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Structured Insurance Settlement

Structured Insurance Settlement

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How Do I Sell My Structured Insurance Settlement

how sell structured settlement

You may be interested in selling a structured insurance settlement. There are many great options in this regard that can be offered. Lump sums for structured insurance settlements are available throughout the country and are easy to obtain when you pick the best structured insurance settlement purchasers to assist you in this undertaking. You can sell structured insurance settlement to us and get best offer you currently have for the most cash and we will get you that cash fast.

A structured insurance settlement may have been accepted when your lawsuit or a family member settled their civil action in a court of general jurisdiction in the state where you live. Structured insurance settlements are used nationwide from Oklahoma to Michigan from Florida to California to resolve a pending lawsuit where liability is or is not in dispute. The size and value of a structured insurance settlement depends, in great deal, on the legal merits of your lawsuit, the governing law in the court system it was filed and of course the financial wherewithal of the defendant.

Once a structured insurance settlement is arrived at between the plaintiff and defendant, an annuity is generally issued by a highly rated insurance carrier. Some of the companies that issue the annuity to back a structured insurance settlement include: AIG annuity Insurance company, Allstate Life Insurance company, American General Life Insurance Company, Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska, Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company, ING, John Hancock LIfe Insurance Company, Metlife insurance company, New York Life Insurance Company, Pacific Life, Prudential Life Insurance Company, Symetra LIfe Insurance Company, Cincinnati Life Insurance Company,and Transamerica Life Insurance Company.  There are of course other companies that issue structured insurance settlement annuities.

If you have one of these structured insurance settlement annuities you can sell it today for a lump sum. While at the time you settled the lawsuit this may not have been the case, the law in this area changed and now you can sell structured insurance settlement and sell structured insurance settlement payments for a lump sum. At Catalina Structured Funding, we assist people everyday that are looking to get the most cash for structured insurance settlement or alternatively are looking to sell structured insurance settlement in part in order to get a lump sum and to keep most of structured insurance settlement payments coming to them.

In either case, our friendly staff can walk you through what is involved and how much we can buy structured insurance settlement for. Do not wait to call us and do not sign anything without speaking to us.

Sell Structured Insurance Settlement in Best Way

All of the reasons to accept a structured insurance settlement seem to disappear when you are faced with a situation where you need immediate cash. When that happens Catalina Structured Funding’s experts are here to figure out options with you.

People sell structured insurance settlements. That’s a fact. The reasons they do it and how much cash for structured insurance settlement they receive differ dramatically. Unfortunately there are times when people are faced with economic problems that put them in a situation that causes them to need immediate cash as opposed to waiting for the payments from the structured insurance settlement to become due. Other times, the reasons for getting cash for structured insurance settlement immediately are more favorable. These include buying a new home, acquiring a car they need, or taking advantage of an opportunity that they believe will earn them more income in the future than if they kept the structured insurance settlement.

Regardless of the justification or need for immediate cash, the group at Catalina Structured Funding can work with you to provide you options to consider when it comes to getting a lump sum for structured insurance settlement. Frequently a structured insurance settlement is also known as a structured settlement. Maybe you have even seen those commercials late at night offering “cash now for structured settlements”.

At Catalina Structured Funding, we strive to maintain our size and avoid what comes along with becoming too big. We believe that by focusing on our customers that are looking to cash out structured settlements and believe that doing so is in their best interest, is the proper way to operate as a structured settlement buyer. Make no mistake about it though- we are committed to beating all other structured settlement buyers best offers when you call us.

Do not be shy, call us with an offer from another structured settlement buyer and will beat it and thereby provide you with an offer for the most cash for structured settlement payments that you have. We regularly beat our competitors’ lump sum for structured settlement payments- and that is without ever charging our customers any legal, process, or administrative fees. The precise amount we quote you for structured settlements is the ultimate amount you will be paid at the time of funding. Be careful of other lump sum for structured insurance settlement offers that may contain fees and charges you will be charged with at the time of funding.

Whether you are first exploring the idea of selling a structured insurance settlement or you want to see if we can provide you the most cash for structured insurance settlement by beating an offer you currently have, call us at 1-800-317-3769.

Cash for Structured Insurance Settlement

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Stop and read a little about Catalina Structured Funding and our cash for structured insurance settlement programs, offers and opportunities. Uniquely positioned as a boutique structured insurance settlement buyer with expertise and specialized knowledge about the legal and financial framework of getting cash for structured insurance settlement, Catalina Structured Funding is here to help you reach your goals.

Call us about getting information regarding cash for structured insurance settlement alternatives.  You will might be unaware that you need not cash out a structured settlement settlement fully to get the money you need.  One of the options you always have, dependent on how much money you are looking for, is to sell portion of structured insurance settlement. This can take many “shapes and sizes”.

Often times people with structured insurance settlements want to keep the current income from a structured insurance settlement. This is understandable. If this is your primary objective, just tell us when you call and we can work on options that allows you to retain the right to keep getting that monthly income for a while and still get the lump sum of cash for structured insurance settlement that you are looking for. As national experts at designing structured insurance settlement cash outs, we are happy to put together multiple offers for you taking into account your desire to keep the current monthly income from the structured insurance settlement for a while

Also, available are partial structured insurance settlement cash outs that keep the “structure” of the structured insurance settlement by involving the sale of only part of each structured insurance settlement payment. This allows you to keep receiving the structured settlement insurance payments at the same timing that you agreed to when you accepted the structured insurance settlement. In other words, you get the lump sum for structured insurance settlement payments by only converting a portion of each payment but otherwise keeping the schedule identical as it was in the original arrangement.

This same concept works if you have structured insurance settlement lump sums due int he future. You can decide to sell just a portion of that future lump sum and get the cash for structured insurance settlement from Catalina Structured Funding. Many sellers find this to be the ideal situation when looking to get cash for structured insurance settlements.

As you can tell when you work with expert structured insurance settlement buyer like Catalina Structured Funding there are countless ways to create options. Contact us today and let us provide you a free consultation regarding what services we can offer. Call us at 1-800-317-3769