A Settlement Annuity can come in all shapes and sizes. At Catalina, we know that just as every settlement annuity differs so do the needs of our customers. That is why every conversation we have and every settlement annuity transaction we undertake is structured specifically to our customers’ circumstances. With our customized solutions, Catalina Structured Funding’s settlement annuity offers are always custom tailored to your needs.

What Type of Settlement Annuities Can We Buy?

No matter what kind of settlement annuity you have, we will find a way to get you the most cash. Our team of professionals have decades of combined experience working alongside people selling settlement annuities. We can get you the most cash for settlement annuity involving:

1. Monthly settlement annuity payments

2. Lump sum settlement annuity payments

3. Life contingent settlement annuity payments

4. Blend of monthly and lump sum settlement annuity payments

5. Small settlement annuity

Every day we work with customers throughout the country that are looking to sell a settlement annuity. Whether an individual is entitled to a very large settlement annuity or whether an individual is looking for cash for a small settlement annuity, We at Catalina Structured Funding provides the exact same level of customer care. It is this commitment that makes us a premiere settlement annuity buyer.

1. Buy Settlement Annuity in its entirety

2. Buy a portion of your monthly settlement annuity payments.

For example, if you are receiving $500 per month from your settlement annuity, a transaction can be structured to only purchase a portion of the $500 per month. Similarly, just small portions of future lump sum payments under a settlement annuity can be purchased.

3. Leave current payments due under a settlement annuity untouched and only work with payments under the settlement annuity due in the future.

We appreciate that no matter what type of settlement annuity you have, the decision to sell a settlement annuity is an important one. Accordingly, our team is committed to taking all the time necessary to review any options you want to consider. Of course, it is completely free to review your options with the team at Catalina Structured Funding.

Give us a call today and let us show you how we can get you the MOST cash for settlement annuity.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we never charge our customers any fees when it comes to selling their structured settlement payments for a lump sum. You will receive the exact amount we quote you at the time of funding- Not a penny less. We pay for all legal, processing and administrative fees when it comes to converting future payments for a lump sum.

Please give us a call to discuss all your options for getting lump sum of cash for your future structured settlements, whether those future settlement payments are life contingent structured settlement payments or guaranteed settlement payments. We can offer you literally thousands of dollars more than our competitors for your structured settlement annuity payments.

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