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Structured Settlement

Sell Structured Settlement Payments for Most Cash– Only With Us

By August 14, 2012No Comments

One hears all the time how tough economic times are these days. The nightly news and daily newspaper are always talking about the slumping economy. If you are one the people that have been negatively impacted by all of this, you may be considering selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum. Of course, like any decision there are trade-offs if you elect to do so. With Catalina Structured Funding, however, if you opt to sell strsuctured ettlement payments you can be confident you are getting first rate service through nationally recognized professionals.

When you call us regarding selling a structured settlement or selling structured settlement payments, we will work with you to construct multiple options for you with respect to what you can get if you were to sell structured settlements. For example, if you are receiving monthly structured annuity payments for the next ten years, and want to keep getting the monthly income from the structured settlement, we may be able to craft a transaction that only involves you exchanging the last 5 or 10 years of payments from structured settlement for the lump sum you need.  This of course would leave you with the immediate income from structured settlement AND also get you a lump sum to resolve your current financial demands. While other structured settlement buyers may not offer this alternative, the team at Catalina Structured Funding is committed to designing a transaction that you deem is in your best interest and that a court will ultimately approve.

This same type of partial sale of a lump sum structured settlement payment is also a viable option for someone looking to get a lump sum immediately.  For example, say you have a $50,000.00 lump sum payment due in 9 years but do not want to sell the entire structured settlement payment, we may be able to work with you to get cash immediately for only selling portion of structured settlement. This lump sum payment could be due from Symtra Structured Settlement, New York Life Structured Settlement, Gen worth Structured Settlement, Met Life Structured Settlement or any of the other structured settlement companies.

The number of options and alternatives are endless and of course, are dependent on the terms of your structured settlement. Smaller structured settlements may leave less room to craft different structured settlement quotes but if you request, we are happy to do what we can to provide you with multiple structured settlement cash out offers. Just contact us when you are ready to discuss and see the difference working with the professionals at Catalina Structured Funding can make: 1-800-317-3769.