Regarding Structured Settlement Loans

New Information Regarding Structured Settlement Loans

There are generally two topics that people are talking about when they search for “structured settlement loans” on the Internet. The first type of transaction is what is frequently what is referred to as an “an advance” on a structured settlement sale. The other type of transaction is what might considered a true “loan” in the sense they are looking to get cash today by using future structured settlement payments as collateral for the structured settlement loan.

Along these lines, let us elaborate on what an advance is on a structured settlement transaction and what may be available to the customers of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc. In most cases, in fact in all situations, the customers of Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., qualify for a structured settlement cash advance of various sizes and amounts. In this scenario, the customer has agreed to sell structured settlement in its entirety or in part of CSF. As you may be aware already, when ones sells structured settlement payments, there is a legally mandated time requirements that must be followed before you can get the lump sum for structured settlement payments.

Depending on where you live and how busy the courts are, the time it takes to get the full lump sum for structured settlement payments can take as little 14 days and as much as a few months. The period might be slightly longer if you are looking to sell life contingent structured settlement payments. Since there are additional steps when getting a lump sum for structured settlement payments that have the characteristic of being life contingent, it naturally extends the time frame. When you work with guaranteed structured settlement payments, and in many cases even with the life contingent payments, the above time frame represents an accurate estimate. When you call the experts at Catalina Structured Funding, they will be able to give you a fairly precise estimate of the process and time frame relating to your specific transaction based on a host of factors including our expertise in the state where you live.

In between the time you sign the contract selling settlement payments to us and get the lump sum for future annuity settlements, you can get a structured settlement cash advance. This amount and frequency of structured settlement cash advances can be discussed and nailed down when you contact us. Our goal is to get you the cash you need as rapidly as possible. In later posts we will elaborate on the availability of structured settlement “loans” that fall into the secondary category referenced at the beginning of this article.

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