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Let our experience work for you. Our team members have reviewed, processed and/or originated literally thousands of transactions involving the sale of structured settlement or annuities for a lump sum.This experience, along with direct funding capabilities and unique network of financial partners, means we can get you more cash, faster, than our competitors. We will not be beat on price or service….Guaranteed.

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  • "After doing several transactions with Catalina Structured Funding...I can say without a doubt this is the BEST company when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement."Jason R.
  • "After shopping around, I know I got the most cash for my structured settlement payments...Catalina paid me even more than I expected."Jay
  • "I cannot remember the last time I dealt with a company that took so much time with me...My wife and I often talk about how lucky we were to find [Catalina]."Tom B
  • "I had previously sold some of my settlement payments to another company and I cannot express how much more I enjoyed working with the folks at Catalina."Lakeesha M.
  • "Catalina did everything I asked when it came to providing cash advances… Everything they told me proved to be completely accurate. I would never even deal with any other company."Juan M.

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Sell Part of Structured Settlement

With Catalina Structured Funding, you can sell part of a structured settlement and not cash out all your structured settlement payments. Too often people looking for cash for structured settlement payments believe that their only option is to go forward with a full structured settlement cash out. While it is definitely an option to sell an entire structured settlement, your best alternative may be simply to convert a small portion of your structured settlement payments to an immediate lump sum.

We specialize in providing multiple options for individuals looking to sell just a part of their structured settlement for a lump sum. How these transactions are designed depend on a large part on your circumstances, how much cash you are looking for and the frequency and amount of your structured settlement payments. More often than not, however, regardless of the type of structured settlement you have, a partial sale of structured settlement payments is an option we can provide to you.

Selling part of a structured settlement can be constructed in various ways depending on whether you have monthly structured settlement payments, future lump sum structured settlement payments or a blend of both types of structured settlement. For example:

1. Monthly Structured Settlement Payments: When you have monthly structured settlement payments, selling part of structured settlement can be done by:

a. Selling part of each monthly structured settlement payment; or
b. Selling structured settlement payments due in the future and keeping your current income from the monthly structured settlement payments

2. Future Lump Sum Structured Settlement Payments: When you have future lump sum structured settlement payments you can sell part of the structured settlement payments. For example, if you have a $50,000 lump sum structured settlement due in a few years , you can get a lump sum now and keep a large portion of that lump sum. Similarly, if you have multiple lump sum structured settlement payments, you can get cash for selling part of each structured settlement without selling the entirety of each structured settlement payment.

3. Blended Monthly and Lump Sum Structured Settlement: With a structured settlement that contains both monthly structured settlement payments and lump sum structured settlement payments, you will be able to receive various partial structured settlement sale options.

If you wish to sell just part of your structured settlement and want to receive easy to understand, straightforward lump sum offers, please contact our expert team. We will review alternatives with you for free and then forward written offers so you can decide if any are right for you 1-800-317-3769.

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