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We take a great deal of pleasure when people tell us that after reaching the decision to “sell my annuity”, the best decision they made was selecting Catalina Structured Funding as the company to assist them. The only thing more satisfying is when our customers refer their family and friends, the people most important in their lives, to us to assist them in getting cash for annuity. We are confident if you give us the opportunity to work with you to sell an annuity, you will see why our customers are so happy with their decision to get cash for an annuity from Catalina Structured Funding.

Our breadth of experience in working with people seeking cash for annuities is broad. We can work with all different types of annuities, including structured settlement annuities, life contingent annuities, and various other forms of fixed annuities. Whether your annuity is large or small, or you are interested in a large or small transaction involving the sale of annuity, we are here to assist you by providing you quotes so that you have all the information needed to decide if your top option to get cash is to “sell my annuity”.

Looking to “Sell My Annuity” and curious if we can help? Here is a description of annuities we can buy:

1. Structured Settlement Annuities:- If you have a structured settlement annuity either because you settled a lawsuit or you inherited a structured settlement annuity, we can provide you with a lump sum. The distribution options for an inherited annuity [1] may vary. Structured Settlement Annuities can be sold in whole or in part for a lump sum when you work with Catalina Structured Funding.

2. Life Contingent Annuities: If you have an annuity that is payable for so long as you are alive (commonly referred to as: life contingent annuity, life contingent annuity payments, life contingent structured settlement payments or life contingent structured settlement), Catalina Structured Funding can pay you a lump sum. Selling and buying life contingent annuities takes skilled professionals and Catalina Structured Funding has some of the most experienced team members in the Nation.

3. Fixed Annuities: You may have purchase an annuity in the past or inherited one from a family member. If you wish to sell an inherited annuity for a lump sum or convert an annuity you purchased to a lump sum, Catalina Structured Funding can facilitate the process so it moves seamlessly and rapidly.

There is never any cost or obligation to speak to one of our team members about whether a lump sum is available to you. There is also never any cost to receive a quote from us to assist in making the decision whether or not to “sell my annuity”  and do not worry about feeling pressure or dealing with a “hard sell”– that does not happen with the professionals at Catalina Structured Funding.

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