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Structured Settlement Buyer

Selecting Structured Settlement Buyer

By August 27, 2012No Comments

There are websites, lots of websites, from companies that buy structured settlements. Are they really a structured settlement buyer or simply a company collecting information regarding structured settlements sellers? Do these companies exclusively buy structured settlement payments? Are they companies at all? Do they know what it takes to convert structured settlement payments to a lump sum in compliance with the laws of the state where you live?

With Catalina Structured Funding as your structured settlement buyer you do not need to worry about this. Our group of nationally recognized experts in buying structured settlement payments for a lump sum know exactly what they are doing when it comes to purchasing structured settlement payments. This will be evident from the first time you speak with us. Since Catalina Structured Funding focuses all its energy on getting people lump sums for structured settlements and we operate through the country, you need not worry when you work with us that the transaction will be process properly.

Our experts are available for a free consultation regarding what services we offer as a structured settlement buyer – we are around to provide you with an absolutely complimentary series of quotes when it comes to getting you money. Our staff’s experience allows us to provide you with an instant quote as well. Once you hear our quotes we are happy to put them in writing and send them to you. As a premiere structured settlement buyer we think it is completely appropriate to send you written quotes so you can contemplate them on your own time.

What types of services do we offer as  a structured settlement buyer?  We can quote you out for full buyouts, partial structured settlement buyouts, or deferred structured settlement buyouts. Notably, if you would like to see quotes for all these options we will take the time to put them together for you. Again, this seems like best practice for a structured settlement buyer.

We can also work with small structured settlements, small structured settlement payments, small annuities and even life contingent structured settlements and annuities. You will find even when it comes to these different types of future payment streams our expertise is evident and you will still get the best service in the industry.

Plus, since we process all transactions in-house with our team of experts, we are always available to give you immediate, accurate updates regarding the status of your transaction. Again, its what a top structured settlement should offer.

Call us today at 1-800-317-3769.