Structured Settlement Buyer

Structured Settlement Buyer- When Competency Matters

Before you go forward with cashing out a structured settlement, its important you find a structured settlement buyer that is competent. With the scores of websites fighting for your attention it is no doubt difficult to figure out what group to chose. As part of the analysis you should ask questions about the experience of the structured settlement buyer you are speaking with, the background of the individual you are talking to you, and whether they have provided a lump sum for structured settlement in the state where you live.

Part of being a structured settlement buyer with top service means facilitating the conversion of structured settlement payments for a lump sum regularly so they are aware of the ins and outs of what it takes to get it done. Inexperience in cashing out annuity payments can have far reaching implications from potential tax issues for the originator to delays in getting you a lump sum.

How can a structured settlement buyers inexperience lead to delays in getting you the cash for structured settlement you need? The ways are actually countless in an area that is legally regulated like assignments of structured settlement payments. Nearly every state, pursuant to federal law, have set up a framework that governs structured settlement sales. This framework is highly technical and structured settlement buyers need to comply with every element including:

1. Notice periods

2. Dislcosure periods

3. Content of disclosure statements

4. Filing requirements

Any failure to comply the state law requirements where you live can result in massive delays in fundings and potentially a judge declining to allow you from selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum. People will occasionally call us telling us stories about long delays caused by errors of the structured settlement buyer they initially chose to go with.

At Catalina Structured Funding we have brought together a team of experts in working with people to cash out structured settlement annuities. With us you can be guaranteed that your transaction will be processed properly and as quickly as permitted by law. Our philosophy is that once a customer decides that converting some or all of their settlement annuity for a lump sum, our job is to make the process hassle free and as fast as possible.

Should you like to discuss how we aim to be the top structured settlement buyer and what we can do for you in terms of service and highest lump sum offer, please call one of our experts at 1-800-317-3769.