The Catalina Triple Guarantee*

With our team’s vast experience we know that, on top honest professional service, our customers look for 3 things when selecting structured settlement or annuity buyer. 1) The Most Cash, 2)Reliability, and 3) Immediate Cash Advances. Accordingly, we have created the “Catalina Triple Guarantee”.

1. Most Cash: We will beat any offer you have from another buyer of structured settlement or annuity payments by AT LEAST $500…Guaranteed*

2. Reliability: We will fund your transaction by a specific date and if we fail to do so, we will pay you an ADDITIONAL $1,000.00 above and beyond the lump sum offer we agreed to pay you…Guaranteed*

3. Cash Advance: Every one of our customers qualifies for advances …Guaranteed. This could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars to you in less than 24 hours*

We are the only nationwide structured settlement buyer and/or annuity buyer that offers this Triple Guarantee to our customers.

You should not settle for less than the package of benefits provided by Catalina Structured Funding. Before you move forward with any other company, please make sure you speak to one of our experts and let us earn your business with our unmatched commitment to serving our customers and our unparallel experience.

Terms and Conditions also apply to Triple Guarantee. Click here for additional information.

*Customer must request Guarantee in writing from Company prior to the execution of the contract to sell structured settlement payments or annuity payments and Company will provide both guarantee in writing as part of the transactional documents. In the event we are unable to provide you $500 more than the offer you have from one of competitors, an unlikely event, and you provide us with a copy of the competitor’s offer in writing, we will pay you $500 upon proof of funding by our competitor. The guaranteed cash advances refers to the minimum collective amount of advances you will receive after signing, confirmation of availability and assignability of payments, and prior to final funding. The amount and timing of any advances are at the sole discretion of Catalina Structured Funding.

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