Life Contingent Annuity Specialists

The team at Catalina Structured Funding can get you a lump sum in exchange for life contingent settlement payments from an annuity. Here are a few things that you need to know about annuities. Assessing how can be paid to you for your life contingent structured settlement payments requires a settlement buyer that has experience and knowledge on how these types of transaction are processed. An experienced buyer also has knowledge about how to sell retirement annuity, because these days senior citizens are very much into annuities. While you may find other settlement buyers offering to buy life contingent annuity payments, lack of experience in working with these annuity immediate payments could result in delays and ultimately problems funding. This is not an issue when you work with the experts at Catalina Structured Funding.

Since Catalina Structured Funding is a settlement buyer that regularly purchases life contingent structured settlement payments, our team:

  1. Knows the questions to ask about contingent annuity or selling annuity payments.

  2. The details that are required to properly assess whether it is viable to liquidate

  3. The contacts in place to coordinate a seamless funding.

We are so confident that we will process your life contingent payment sale quickly and get the transaction funded, that we can provide you with cash advances even prior to funding. We even have a sell annuity payments calculator available on our website. Do check it out it will surely ease your work.

Call, email, or even text us at any time, if you want:

  • To know how much you might be able to receive for your life contingent payments?
  • Help to figure out have annuity payments or annuity loans that are life contingent (even if you are not ready to sell)?
  • Figure out when your life contingent are due to be paid to you and how much they will be when you start receiving them
  • To get a free quote for life contingent structured settlement payments.
  • A detailed breakdown of what is involved in selling life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent annuity payments.

All conversations with any team member at Catalina Structured Funding is completely free and comes with no obligation. We want to earn your business-not pressure you into selling your future payments before you are ready. And if you are wondering can I sell my pension annuity? We at Catalina can surely help you out.

Go with experience, go with Catalina.

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