We work with all types of annuities. People sell annuity payments to us from structured settlements, insurance settlements, life contingent structures and various non-qualified and self-funded annuities (as well as others). A unique financial network and unrivaled experience allows us compete with much larger annuity buyers on how much we can pay for annuity payments. At the same time, unlike others, we can provide exceptional service to customers- a level of service that only comes when you value each customer that is selling annuity payments. When both service and price matters, we are the company to turn to.

If you want to discuss the sale of annuity in full or simply sell part of annuity, we can work with you to develop alternatives. Many times you will be able to reach your objective of getting a lump sum without being required to sell annuity payments in their entirety. We are always happy to provide you more than one alternative if you are so interested.

When you sell annuity payments to Catalina Structured Funding, Inc., we never pass along any of the expenses associated with the transaction. We cover the administrative fees that the annuity issuer may charge as well as all our legal and transactional fees that we incur. As a result, when you receive a quote to sell annuity payments from one of our national experts, you can be confident that amount represents how much you will receive at funding from us. We believe this policy provides a level of comfort to customers that want to sell annuity payments but are hesitant that what they are told over the phone and what happens at funding, we somehow be different. That will NEVER be the case when you sell annuity payments to us.

Be cognizant of the fact that you will also get no pressure to sell annuity payments from our professionals. We know that sometimes people call because they want to know what the annuity payments would be worth if they were to sell them. We are happy to provide the amount we would pay for the annuity payments and to pass along our quote to you in writing. We are also more than appreciative of the opportunity to beat the best quote to sell annuity payments that you have. Many times people call us thinking they have the top possible quote to get cash for annuity payments and are shocked when we come in thousands of dollars more.

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